I miss hanging out in the mountains and the ocean. Although I consider myself to be comfortable with domestic activities, I still feel a little stir crazy when I spend too much time indoors.

On Friday, we went out for dinner before Allan’s hockey game on Commercial Drive. The restaurants in this area are so diverse and GOOD. We decided to try out Marcello Pizzeria and Ristorante. We shared the margarita pizza and a tomato cream sauce fettuccine, as well as the focaccia to start. It was super tasty. And, they managed to get our dinner to us in about 10 minutes when we told them we were in a rush, even though they were at capacity. I’d definitely eat there again.

Photo Credit: MarthaStewart.com

Photo Credit: MarthaStewart.com

Saturday went by in a blur. We spent a couple hours with Trev and Crista trying to find ice, and then finally found some public skating time at Bill Copeland arena in Burnaby. Then it was a mad dash to Granville Island to pick up the groceries for Amy’s birthday party which was also a dinner party. Spent about 2 and a half hours cutting, flattening, and rolling beef tenderloin for the Japanese themed potluck. I made Japanese Grilled Beef Rolls with Scallion Soy Sauce, stuffed with scallions, peppers and/or asparagus… a variation on this Martha Stewart recipe. I didn’t get any pictures but I’ll see if anyone from the party did. This was a new recipe for me, but it was a lot of fun to experiment.

I had a lot of fun! Everyone made some delicious dishes including teriyaki chicken, tempura, and Matcha cheesecake (YUM!). A lot of board games were played, and I’m pretty sure I saw a lot of Asahi beer disappear along with sake.

Sunday morning we had intended to go to Cypress with the free passes but I couldn’t go because when I woke up I was still seriously stuffed up and wheezing from all the cat and smoke exposure at the party the previous night. I hate allergies!

I’m so disappointed I didn’t get to go snowboarding on the weekend. I’m hoping to get out sometime this coming week. It’s supposed to snow!

Beef Simmering

We popped over to Granville Island again last night and I picked up some more beef tenderloin since we only had a little tease of it last night. I browned the beef in with pancetta, and then braised the beef in red wine, fresh homemade tomato sauce from scratch, and simmered for a while. I also added some fresh basil, spinach, and thinly spliced portobello mushrooms. You can see it here below served on some pappardelle noodles and topped with shaved Parmesan reggiano, bacon, and toasted pine nuts. It tasted really good but I was a bit disappointed it didn’t look better in the photo here.

Beef Tenderloin Braised with Red Wine on Pappardelle Pasta

Well, I gotta run. I’m just itching to get on the ice and I’ve got skating this morning! Hurray!

What did you guys do for the weekend?

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13 Responses to “A FOODIE WEEKEND”

  1. André Says:

    What did I do for the weekend?

    Me and my wife got a dog! There’s a picture of the puppy on my flickr stream. She’s the cutest!

  2. alitak Says:

    Your skewers were delicious!! Worth every minute of all your prep work. My Sunday was spent in recovery mode.. although not allergy-related.. lol.

    This is the recipe for the turkey roulade we were discussing: http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/emerils-turkey-roulade

    Mmm I love food blog posts.

  3. Urban Dweller Says:

    All those photos of food are making me hungry right before I head into a two hour meeting, thanks Allie ;)

    Commercial Drive has some of the best restaurants in town, rarely do you go wrong there.

  4. Lovewine Says:

    Yummy….time to make breakfast..
    I do miss the variety of food in the city. Nelson has come a long way in the last 10 years when it comes to “good” food.

    The weekend?
    Fri- Worked on an outdoor rink….went for roast chicken dinner at a friend’s house.
    Sat- Cleaned the house…went to a 50′s theme b-day party.
    Sun- Played hockey

    Good times!

  5. Tawcan Says:

    Damn it those pics are making me hungry!!!

    You didn’t miss too much by staying in the city. I went up to Seymour on Sat and it was super icy. Lost my edge quite many times, resulting some pretty spectacular bails. Hopefully we’ll get some snow soon!

  6. josh Says:

    yep you didn’t miss much.. I was up on cypress yesterday and it was ice city. Hopefully they get new snow soon

  7. Davin Greenwell Says:

    Mmmm I like a good foodie weekend. Mine was mostly spent doing homework and relaxing. Mens Club on Friday night was pretty nice too!

  8. HexHammer Says:

    That is soooo mouth watering pictures!

  9. Mike Says:

    Does that last meal have a name yet? As that looks so freaking good… though I’d be leaving out the seeds, personally. That beef looked melt-in-your-mouth tender.

    I should invite random people over just so I have an excuse to cook such meals and not have leftovers going bad in the freezer/fridge.

  10. Allan Says:

    I can vouch that all created food stuffs are absolutely delicious. Rawrrr beef and red wine for the win! Seconds please

  11. fish Says:

    I went skiing of course. Pow days all around, I love it

  12. Martin Beran Says:

    okay, its officially time to eat now!

  13. Kimm Says:

    Now I’m hungry, I hate that stir crazy feeling……If you want to get on the water .. you can always come out paddling with me (different sport but its gets you out and about)

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