Once again, I apologize for the diversion from the surfing and snowboarding posts… but I have to talk about my favourite book/movie series! Amy, Kim and I strike again with the Twilight – New Moon cast at Jackson Rathbone’s band’s (100 Monkeys) concert tonight! Big thanks again to Amy for the invite… you’re the best. We saw… Ashley Greene (Alice), Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Jackson Rathbone (Jasper), Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Kristen Stewart (Bella), Taylor Lautner (Jacob), and Nikki Reed (Rosalie). Yay!

Jackson, Singing (100 Monkeys)

If any of the cast reads this and wants me to remove any photos of them, please let me know. I know it’s a privilege and not a right to get photos with you and I respect that! :)

We headed down to the Backstage Lounge at Granville Island, to check out 100 Monkeys. Jackson Rathbone sings, plays guitar, and the keyboard with his band. Let me first start out by saying… the band was amazing. The music was great and they put on a really good show. Also props to the management of the Backstage Lounge… they did a good job of keeping things calm.

I can’t even begin to tell you how nice the cast was. They asked for us to wait to take photos until mainly after the show because they didn’t want to take the spotlight from Jackson’s band, and they were incredibly kind, classy, and friendly. And they mostly hung out in the crowd all night, just enjoying the show like everyone else. Mindblowing! Kudos, Twilight cast. You really are a one-of-a-kind group. Thanks for putting up with us fans!

Let me go through the night in chronological order in as much detail as I can possibly remember (Amy and Kim, fill any in if I missed some!)…

*deep breath*

Outside the Backstage Lounge

When we first arrived at the Backstage Lounge on Granville Island it was pretty empty. We had a few drinks and some food, and soon we spotted Jackson Rathbone and his band, just a few feet away from us in the corner milling about. We asked for photos and they kindly declined saying they would take some after the show. (They made good on their promise!)

We watched the opening band who were pretty good and kept an eye out for any activity. It was really neat to see Jackson for the first time. He seemed very casual and comfortable with his band.

100 Monkeys Poster

After the opening band was done, we headed outside for some fresh air, and also walked up the street where we encountered some “paparazzi” who were waiting for the rest of the Twilight/New Moon cast members to arrive. I met the guy who takes all of LaineyGossip‘s photos and he seemed pretty cool and had a LOT of equipment. There were also a number of other men who had binders full of photos they wanted the cast to sign so they could sell the photos. Hmmm. One even claimed that Jackson had signed 28 photos for him the other day.

New Moon Cast outside Backstage Lounge

After about half an hour, we were lucky enough to see Peter, Kristin, Taylor, Kellan, and Ashley entering the club. Jackson was there to meet him, after texting them instructions (?) or timing. They were all incredibly stylish and even better looking in person. Not to mention very kind and friendly. Taylor (TEAM JACOB… Mmmm) showed up in his usual mysterious hoodie and jeans, Kristin wore a blue jean jacket and looked pretty casual.. Ashley looked super sexy in a tight black leather jacket, black purse and tight black pants and heels with bright red lipstick… Peter wore a burgundy leather jacket (wow!) with a nice pair of jeans, and he wore a baseball cap inside at times. Jackson was dressed in a suit and sneaks for his performance with the band, and Nikki had on a nice jacket with jeans and some boots. Kellan definitely looked handsome with a toque, scarf, black leather jacket, black V-neck t-shirt, and grey/black pants.

Amy and Kim pose with Peter Facinelli (Carlisle from Twilight)

The group headed inside, but we managed to snag Peter for a photo. Unfortunately this photo turned out blurry which is a real shame, as Peter has just the most mesmerizing eyes and smile in person! He was a real class act and stayed outside to take some photos with fans while the rest went inside.

Private VIP area in back of bar

Inside the bar they had a small table in the back which was gated off. They had a bodyguard who was doing a pretty good job of keeping everyone away. I asked if I could buy Kellan or Jacob a drink, which was of course declined by the bodyguard, but he mentioned I could try if they decided to get on the dance floor.

So we took our places on the dance floor to watch Jackson’s band perform on the stage. They were AMAZING! Up tempo songs, great lyrics, and quite a variety in melodies. Very impressed!

