That’s all I can say. This afternoon Amy, Kim and I went to go check out the set of the Twilight Saga movie New Moon at the Ridge Theatre in Vancouver. It was so worth it. Miss Amy takes total credit for setting this up. Thanks Amy!

Twilight New Moon Filming at the Ridge Theatre

When we got there we hung out at Meinhardt for a bit… there were barely any fans there since we had gotten a tip, so we were trying to be incognito. We walked around to the side for a bit to check out the alley and the side of the bowling alley. The scenes being filmed here are the two Port Angeles movie theatre scenes in New Moon (when Jessica and Bella go to the movies, and later on when Mike, Jacob and Bella see a film).

Yes, we may have been twice the age of everyone else there, but we were okay with that. We waited about 2 hours before Taylor Lautner (Jacob) came out to take photos with the fans. What a class act. Totally reaffirms why I am Team Jacob.

Taylor Lautner (Twilight's Jacob)

Taylor Lautner (Twilight's Jacob)

Taylor Lautner (Twilight's Jacob)

Taylor Lautner (Twilight's Jacob)

Taylor Lautner (Twilight's Jacob)

Taylor Lautner (Twilight's Jacob)

Taylor was extremely gracious and friendly. Putting his arms around fans and making space to take photos with their friends. He couldn’t have been a better sport. His skin looked amazing up close snd he smelled GOOD!

Taylor Lautner (Twilight's Jacob)

He took about 4-5 photos with fans and then went back in.

Taylor Lautner (Twilight's Jacob)

New Moon Twilight Set

New Moon Twilight Set

New Moon Twilight Set

Amy and Kim standing outside.

New Moon Twilight Set

Enjoy the photos! Hopefully Amy and I will be able to get some more photos soon. Sorry for not posting the snowboarding movie tomorrow… Team Jacob takes precedence ;) I’ll try to get it out this week though before the Tofino surf weekend.

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  1. Amy Burrows Says:

    YEAH WE DID!!!!!

  2. Sean Says:

    Pretty cool, Allie! You managed to get in pretty close there – must’ve felt a little surreal! :)

  3. Amy Burrows Says:

    Lindsay is the one to thank! Yay!

  4. Emily Says:

    Allison …

    I am JEALOUS.

    PS fuck you

  5. jayo Says:

    do u know if their going to be there the rest of the week?

  6. Paige Wilson Says:

    Hey omg! i was there! you can only see the back of my head, but heres a photo of me and taylor! OMG WOW he is SOO HOT!!!!


  7. Mike Says:

    I had to laugh at this line – “…he smelled GOOD!” You’re hitting a definite vibe of ‘stalker’ there, Allie. ;)

  8. bluesuzanne Says:

    Wow, you are lucky! Would you mind if I added these photos to the gallery at jakeandbells.com? (I would put a link back here under each photo)

    Go Team Jacob!

  9. Tyler Says:

    Most excellent!

  10. emma Says:

    I’m reading this book at the moment, I love it!

  11. Twilight-Gossip.com Says:

    [...] admin on Apr.07, 2009, under Movie Set, Sightings Yesterday afternoon Vancity Allie received a tip that the twilight cast were filming at the Ridge Theatre in Vancouver.  She and her [...]

  12. Nayy Says:

    Hey… do mind if I post these in my gallery? http://lionandlamblove.org/gallery … all credits will be given! ;)


  13. TayCob Filming at the Ridge Theatre | The Twilight Times Says:

    [...] Lautner at a new set in front of the Ridge Theater and Bowling Alley. See the rest of the pics at Allie’s Blog! The scenes being filmed here are the two Port Angeles movie theatre scenes in New Moon (when [...]


    [...] More pictures here. [...]

  15. UnintendedChoice Says:

    aw so cute!!! congrats on meeting taylor- he looks adorable..

    and i LOVE mountains! i’m jealous of your mountains! it looks so pretty there!


  16. Taylor a girare al cinema!! | Twilight Italia Says:

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  17. Sul set di New Moon con Taylor (Jacob) « Twilightitalianmoms’s Blog Says:

    [...] Per vedere le altre cliccate su VancityAllie. [...]

