Oh Bokeh Tree Oh Bokeh Tree...!

Amy’s “Erection” Christmas Party (referring to the tree being erected) was a lot of fun on Saturday. The Christmas season is truly upon us! I’ve got those pictures lined up for another post, but in the meantime here’s a little Christmas spirit.

Christmas socks!

How can you resist Christmas socks at a Christmas party? Mine were the red ones. I have to say I really liked the Christmas bears though ;)

Fixed Snowboard

In other fantastic news, Anthony at the Board Room in Vancouver did an amazing repair on my board. The rail is replaced and he even filled it in with some epoxy and PTex and wrote my name underneath. Not too shabby! It looks to be in good shape and hopefully it won’t ride any different. I’ll have to make sure I build my confidence in my board with a few more days before doing anything too intense. Now, if only it would snow… freaking snow!

2009 Trip Calendar

Speaking of snow, this season is lining up to be quite busy. It’s only the first week of December and already trips have been booked and paid for, or scheduled. 9 major trips in 3 months, and that’s not counting all the little ones here and there.

I thought I’d invite everyone who reads this who likes to ski or snowboard on a discounted group trip we’re doing to Big White with some friends and coworkers. It’s already grown to about 30 people and it’s getting bigger! If you’re in the BC area or nearby (Alberta, Washington etc)… I highly recommend you come along!

For those who don’t know, Big White in Kelowna has some of the best snow and terrain of the BC resorts.

We’re staying in sweet condos, ski-in ski-out with private hot tubs on the deck. The trip is pretty much all inclusive… it includes 2 nights accommodations in the lodge, 2 days of lift tickets, round trip group bus transportation and an apres-ski party with appies etc. Dates are evening of Friday, February 27th to the evening of Sunday, March 1st. (no vacation days required) Total is $400+GST, and Canadian Outback requires a $100 deposit by December 16th towards the total. Bring your friends!

If you’re interested please e-mail me at allie@vancityallie.com. It’s going to be a blast. And as a bonus you get to be in the HD snowboard movie I’m filming. ;)

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12 Responses to “A BOKEH TREE AND 2009 TRIP CALENDAR”

  1. Tawcan Says:

    Great to hear that you got your board repaired. I got some pretty good scratches on my skis from my bc trip few weeks ago…but backcountry skis are suppose to get scratched up so I’m not too worried.

    Looks like you’re having one busy boarding season. I’m hoping to head out as much as possible myself. :D

  2. Mike Says:

    I’m in envy of all that snowboarding trip planning you’ve got… :D Though I’ll be along for two of those trips in February – inbetween I’ll be in freakin’ ENGLAND. :D

    And woo, the board is back in your hands! (or back on your feet?) That rail edge looks pretty seamlessly straight to me; did they throw in a wax/sharpen job as well?

  3. Tyler Ingram Says:

    Wow lot of mountain activity it looks like there! But you get to go Catboarding? Damn I wana be able to surf powder! lol

    We’re going to Whistler for 2 nights in 2 weeks, we’re hoping Cypress opens sooner than later.

    We’re also planning a trip with some friends to Mt.Washington for 2 nights too. They have a deal were we get 2 day lift, accommodation and reserved ferry for like $250 per person or something? Seems pretty good to me. We’d thought we take our friends who work on Cypress with us. don’t think they have been to Mt.Washington yet. i talked to a rep on Mt.Washington during the SnowShow and they are expecting a killing amount of snow this year (like he’d say other wise though)

    I’ll be hitting up WordCamp Whistler :) $250 per night at the Fairmont during January is a pretty decent deal. The girlfriend is excited about it too and I just got her into WordPress ;) The BigW is one of her top favorite places in the world! You definitely have to come up!

  4. Lovewine Says:

    Wow, that is some serious organization…that bone seems to be missing in my body.

    I have to get back to Baker this season…its been too long.

    That Big White trip sounds tempting…….

    Glad to see the board is better…it looks like a good repair. That’s why I keep my old Ride ‘Timeless’ around so I don’t feel bad about dings and chunks going missing during early season riding.

  5. Badboysoda's Jared Says:

    Looks like a fun schedule! If you make it down to utah, we’ll show you around

  6. Jeremy Lim Says:

    Took one look at that bokeh tree and had to share this:


  7. John Says:

    Thanks for the vocabularly lesson–I had never heard of the word “Bokeh,” though I’ve certainly seen photos with that effect.

    As for the trip to Big White, sounds like a great time. My knowledge of BC resorts is fairly limited, but I did learn about BW a few weeks ago. They had a rep at the Minnesota Ski & Snowboard Show.

  8. Kyle Says:

    Can’t wait for a Tahoe-down!

  9. Vancity Allie Says:

    Tawcan, oh I’m sure you’ll be heading out lots! You have more adventures than me! :)

    Mike, yep they did a wax and sharpen as well which is nice. It’s preeeeetty straight. Pretty hard to get it perfect though I think. I’m glad you’re coming on the trips wooo!

    Tyler, yeah all we can do it pray for snow right now! Whistler just got a nice little dump so that should help for your plans ;) I’m still thinking about WordCamp Whistler, not 100% sure if I want to go. I’m not sure what to expect and I’m pretty shy around new people.

    Lovewine, you should plan some trips! You know I’d come! Geez you guys have the best snow out there :P I guess you don’t even need to plan trips ;)

    Jared, I was in Utah last year and I loved it! Snowbird was rockin’. I’d love to make it down again but I think this year’s USA trip will be to Tahoe. I’ll keep it in mind though! Let me know if you ever make it up to BC :)

    Jeremy, HA! Cool, nice link. The heart bokeh is pretty crazy. Oh the uses…….

    John, yes Big White is amazing! I highly recommend you come check it out. The powder is incredible, but you have to be careful.. they do call it “Big White Out” for a reason ;)

    Kyle, yessssssssss Tahoe is gonna ROOOOOOOCKKKKK this year!

  10. Kyle L. Says:

    Just found this site via snowboardingforum.com. I like what you got here. You seem to lead a very busy and interesting life :)

    As the other Kyle, I am part of the Sierra Nevada grouping.

    All I have to say is wow, I want your job. You must have some job where you can go off almost every week to some other part of the west coast to snowboard. You can say I am jealous.

    Also, the red shoes. Hot. All I can think is, “there’s no place like home” crochet style.

    I will be popping by every once in a while and give my 2 cents.


  11. Maggie Says:

    Hi Allie,

    I know this is a super delayed comment but I remember reading about the nick in your board and searched for it so I could ask you a question…anyways! I had a bit of a hot wax accident with my snowboard recently and I melted tiny part of the top layer and will have to get it filled and smoothed down. I’m currently looking around at places for snowboard repairs and I was curious if you would recommend The Boardroom and also was wondering if you might possibly remember how much it cost?

    Thanks a million!

  12. Vancity Allie Says:

    Hi Maggie!

    Yes, I would definitely recommend the Boardroom for waxes. They are great. I like the handwax myself. They also have great repairs… the fellows there completed fixed by torn out rail :)

    I believe it costs around $25 for a handwax or $15-20 for a normal wax… and then a rail repair runs maybe $30-40?

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