Twilight and New Moon Cast Members Partying

And lo and behold, a few minutes later I turn to my left and I am shoulder to shoulder with Peter and Ashley. I dance a bit and don’t bother them so they can enjoy the show. Soon, Kristin and Taylor with Nikki make their way to the very front and set up right in the centre of the stage. They hang out there for the entire show.

Ashley Greene and Peter Facinelli

I notice that Peter seems to be standing by himself, so I ask him if he’s got enough room or if he wants to move up closer to the stage. He says he’s got lots of room. I ask him if he’s enjoying Vancouver, to which he responds yes, very much. I thank him for his time and go back to watching the show.

Taylor Lautner out

The ENTIRE cast (well, aside from Rob) is basically standing a foot from me, so Amy, Kim and I watch the show and stealthily steal some looks at the cast. They all look happy to be there, and seem to be partying and enjoying the music. I’m so happy they were able to mingle and just party.

Ashley Greene and Boyfriend?

15 minutes later and I’m standing right beside Ashley Greene and her boyfriend? Not sure if it’s her boyfriend or a close friend. Pretty sure they are dating. I am later told it is Boone from LOST. I thought I recognized him somewhere! He’s wearing a cool bowler hat, and him and Ashley are dancing closely. It was amazing to see them so intimate and absorbed in each other in the midst of a huge crowd of Twilight fans.

Ashley Greene (Alice) from Twilight

They dance together all night, and look very happy and peaceful. Ashley looks over at me for a second and I take the opportunity to tell her she looks beautiful and that they look very cute together. She seems genuinely flattered and surprised, and says thank you a few times. I leave her alone, but another fan asks her for a photo, so I couldn’t resist. I blacked myself out here because I looked pretty goofy. Ashley really embodies what I would always imagine to be a classic Hollywood starlet… she’s got that timeless look, and she is incredibly charming.

Jackson Rathbone

Meanwhile, Jackson and the band rocks out. Check out the video. You can see Ashley in the black shirt to the left, and Jackson calls out his manager, the “Bananager” (VERY COOL band manager, we got to talk to him quite a bit).

Kellan (Emmett from Twilight) and Amy

Some time passes and I find myself in the middle of a bit of rowdy banter between Peter and Kellan. Although Jacob is my favourite character in the book, I may have to say Kellan is my favourite actor from the movie. I finally get a chance to talk to Kellan, and no one else seems to be talking to him or disturbing him. I talked to him for a good ten minutes about snowboarding, the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler, Mammoth, and Vancouver. He really has a killer smile, and he’s a great conversationalist. Very down to earth. And not afraid to party!

Jackson pointing

Nikki and Taylor

The show is winding down… I notice Jacob and Nikki have their arms around each other all night. Probably a friendly gesture, but it is nice to see the camaraderie between the cast.

New Moon Cast Out Partying

Kristin and Nikki are talking pretty much the whole night. They seem so close!

Kristin and Taylor

Kristin and Taylor

Kristin and Jacob hang out a bit, and I definitely get some of my Team Jacob fill.

100 Monkeys Band Rocks Out

Eventually the show wraps up and we get a few more photos with the cast members. Thanks for taking photos with us!

Ashley Greene and our group

New Moon Cast on Patio

The first group heads out to the patio, and then into cabs.

Kim and playful (ninja) Kellan

Kellan Lutz (Emmett from Twilight)

Meanwhile, Kellan hangs out with us and takes some photos, and does some really funny stuff. Wish I could have gotten a video of him. He’s pretty much exactly what I imagined Emmett to be. He’s silly, goofy… he used his scarf to make a ninja outfit and tried to scare different groups of girls. It was hilarious.

Kim and Mandy with Kellan

Eventually the second group heads out, and ended up having to hide behind dumpsters to escape the paparazzi when they realized there were no cabs left. Eventually they got into one and made it away safely. Phew!

Smiling Kellan

Group leaves the bar

We hung back a bit for photos with Jackson and the band, and the Bananager! Awesome! Thanks guys!