  18. Julianne Says:

    Great pics Taylor is so nice and great to the fans. You guys are so lucky and thanks for sharing:)


  19. Kimm Says:

    I haven’t been to that theater in YEARS.. I use to work a few blocks away from there.

    Glad you got to be camera happy when he did come outside and it wasn’t raining

  20. Juju Says:

    Ooo girl I’m with you on being twice the age of the girls and yet still loving Jacob/Taylor.
    Soooo very cool!
    Thanks for posting these!

  21. twilight_chick Says:

    sorry gurls dont have to be too crazy for stars. taylor’s awsome but um…dont go too nuts. I KNOW HE’S HOTT! crazy ass gurls, gosh!

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  26. Vancity Allie Says:

    Amy, YES WE DID! Wooo!

    Sean, yeah it was a lot of fun. It’s strange to see them in person.

    Amy, you’re right, Lindsay deserves total credit! Thanks to Lindsay at http://sheappearscomposed.wordpress.com/ for the tip of where to go! You rock!

    Emily, hehe sorry. When are we going for tea?

    jayo, no they were just filming there for the day.

    Paige, cool you were there! Great photo. That’s incredible you got to take a photo with him. :)

    Mike, hahaha yeah, close, but not quite ;)

    bluesuzanne, no prob! I’m glad people are getting to see photos of Jacob. He’s really classy.

    Tyler, is your wife into Twilight?

    emma, you’ll love the series. I’m sure you’ll be done all 4 books in no time!

    Nayy, sure thing! Team Jacob!

    UnintendedChoice, thanks, we got super lucky. Yeah it’s beautiful in Vancouver, I can’t complain. Especially when it’s not raining ;) Hope you get to visit sometime.

    Julianne, of course… it was really cool of him to come out and say hi. It would’ve been easy for the cast to just stay inside.

    Kimm, yeah I used to go to that theatre all the time too! We leave nearby so it was an easy trek. I’m glad it wasn’t raining too, although we probably wouldn’t have stayed if it was ;)

    Juju, yeah, there are people of all ages who love Twilight!

    twilight_chick, I know what you mean. I think there’s a big difference between being a fan and being a creepy stalker. For us, it was more of a chance to hang out with girl friends, check out the set for one of our favourite movies and see if we could see anything behind the scenes. My favourite character in the books coming out to see fans was a definite bonus. Everyone who was there was really calm and nice. None of the fangirls were rushing the set or doing anything crazy. It was nice to see. The crew working on the set were also very very nice and humble. Great to see them being so welcoming to the fans.

  27. K Says:

    Can I save these images to make a New Moon Fan Poster?

  28. Vancity Allie Says:


  29. Katie Says:

    OMG! so excited for new moon!
    i hate waiting so long! :(
    but im sooo excited!


  30. Twilight Movies, Photos, Discussions and More Says:

    [...] Taylor is on the New Moon set shooting the movie theater scene! Check out all the photos HERE. [...]

  31. Kate Says:

    Eww, Taylor looks like a woman. Kid is FUG. Well, at least that means more Edward fans. I can’t believe anyone likes a guy who forces himself on women. Just shows that kids today need some guidance.

  32. Meg W. Says:

    Hi…I was just wondering…can I post some of these photos on my group (Because I read Twilight I have Unrealistic Expectations in Men) on facebook? I promise I will give whoever took the photos credit (just please tell me who to credit)

  33. Twilight Lexicon » Vancouver Blogger Meets Taylor Says:

    [...] Vancityallie blogger met Taylor on the probable set for the infamous Mike, Jacob, and Bella date, as well as the Bella [...]

  34. nilly11 Says:

    wow a little obsessive there dont you think?! I mean ya he is hot and sexy, i will give you that, but still he is just a normal guy…….. i bet if he wasnt an actor or famous not as many poeple would like him as much as they do.

  35. More On Set Photos! « The Twilight Files Says:

    [...] scene will be in the movie. I’m super excited about that. Here are a few pictures courtesy of vancityallie.com. And of course a great looking Taylor Lautner in full costume was on [...]

  36. Julia Says:

    hey can i post these on my blog? it’s pretty small… :(… I’ll give credit to you =]

    thanx for the photos!!

    And btw… I’m team edward but i don’t have anything against jake. and Taylor Lautner is HOT!!!

