Friends at Big White

As I’ve been mentioning, this year I’m planning to shoot a full-length feature snowboarding movie with some friends. Will it be shot with 10 thousand dollar video cameras? No. Will it feature professional riders? No. Will it be sponsored? Nope.

But it will be fun.

Storyboarding the Snowboard Movie

The first step is, of course, is for us to plan out what we want in the movie. We brainstormed some ideas for themes, visuals, titles, sequences and more. The premise is starting to shape up a bit… it’ll poke fun at snowboard movies with huge sponsors and product placement… and show a group of friends who aren’t pro riders and can’t spend every day riding… but are people who are just like you and me, and still live and breathe snowboarding and the outdoors. It’ll profile each rider, why they snowboard, and some of the activities they do in their every day lives. And it’ll feature Vancouver and the West Coast… and why we love the BC mountains so much. And it may even feature some exotic locations. It’s still up for debate. Oh — and it’ll have a killer soundtrack.

Storyboarding for a Snowboarding Movie

Allan has also been working on some storyboards. I think they are turning out fantastic so far. These are for the opening sequence. It’ll make more sense soon.

Burton 28L Zoom Pack Logo

In other news, I picked out the Burton Zoom 28L camera bag/backpack as a belated Birthday gift from Allan. I think it is rad. It’s got fully protected slots for my camera and soon-to-be-acquired HD video camera. It’s got a vertical snowboard carrier, a spot for a shovel and ice pick, and a thermal pocket to keep batteries at their maximum life. Not to mention all sorts of other features.

Burton 28L Zoom Pack Insides

I’m in love with it. It’s going to make shooting while riding much, much easier.

Getting the Snowboard Boots Ready

I’ve also been walking around in my snowboard boots for the past couple days and will continue to do so until Thursday. Gotta break ‘em in again. Yes — Thursday I’ll be up at Whistler for Opening Day. WOOHOO! Only 4 days left.

In other news, Canucks Captain Robert Luongo got injured today. Argh! Let’s hope our streak can continue without our star goalie.

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  1. Mike Says:

    Making a movie? Awesome! I’m jealous, and also glad that you’re taking the time to storyboard it out beforehand – nothing sinks a film project faster than not having a reference of what shots you need/what sort of angles to aim for (of course much can change when you actually shoot it, but it’s the best kind of spring board, instead of standing around going “oookay, i think… nah… wait… yeah…”)

    Definitely take a moment to get a ‘shot list’ done up; basically used by productions to make it easier to get all the shots you want, with minimal re-shooting… In other words, storyboards are great for visual planning, but the order of the shots are not necessarily the order you’ll be shooting them (especially with creative editing!) – so having a list on hand is essential to hit all of those shots in your storyboards in each location so you don’t have to schlep back and forth nor hunt your interviewees down for missing questions/material. :)

    Boot question – even if you’ve already worn the boots in last season, do you recommend re-breaking them in before hitting the slopes?

  2. Michelle Evans Says:

    I just can’t wait to see it :)

  3. Kyle Says:

    Can’t wait to come back and join in on the riding sessions!

    Sounds like you are pretty serious about getting it done – that’s awesome.

  4. Rigoberto Says:

    So jealous, the season in Michigan doesn’t start until mid December at the earliest, and the nearest slopes are quite literally retired landfills with dirt over them. Oh well, another year or so of school and them I’m moving to some real mountains hopefully.

  5. Vancity Allie Says:

    Mike: Yes I’m hoping the storyboarding will help with not shooting extra footage. It’s not about storyboarding out each trick… just storyboarding out the extra stuff around it so we don’t waste too much time. I’ll try and get shot list done up, is there an example of anything like this that you know of? Also.. I like to break in my boots regardless of whether they are new or not. I want to make sure they are all warmed up so I don’t get foot cramps the first day.

    Michelle: Thanks! It’s going to be a long project but hopefully I can show little clips as we go.

    Kyle: I miss you too! I don’t think you’re going to miss much. Yep, definitely serious about getting it done. It doesn’t have to be amazing, but it will be a neat project to put together for us when we’re old and gray and trying to remember how our limbs ever moved so much for snowboarding :P

    Rigoberto: Thanks for dropping by! Michigan eh! When I used to be on the East coast for school, we’d always have SO much snow in December but not much high terrain! It’s an interesting predicament. But I see lots of GREAT rails stuff coming out of the east.. are you into that at all?

  6. Sean Says:

    opening weekend?! awesome, hopefully there will be lots of snow! i’ll be up there too that weekend, maybe i’ll see you on the slopes? i’ll be there on the weekend. i just replaced my old board and bindings, so i’m very excited to try it out.

    see you!


  7. Vancity Allie Says:

    w00t hey Sean long time no talk! What did you end up getting? I think I’ll be elsewhere on the weekend but I’m definitely going up on Thursday :)

  8. Byron Says:

    Why didn’t you tell me you had an awesome green helmet and even awesomer green goggles?

  9. Moe Says:

    Are you getting Blur Studios to add a cool intro sequence?

  10. Rigoberto Says:

    Nah I don’t get into the rails much, I’m more of a freerider. Always enjoyed the really long runs full of powder the few times I’ve been to real mountains (Snowmass and Aspen). Really need to graduate and get out of Michigan! Actually looking at Calgary or Vancouver depending on the job markets there and the whole citizenship thing.

    Also,have you ever been to Banff? Looking to put together a trip for my spring break somewhere and the travel agent my dad recommended has a bunch of deals for Banff resorts.

  11. Vancity Allie Says:

    Byron, you’re on my Facebook, you should know by now ;)

    Moe, LOL… I wish! Good one ;)

    Rigoberto, what kind of job are you looking at in Calgary or Vancouver? I’ve been to Banff, a bit ago, but never for boarding… you should really consider BC though ;) I’m biased, of course.

  12. Rigoberto Says:

    Well I’ll have a degree in economics, so most likely some sort of analyst or consultant position. Honestly the biggest thing that has me wary about BC or Calgary is the whole citizenship thing. I’ve heard mixed reports about the difficulty of getting a visa/citizenship, and the immigration website made it sound like a company has to prove that a Canadian can’t fill the job I’d be filling to hire me.

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  14. Badboysoda's Jared Says:

    Looks awesome. I like how all of your little fun projects look like a degreed professional did it. We tried our hand at snowboard movie making on sunday and came up with this….

  15. Huckleberry Hart Says:

    Hell yeah. Stoked for the video!

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