Jackson posing with fan

100 Monkeys (and Jackson) with Amy

All in all a great night. We felt super lucky to see the cast there, and even happier that they were so friendly. I really enjoyed getting to see my favourite characters from the movies come to life, and getting to see some glimpses of the real people behind them. It was so dark that most of my photos didn’t turn out, or were grainy, but we still had an amazing time and lots of good memories. I think Kellan giving Amy a HUGE hug is my favourite one! Bulging biceps anyone?

Well, it’s 4 AM and I’m off to bed! I have an all-day work conference starting at 9 AM. Hope you enjoyed the story and the photos :)

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  1. Raul Says:

    I love you all you guys (Allie, Amy, Lindsay, everyone). You know that. But this is… borderline … boy-crush-stalkerish much? :-) I am often star-struck but you’ve surpassed me!

    :) much love,


  2. Vancity Allie Says:

    I blame Amy ;)

    Actually we are pretty mature and calm when it comes to fan craziness… we do like getting to meet them. We all have boyfriends so it is not really about a mancrush, more just getting to see your favourite characters come to life.

    It is hard to explain I guess. Most of the Twilighters seem to get it though ;)

  3. 30yearoldtwilightfan Says:

    Thank You for sharing your night with us, I would love to hear Jacksons band myself,I only hear good things about them. I am going to the Twilight convention in Aug and am so excited to meet them all, they sound great.

    I have to ask though … where was Rob ? lol

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  6. unintendedchoice Says:

    AWESOME story, girl!!!! Thanks for sharing it! Loved the pics

  7. Juju Says:

    These pictures are awesome.
    And you’re right Allie the Twilighters understand.
    I’m 32 and married and while I wouldn’t scream if I got to meet Taylor or Kellan – I would still LOVE to meet them and get a picture.
    Great job ladies.
    LOVE the images and full report.
    They all sound very cool and gracious.

  8. Natsky Says:

    I am pretty sure her and Ian are just really close friends…I read somewhere they Kellan is good friends with him and that they are just really close…

    You are sooo lucky to meet them.

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  10. Irishgirl Says:

    Great story!! Glad you had such a good experience.

    I’m surprised Rob wasn’t there, since most of the cast was. Wonder why. And I can’t believe the dude in the funky porkpie hat is Ian Somerholder?!? It just doesn’t look like him at all.

  11. LaraMorgana Says:

    Jackson Rathbone is incredibly beautiful. I don’t know if I could have controlled myself if I got that close to him!

    Anyway, thanks for the photos and the blog. I’m jealous!

  12. Leezabeth Says:

    Fans will probably be annoyed at me for saying this, but I think from the way it looks, something is going on between Nikki and Taylor. I’ve seen several videos on YouTube of them, and (I know it is meant jokingly) Nikki asks Taylor to do a backflip, to which he replies something along the lines of “Ok since you’re my Bella.” The crowd really loved that, lol. Of course it just may be my mind playing tricks on me, but it just seems that they sort of have that connection. They would be a great couple.

  13. Nancy Says:

    Your photos are awesome! Thanks for sharing! You guys are so lucky, I wish I could have met the cast!

  14. Twilight Lexicon » New Moon Cast Supports: 100 Monkeys Says:

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  15. emma Says:

    Brilliant photos, I love the Twilight saga. A little cringy to admit but I’ve got a huge crush on Robert Pattinson.

  16. April Says:

    Those were some great pics and love the little stories!! I’m loving Kellan more and more every day!! That’s a shame that Rob didn’t show up to support his friend, if he can go out to eat or a bar and keep things under control..I’m sure they could have done it there!! But great pics and story!! Very nice..

  17. Tonya Says:

    I love the pic of the cast on the patio waiting on the cabs…Looks like Peter is portraying his protector/Father character as he’s giving a watchful/don’t get too close to Ashley eye to her boy friend…LOL!!

    Looks like they all enjoyed their evening..Glad you got the chance to meet them.

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  19. Vanessa Says:

    OK, maybe this is just me being REALLY observant. But in your one pic of a girl with her arm around Jacob (oops! Taylor) That’s not Nikki Reed. You can clearly see that Nikki is wearing a camo-green blouse and the girl in the pic is wearing a white blouse. And if you really look closely, you can see Kristen, Nikki (in green) and the mystery girl with her arm around Taylor. IDK, I just thought I’d see if anyone else agrees/notices?? Because you know, that’s how rumors get started…otherwise, great pics and play-by-play. It sounds like you represented Twilight fans well and didn’t make us all seem stalkerish and obnoxious by screaming and asking cast members to bite us (Even though we may be thinking it ;)

  20. tash Says:

    It sounds like a great night…thanks for sharing it with us! I noticed you referred to Taylor as Jacob a couple times, while calling the rest of the cast by their real names…I wonder how he’d feel about that?