  37. Taylor Shooting Theatre Scene | Twilighters.org - Twilight Fansite For Obsessed Twilight Saga Fan Says:

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  38. TwilightCircle.com | A Social Network based on the Twilight saga » Blog Archive » Taylor Shooting Theatre Scene Says:

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  39. Dani Dawson Says:

    SO UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. More ‘New Moon’ Scenes: Taylor Filming the Movie Theater Scene « A Never Ending Twilight Says:

    [...] To see more photos and the read the rest of the encounter, hop on over to http://www.vancityallie.com/2009/04/06/twilight-new-moons-taylor-lautner-jacob-on-set-filming-at-th… [...]

  41. Taylor Lautner On The Set Of New Moon: The Movie Theater Scene « Twilog :: Yet Another Twilight Blog Says:

    [...] Check out vancityallie.comto see a really cool fan account (plus pictures) of meeting Taylor Lautner on the set of New Moon as they were filming some scenes for New Moon. These would be when Bella goes to the movies with Jessica right after The Breakup, and of course when Bella goes on the awkward date with Jacob AND Mike. That should be a funny scene. [...]

  42. Raul Says:

    Oh, wow. So Liindsay gave you guys a tip as to where to go… nice! I love Amy and Lindsay and Keira and I hope we can meet sometime soon, Allie!

    I have always been curious as to why people are so excited about Taylor. He is very handsome but SO totally not my type. James Franco, on the other hand…

  43. meg Says:

    Sorry, Taylor looks like a woman here. I’m not into him anyway, give me Rob anyday!! His wig is atrocious and so is his makeup and narrow brows. Well, they made Rob wear horrendous amounts of makeup for Twilight, so this doesn’t surprise me.

  44. Twilight Eternity | TwilightEternity.com | A site for the Twilight Series | TWILIGHT NEW MOON ECLIPSE BREAKING DAWN Says:

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    [...] enjoy more pics from the source here [...]

  47. Novità: sul set con Taylor e E!online, le buoni azioni del cast e piccolo gossip « Dazzling Twilight Says:

    [...] Taylor non si è tirato indietro, ha fatto moltisisme foto. Per vederle andate su sito di VANCITY ALLIE. .gallery { margin: auto; } .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; [...]

  48. ALi Says:

    Lucky you XD

  49. Taylor Lautner on the New Moon Set | The Twilight Fansite Says:

    [...] Vancity Allie for the exciting post and the pics, you can go and check out more photos on her blog! addthis_url [...]

  50. Nancy Mac Says:

    Well I can honestly day these are the best pictures of canada filming and TEAM JACOB i have seen so far! He looks so incredibly sweet. ok so i have to say it ..i am kinda jealous i wasnt there with ya’ll. but i am soo happy for ya’ll!!!!

    Thanks so much for the quick post! better than reading it from jaded news people!

    So happy!


  51. chikster Says:

    omfg!!!!! that is sooooooooo cool!!!!! i absolutely love taylor lautner!!! he is sooo cute and talented…not to mention that he is only 17!! (only 2 years older than me). anyways…congrats on the pics…i so wish i was u right now lol.

  52. Bela Says:

    He looks so cute! And friendly!

  53. chikster Says:

    btw…im in the u.s.!!! actually in houston, texas so i guess its in canada…this post thingy. that is so cool b/c theres a time difference and everything…its 9:30p.m. here

  54. Lisa Says:

    “This is the reason you’re Team Jacob, he’s such a class act”? From all that I’ve read, they’re all class acts, including Robert. I think Taylor is cute, but he’s just a kid.

    As far as the books go, which I love, there is no Bella & Jacob for me. He just gets annoying when he starts getting pushy. I liked Twilight (the movie) let’s see what they do for New Moon.

  55. Twilight Latino » Blog Archive » Taylor filmando escena del cine Says:

    [...] Vancity Allie nos trae nuevas imágenes del set de filmación. Luego de haber rodado la escena del cine en Ridge situado en Vancouver. [...]

  56. Tyler Says:


    Nope, Alice *hates* Twilight. I’m the fan in this house :-P

    (She did watch the DVD with me though)

  57. Lovewine Says:

    OK crazy people……

  58. yris Says:

    lUCKY!!….i feel soo jelouse

  59. anen Says:

    Team JACOB!!!


