I am blogging again.

Some of you may not know this, but I first started blogging a while before it really became mainstream… around 1998 when I was only 14 years old. I wrote under the pseudonym “CMYK iNK” (or CMYK_iNK), and believe it or not, it was a photo blog!

The site grew in traffic and became quite popular, but I closed down the site 6 years later after I graduated University and started my first real job in the video game industry. I started blogging again briefly, but never anything with substance as my blog was tied to the video game company’s image.

So here I am, 10 years later, returning to the blog scene. But this time, it’s different. I’ve changed a lot. I know who I am.

I’m only going to be writing about topics that define who I am — and that is, the West Coast.

If you continue to read this blog, you’ll uncover posts about the city, the video game industry, snowboarding, surfing, hockey, golf, food, business and travel. And I’m going back to my roots. I’ll be including my photography in the posts.

I hope you find my blog useful, insightful, and fresh.

Thanks for reading,


20 Responses to “AND SO IT BEGINS (AGAIN)”

  1. fish Says:

    CMYK iNK… that sounds familiar :) glad to see you blogging again, maybe i should get off my ass and do the same

  2. Vancity Allie Says:

    Thanks! I think you’ll enjoy the snowboarding posts I put up soon…

    But yeah, if you do start blogging, let me know and I’d love to check yours out :)

  3. Herbert Says:

    Hey, I sees a blog! Hey Allie! Hope you’re doing well!

  4. Macleod Says:

    the Mitch for the C

  5. The Legacy Says:

    Glad to see you have a new ‘bloggo’ up. :D

  6. Jimmy the Jack Hammer Says:

    Hockey is stupid. Just like girls. Mostly because they hit me.

  7. Vancity Allie Says:

    They hit you? What! Tell me which girls and I’ll hit them for you.

  8. macleod Says:

    Yankic’s rush and back hand to grabner was sweet :). over all im liking the up tempo of the play, hope it carries over to the regular season. JUST SAY NO TO THE TRAP.

  9. Alex Says:

    New blog, new comment! Hi Allie, good to see you back online and writing again! <3

  10. Jimmy the Jack Hammer Says:

    You don’t want the fish. You need something a bit longer and with a wider waist. The fish pretty much sucks on anything but powder.

  11. Vanna Says:

    Hmm…I don’t remember authorizing my picture! Ya Lemon…

  12. Vancity Allie Says:

    LOL Vanna.. well see, now you’ve gone and given it away.

  13. Vanna Says:

    Yah…but which picture is it?? ;)

  14. Rooster Says:

    This blog looks cool. Will come back and check it out again for sure!

  15. Don Says:

    Interesting blog. I think you’ll soon love Sundin. Think of Linden but with speed and scoring talent.


  16. Carlos Says:

    Stumbled across your blog as a recommended read on Google Reader. Congrats on the new move (welcome to my South Granville ‘hood – coffee at the Wicked Cafe is amazing) and nice work on the photography and surfing posts (that Nikon setup with the housing must be $$$$!!!).

  17. Naterlee Says:

    Hey Allie,

    Love checking out your blog, always interesting, I esp love the twilight photos.



  18. Sisi-Alex Says:

    Hello, your wex is really briltiant. Don´t you want to affiliate. What do you say? I have the Czech Twilight Saga Forum. If you would like to work with me give me known. Have a good day, Sisi-Alex.

  19. VampireGirl Says:

    Love ur blog ;D n thnx 4 Twilight photos. ur a rly great at taking photos love ur work. hope i’ll get at great as u some day.
    Love from Norway

  20. kirat hundle Says:

    heyyyY! (dont steal my pic!) heyy! do u still live in Vancouver? i live in Surrey,bc hour away from vancouver! pls message me bac b/c it wud be great if u cud tell me were the cast is rite now! pls & tnx~

    jacob black1.jpg

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