  21. TaraE Says:

    I LUV your pics!!!Your soo lucky to have met them all.I just have a question from an earlier comment.Where is the Twilight convention and when?I’d love to go.I live in PA and was honestly thinking of going to the premier in LA next fall.Even just to watch Rob walk down the red carpet would be good enough for me. Thanks!!!

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  23. Kristin Says:

    I agree, not to get rumors started but that is not Nikki with her arm around Taylor. You can see she is standing in front of them.

  24. Monica Says:

    LOVE the pics. I hope you don’t mind but I posted this link on 2 a LJ Communities (Lion/Lamb and Jasperalice). If you don’t want that tell me and I’ll delete it.


  25. Kristin D. Says:

    These pics are awesome… you are the only one I can find that posted any so far and I am thrilled. The cast looks so awesome. I am a huge Jackson fan and a 100 monkeys fan and I just want to say that maybe it is just me, but I am still rooting for Jackson and Ashley. They are way way too cute together. Fingers crossed!

  26. SnowyHedwig Says:

    Lucky girls! I love Jackson`s band, and it sounds like it was a wonderful oppurtunity to both hear 100 Monkeys and see the cast in a casual environment.

    One thing – you keep referring to Taylor as Jacob throughout the blog… :D

  27. NoodleWolf Says:

    Thanks for sharing – what a great time! And great photos! I love Vancouver. :)

  28. Kerry H. Says:

    Great pics, Allie!! I’m so glad you got to check out the show; just in the one video clip, they sound like a great band!

    SO exciting that you got to meet the cast!! I keep hearing how friendly (especially Kellan!) they all are, and it’s nice that people in Vancouver seem to be respectful for the most part.

    So jealous!!!!!

  29. Hannah Says:

    What time was the show at?

  30. Alison from twifans.com Says:

    OMG Allie these are really cool and the video is very good for a crowded place. So jealous of your night. I am coming to Vancouver on the 24th…I hope the Monkeys do another show!

    Do you mind if I share your pictures and video with the gals at twifans? I would like to put it in our blog but I would like to ask first.



  31. Alison from twifans.com Says:

    and who is the dark haired girl hanging on Taylor and chatting with the cast? Is she one of the wolf girls??

  32. Mandy Says:

    How amazing that you got to meet them. And kudos to all of you for being so respectful of them! I’m sure that made their night! :) They do look to be geniunely close friends and that just makes the movies all that much better for me! Thank you again for sharing!

  33. Mande Says:

    This is for the girl biting the banana, do you know where that thing has been…I am sure it hasnt been washed….EWE. I would have tried to bite that hot ass guy beside you!!

  34. NezziLautner Says:

    OMTL!!!( Oh My Taylor Lautner!!) you guys are SOO lucky, i actually cant beleive that you didn’t attempt to kidnap any of them. To actually be anywhere near them in a non-fan coordianted, non-promo type thing and still control your fan, that is amazing!! I am soo happy for you lucky people who get to breathe west coast air!!! Keep up the good work!

  35. NezziLautner Says:

    OMTL!! yea who is the girl hanging on to taylor?? he doesn’t look really comfortable with her like that!(thats probably just my wishful hoping that he stays single forever…) yea i think its just nikki, she’s so weird isn’t she like 4 years OLDER than him?!?!? and doesn’t she do that to every one?

  36. TallulahBelle Says:

    Wow thank you so much for sharing your experience. It’s so good to hear that they were nice and “normal” many times you hear that celebrity’s are annoyed with the fans and hate the attention. Seems like they are all pretty down to earth. Love the Kellan pictures he has the cutest smile! lol.

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  40. Mary Says:

    Taylor..and Kellan…and Taylor…and Kellan..and Jackson….and TAYLOR….and Kellan…and did I mention Taylor?…and AHHHHH!!!!!! Oh, jealous!!