  60. Taylor Shooting Theatre Scene Says:

    [...] the rest of the pictures here. Read the original post on Twilighters.org Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social [...]

  61. flagrantfoul Says:

    The Vancouver Sun listed your site and linked because of your photos!


  62. belladonna Says:

    Hey Allie, you don’t know how lucky you are to be able to get these pics. I live in TN and only get to to see pictures or videos that locals like you get to take. I am GREEN with envy!! Although, I lean towards team edward i love, love these pictures.

  63. Sandra Says:

    I used one picture! (credit to you, ofc!)


  64. Jesssicaa Says:

    i am so envious, i wish i could have been there, but like i live in New Zealand, so chyeah, suucks

    Yaay your pics are so aweeeesome!!
    Teeam Edward Baaha

  65. frenchie Says:

    i am so jealous of you!!!!!!!!!!!
    im in melbourne, australia, and im heading to the US in about 2 months hoping to get some new moon action too!
    you lucky girl!
    team jacob mate :)

  66. Tessa Says:

    He might be reaally nice and reaally hott but Jacob is a Toss Pott MOST of the time!

  67. Tessa Says:

    He as in Taylor by the way lol

  68. SVETA-RUSSIA Says:

    прикольно!я тоже хочу(

  69. russell Says:

    dude. sooo idol! thanks for those:)


  70. SVETA-RUSSIA Says:

    здесь кто-нибудь понимает по русски?)))кто знает когда выпустя книгу бурный полдник?

  71. babygalsen94 Says:

    hello i am very jealous becuse i live in french(paris) but twilight Is very known in France also
    i don’t have a team I cannot choose between both

  72. SVETA-RUSSIA Says:

    какая бональщина babygalsen94….

  73. Наташа and Алена! Says:

    Я не поняла, так это че, ангицкий

  74. SVETA-RUSSIA Says:

    по моему это французский…

  75. Pamela Says:

    OMG…….it’s really Taylor

    habe you go to http://www.twilightcn.com

  76. Superstar3 Says:

    Heyy Allie! I was just linked to your blog and I think it’s amazing you got to get so close! I got to get some sneek peeks of twilight and autographs while I was on vacation! But…..no pictures. =[
    And for all you people out there, trust me that’s not being obsessive! Have you seen what other people have done! Your probably just amaeters and don’t even know what it means!!

  77. Romina Says:

    Hiii! i´m from Argentina, i don´t know how i come here ja, and don´t know too much english je..nice photos!bye

  78. TAYLOR LUVER #1 FAN Says:

    he is tottaly cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! duh!!!!!! im his #1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV HIM!!!!!!!!!! HE SO AWSOME AND IS TOTTLY MINE!!!!!!!! SORRY OTHER GIRLS :):):):):):)!!!!!!!! OH. HE DOES N.O.T. LOOK LIKE A GIRL!!!!!!!!!! HES SO H.O.T H.O.T H.O.T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):)

  79. Jessica Says:

    I am SO JEALOUS! I am a die-hard Team Jacob fan too :D Taylor Lautner is friggin amazing. Just look at that smile!! ^3^

  80. SVETA-RUSSIA Says:

    give me your mail….

  81. SVETA-RUSSIA Says:

    may mail- TotalGirls@mail.ru

  82. Sack Pack Says:


    Awesome pics! We wish we could be you we are very jealous right now :P Taylor is hawt in those pics, girl :D Btw.. we were wondering if we could add your photos to our gallery? under fans and of course we will also add your site (in the way of crediting) ;D Thanks!


  83. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice Says:

    [...] oboževalka je srečala Taylorja Lautnerja in snemalno ekipo pred neko kino dvorano. Očitno so snemali nesrečni Bella – Jacob – Mike [...]

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    [...] Vancity Allie – the blog of a Vancouver girl who lives and breathes the West Coast [...]

  85. Courtney Says:

    You are so lucky. Taylor Lautner is hot. I was visiting family in Vancouver that week. And the horrible part is that my grandparents live down the street from David Thompson (where they were also filming) and I left Vancouver to go home three hours before people saw the stars. I knew they were filming a movie there, but we didnt know which. I found out it was New Moon as soon as I got home. I envy you and I am very sad. :( Team Edward!

