And by “we”, I mean the Vancouver Canucks and I.

In light of the upcoming Vancouver Canucks 2008/2009 Season, I thought it would be a good idea to give the readers of this blog an idea of the love affair between the ‘Nucks and myself. And, Trevor Linden.

When I was about 5 years old, I started to understand the Vancouver Canucks play-by-play announcers on the radio. Over the next decade and a bit, I would cuddle up with my dad and watch Hockey Night in Canada, listen to Tom and Shorty on CKNW, and catch nearly all the games on TV or radio. I would even grab my dinky radio-alarm clock and turn it down to the lowest volume so my parents wouldn’t catch me, and listen to the post-game shows late into the night.

My Old Room

Even when I went away to University in the East, I saved all my pennies and bought NHL Centre Ice, just so I could catch Canucks game. (They had little to no coverage of Western hockey teams in Ontario) Up again voracious Leafs and Habs fan, I stood my ground and proudly wore my Canucks jersey around campus and in bars.

Mini hockey setup in university

Mini hockey setup in university

When I finally moved back home and got a job in the video game industry, my relationship status to the ‘Nucks changed from “in a relationship” to “married”. I decorated my work cubicle with jerseys, flags, and even Trevor Linden’s rookie player card. I watched and listened to every single game. I managed to catch Trevor Linden outside of Vij’s restaurant and got him to autograph my jersey (no, I wasn’t stalking him — I happened to be eating there too). I Took the journey with my favourite announcers Tom and Shorty from CKNW to Team 1040, went to a few Canucks games, and wore my Canucks jersey every single day leading up to the playoffs and all through the playoffs (even at work).

Canucks stuff at my previous job

Canucks stuff at my previous job

Playoffs 2006/2007

Playoffs 2006/2007

The 2006/2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs rolled around and I decided that I would watch one round of playoff hockey, even if it killed me. I sold my soul and went to all of the Round 1 playoff home games. I even got Tommy Santala to toss me a puck in the 1st game of Round 1 (yep that 7 period hockey game).

Eating Tommy Santalas puck

Eating Tommy Santala's puck

This year will be different. My hero and lifelong crush Trevor Linden retired last year. Marcus and Mo are gone, and a few others. But that won’t stop me from continuing to be a Canucks fan.

Trevor Linden and I

Trevor Linden and I

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s first pre-season game. I’ll be back tomorrow to write a recap of tonight’s game as well as cover the first pre-season home game and… THE NEW OPENING SONG!

I can’t wait for the real season to start.

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9 Responses to “OH, WE HAVE HISTORY…”

  1. Mike Says:

    I still laugh at that OM NOM NOM NOMing of the hockey puck. I’m hard pressed to think of something I’m so hardcore about that I’d gnaw on a piece of it. :)

  2. Vancity Allie Says:

    Hahaha… that’s totally the caption I should put on that picture.

  3. Kris Says:

    Nucks’ for life!

    They looked good last night, can’t believe it’s hockey season already..

  4. Boyan Says:

    Although I’m no fan of hockey, I deem this blog Bloglines worthy. Stay in touch!

  5. Pete Says:

    That’s a really neat insight into your early life *quickly ghostwrites biography* does help me make more sense of the Allie.

    Awesome photos, too, I’ll definately be visiting this reguarly, looking at your photos got me taking some random snaps of Bristol bridges myself before, maybe these’ll get me pestering wildlife :D

  6. Daryl Says:

    Hey! New blog looks terrific! However, clearly you meant to talk about the Leafs instead of the Canucks. Clearly. ;)

    The pic of you and Linden is great. I thought of you when I heard he retired – I’m sure you were very sad. But, he had a hell of a carreer, and you got to meet him, so you’re up a step on most fans.

    Good to see you’re doin’ well, talk to you soon!

    -Daryl (Brew)

  7. Vancity Allie - the blog of a Vancouver girl who lives and breathes the West Coast » Blog Archive » HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (AND THE NOT-SO-HAPPY VANCOUVER VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY) Says:

    [...] Linden, campaigning to be Mayor. Trevor Linden has always been my favourite Canucks player. Check my previous post on the Canucks, for a picture of when I met [...]

  8. Vince Says:

    That is a great blog. The pic is me at work OCT 31. I entered the ultimate Canuck and I was posted on the screen at some games.

    oct 31 002.jpg1_oct 31 002.jpg

  9. Vancity Allie - the blog of a Vancouver girl who lives and breathes the West Coast » Blog Archive » MISTY EYES AT TREVOR LINDEN’S RETIREMENT NIGHT Says:

    [...] You can read this post about how Trevor Linden and the Canucks have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I got the chance to meet Trevor a couple years ago, and I can honestly say that he is just as kind and handsome in person as everyone’s made him out to be. Thanks for taking the time to sign my jersey, Trevor. You always had time for the fans. [...]

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