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  42. brittney Says:

    “Kristin and Jacob hang out a bit, and I definitely get some of my Team Jacob fill.”

    wtf! His name is Taylor NOT Jacob. OMFG ppl.

  43. Lindsay Says:

    Hey Allie,
    I would love to talk with you a little bit about your Twilight experience if you have a quick minute. Please drop me a line at limiller@radaronline.com. Thank you!

  44. Anna Says:

    wow, your so lucky looks like you had a great time. The cast member seems so nice!!!!.

  45. Mandy Says:

    THe girl hanging off Taylor was a friend of Nikki’s, they were hanging all night.
    The possible Ashley boyfriend (he had his arms around her dancing and she was grabbing his butt at one point) is Ian Somerhalder, who apparently is in Vancouver filming a show called the Vampire Diaries for the CW.

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  47. April Says:

    The girl with Taylor is Cecil “Sage” Dills from the group, The Dills. She is in Vancouver, she has some shows this weekend up there…she mentioned on her blog on MySpace that she is up there partying with some vampires and that she has shows this weekend and that everyone should come and check it out..might see some vampires!! Check her out on Myspace…I think it is http://www.myspace.com/thedillsband They have some nice music..take a listen!!

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  49. Majandra Says:

    Thank you for sharing the pics, especially the ones of Ian (Boone from Lost). Although he’s not dating Ashley Greene. ;) He does have a girlfriend but it’s not Ashley.

  50. Kristi Says:

    Hey, this is just a guess, but I’m pretty sure the reason that Robert Pattinson wasn’t there was because he knows when to let others have the spotlight! Could you have imagined if he would have been there! I know these ladies here would not have gotten the pics that they did get! Plus, Jackson’s band would not have gotten the spotlight that they deserved as well.:) Awesome story, I really enjoyed it!

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  52. Mandy Says:

    I was there too – you did a MUCH better job of summarizing than I did – it truly was awesome to have them so kind and supportive of Jackson’s band.

    Great Night

    My pics aren’t up yet – I too got in at 4am and had to work at 7am :( booo

  53. shant Says:

    Hey that isn’t Nikki who has ehr ahdn around Taylor all night who is it I’m dying to find out!!!!!!!

  54. Vickie Says:

    I think you acted very mature. The cast deserves to be able to go out and enjoy themselves without being harrassed! Your story was very enjoyable to read. Thanks

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  56. K Says:

    I got curious if that really was Ian Somerhalder with Ashley and did some investigating and found a picture that makes me think its him! Check it out on my blog:


  57. K Says:

    PS: Allie thank you for posting these pictures! I took one for my blog (I will take it down if you want me too) but credited you for the photo and linked back to your blog!

  58. ATwilightKiss Says:

    This is a fantastic account of what happened that night! I’ll write it up and link here. Btw, may I suggest that the site address text on your photos be bigger? Just for easier identification. Thanks again! :-)

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  61. tippy Says:

    That’s so awesome! I really loved reading this. I’m enjoying your Twilight updates and wish I was in Vancouver :) I snowboard too so I’m looking forward to catching those posts!

  62. twilighter2212 Says:

    I agree with Vanessa post #19
    I was thinking the same thing. That is not Nikki with her arm around Taylor because the person hanging off him is wearing white, Nikki has a green top on. Honestly i think people just jump to conclusion’s to make up their own gossip!! Seriously get a life of your own & stop trying to create havock for these people!

  63. kim Says:

    Wow, Allie! So I’m sure you realize the amount of jealousy building up everywhere but I am also happy for you, too! It’s great to know that not all Twilight fans are “scary” to the cast. It must’ve been really to cool to just hang out and be there. You were super respectful which I think is so awesome! Thanks for sharing the story and the pics.

    Btw, Ashley IS beautiful and Peter IS unbelievable in these pics! Again, thanks for sharing!

  64. Belle Says:

    Love the article and pictures! I can’t believe you said that Boone from Lost was there with Ashley Greene. What a hot couple. In numerous blogs, when asked who should be cast for the Volturi, I’ve named Ian Somerhalder, Boone from Lost. Even on the newmoonmovie.org. I’d love to know if his eyes are as amazing in real life as they are on TV.