  86. Kaitlyn Says:

    hey!!! i LLOOOOVVVVVVEEE Taylor Lautner he is SSOOO HOT!! i <3 twilight and Taylor Lautner!! hehe. and awesome pictures!

  87. ara133photography Says:

    Great write-up, Taylor sounds like a great guy! LOL about the age thing – I think my friend and I were the only people in our thirties (who weren’t escorting younger people!!) in line for the DVD the night it came out! :) We decided that the story has such a timeless theme that it appeals to all ages!

  88. AshleeCullen18 Says:

    Cool pictures but that ugly wig has to go! It looks terrible.

  89. :: Cold Twilight :: » Blog Archive » Taylor Lautner on set filming at the Ridge Says:

    [...] from VanCityAllie recently posted some photos from NM set, to be precise, from the Ridge Theatre in Vancouver, where [...]

  90. 52 Faces Says:

    Damn you Vancouver people! ::cries::

    Yes, Team Jacob all the way – particularly with this film/book!

  91. Taylor Lautner: Varsity Bowling in Vancouver | New Moon, Taylor Lautner | Just Jared Jr. - JJJ Says:

    [...] Allie (who took the photos) dished on her own blog about meeting Taylor. She shared, “Taylor was extremely gracious and friendly. Putting his [...]

  92. Steph Says:

    omg he is so hot and he smells good? that has to be a bonus! lol i can’t believe he’s only 17 zomg o_0

  93. Dee-Rae Says:

    i love the twilight series am part way through eclipse I LOVE TWILIGHT SERIES SO MUCH cant say it enough:)


  94. Want To Find The Vancouver Set of Twilight: New Moon? Look For The Untitled Sports Movie | The Blog According to Buzz Bishop Says:

    [...] Allie has proven quite adept at stalking the set, crashing their shoot at The Ridge Theatre, and then tracking them all down at the Arts Club Backstage Lounge when they attended a [...]

  95. Taylor Lautner en el set : Gossip Guys Says:

    [...] a vancityallie tenemos estas imagenes de Taylor Lautner en el set, cuando unas fans los reconocieron y se fueron [...]

  96. Twilight Lexicon » Vancity Allie Attends Theatre Shoot Says:

    [...] interior scenes for the movie theater segments were shot a couple of weeks ago at the Ridge Theater and Bowling Alley complex. Last night, they did the exterior shots at a movie theater that had a more traditional look. [...]

  97. eddie Says:

    rob’s getting so much press these days.
    hopefully he can keep his nose clean and stay on track while his career skyrockets.

  98. Twilight Saga » Blog Archive » Novità: sul set con Taylor e E!online, le buoni azioni del cast e piccolo gossip Says:

    [...] Una twilighter di nome Allie ha scritto sul suo blog del suo incontro ieri al Ridge, un cinema di Vancouver, con Taylor Lautner, alias Jacob Black. Ebbene sì, si sta girando la scena “dell’appuntamento a tre” tra Mike, Jacob e Bella e quella dove Bella va al cinema con Jessica. Annie è stata molto fortunata….e Taylor non si è tirato indietro, ha fatto moltisisme foto. Per vederle andate su sito di VANCITY ALLIE. [...]

  99. twifan Says:

    Taylor seems like such a cool guy. Laid back, nice to fans.
    I like rob and all – but taylor just seems so much more down to earth.

  100. Novidades do Set de Lua Nova | Mix Total Says:

    [...] Vancity Allie, Confesson of TwiCrack Addict e Lanney Gossip Gostou do post? [...]

  101. itzel Says:

    osea taylor es guapisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimo me encantaria ser su novia

  102. VANCITY ALLIE: UPDATE FROM THE ‘NEW MOON’ SET | Twilighters Anonymous Blog & Breaking News Says:

    [...] To see the rest of the pictures from Vancity Allie, click here. [...]

  103. Huge turnout expected for Ridge Oct 9 DP Hearing as 10,000 sign petition | CityHallWatch: Tools for engagement in Vancouver city decisions, creating our future. Says:

    [...] Heritage Register. Perhaps because it’s era and character, the Ridge Theatre was used as a filming location for movies such as The Twilight Saga New Moon (see clip here) and also for other productions (as [...]

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