  65. Maddi Says:

    Why do you call everyone else by their real name besides Taylor? You call him Jacob. What’s up with that?

  66. Michelle Says:

    they arnt dating…. Ian is engaged…

    you got me in a few of those photos LOL

  67. JAKE Says:


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  69. Lydia Says:

    hey, you’re so lucky you got to meet the cast and go to the show!
    i might go to the 100 monkeys all ages show on sunday if i can make it, and i was wondering if the cast said anything about it? i’m guessing theyre obviously not going to go since they’ve already been to a show, but still i can hope :)

  70. impatientgirl Says:

    Cool pics- thanks for sharing

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  74. AshleeCullen18 Says:

    that is sooo cool. You are so lucky you got to meet all of them! Well except for rob. =[ The most beautiful one. lol cool pics tho!

  75. Wows Says:

    That’s awesome. Guess they don’t want to be close with the newer cast members? Jacob is played by Taylor Lautner. It would be nice to be known by your real name, not character name.

  76. Bry Says:

    I love the camaraderie between the cast. They seem to have such awesome chemistry. It totally reminds me of highschool hanging out with my group of friends =) That chemistry will surely result in an awesome movie!!!!

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  78. Edward/Robert.Fan Says:

    I’m sooo jalous!
    lucky you


  79. Sher Says:

    It was so nice of you to share all of your photos and the video. Thank you so much! It looks like you had a great time :o)

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  81. Sara Says:

    Yeahhhhh…that definitely isn’t Nikki’s arm around Taylor…unless she’s got some great contortionist skillz. But anyway, thank you for sharing!

  82. Aishah Says:

    Thanks for sharing this great post!
    Its good to see that the cast can enjoy some good times with ech other even though they have to go through many fans. :D
    They’re really like one big family. :)

  83. Jenn Says:

    Kudos on being so understanding with the cast. Just like the rest of us, they need to be able to have down time and relax. You seem to understand that and the fact that it IS a privilege not a right to get photos with any actors. Glad you had a great time and thank you for the entire summary. :o)

  84. Michelle Says:

    Omg you are sooo lucky! i would love to meet all of them. but too bad rob wasnt there. :/

  85. Mattie Says:

    wow. this is amazing! i wish the twilight cast was at the 100 monkeys concert I went to. ):
    the band really is amazing, though, isn’t it? i absolutely loved their sound and jackson is soooo friendly.
    sounds like you had fun. wish i lived in canada. aha.

  86. :: Cold Twilight :: » Blog Archive » Huge gallery update!! Says:

    [...] We headed down to the Backstage Lounge at Granville Island, to check out 100 Monkeys. Jackson Rathbone sings, plays guitar, and the keyboard with his band. Let me first start out by saying… the band was amazing. The music was great and they put on a really good show. Also props to the management of the Backstage Lounge… they did a good job of keeping things calm”. Read more at Vancity Allie. [...]

  87. sabrina Says:


  88. Jackson Rathbone Wants to be Stuck on an Island with Ashley Greene | A Twilight Kiss Says:

    [...] Jackson’s 100 Monkeys concert in Vancouver on 14 April 2009 with Lost actor Ian Somerhalder. vancityallie.com describes the couple. “[Ian] and Ashley are dancing closely. It was amazing to see them so [...]

  89. Charleen Says:

    I love Twilight!!!

  90. NewMoonluvr Says:

    I completely agree! The band rocks!! Jackson is all over the place. Dancing around on stage, talking to the other bands, rocking out.I have a few photos of Jackson, and the guy in the Banana suit! Im pround to say that the monkeys are/were touring with a local band. (The National Rifle from Philly) :-]

  91. Zoe Says:

    Bloody awesome site. I wish I was there unfortunately I was no where near Granville Island, try Brisbane, Australia :( It’s sucks, nothing ever good happens here.

  92. VANCITY ALLIE: ‘NEW MOON’ CAST SPOTTED AT 100 MONKEYS CONCERT | Twilighters Anonymous Blog & Breaking News Says:

    [...] To see more pictures of the cast posing with Vancity Allie and her friends,some video of Jackson and for the rest of the story, click here. [...]

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