IF any cast members would like their photo removed, please let me know and I would be happy to honour your request!

It’s been a long past couple weeks since Amy and I, and friends, started visiting the Twilight sets. I’m pretty exhausted. This may be the last of it for us ;)

My morning alarm went off 30 minutes ago… but here’s the catch — we just got back home. Yup, we were out all night at the Cullen House set. We saw the new outfits for the birthday party scene. And yes, to Amy’s excitement, Rob was there. Let me explain.

Outside Cullen House at New Moon Set

We’d been meaning to visit the Cullen house set in North Vancouver for some time now. Amy and Ranelle managed to guess the location of the set (thanks Ranelle for all the update!).! However… with work and Canucks playoff games though, it just didn’t work out and we weren’t able to visit until tonight after the (awesome) game.

Blaring Headlights

We rolled up to the set tonight at around 12:30 am to find it packed with about 30 teenage girls. Some even camped out in sleeping bags, lawn chairs, etc! Wow, crazy! We knew that it would be about their “lunch time” when we got there since they were shooting overnight, and so we hoped to get some glimpses of the cast leaving in the vehicles for the catering site.

Rob Pattison and Kristen Stewart

After a few blinding headlights and lots of waiting, believe it or not… yes… Rob Pattison (Edward) and Kristen Stewart (Bella) streaked by in their car.

Glowing of the house through the trees

We couldn’t see too much of the set, except that the parts of the house we could see looked quite like the one in Twilight. It was surrounded by a forest… completely lit up by the filming below. It was actually really surreal.

Why are Laurent and Victoria at the Cullen House?

Another car drives by, and here’s a strange one: Edi Gathegi (Laurent) and Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria). I wonder what they were doing there. Were they visiting the set? Were they filming a scene for Eclipse? Were they filming a new scene for New Moon that wasn’t in the book? Hmmmm….

Everything died down at around 1:00 AM once all the cast had taken off for lunch. The entire sidewalk of girls emptied, down to pretty much us four (Amy, Mandylicious (so cool in person!), Mel, and myself) and a group of young girls in sleeping bags. The security guards had been super strict for the past 3 days and no one was even getting a real glimpse at anything. At this point we weren’t really sure what to do. I was pretty burnt out myself, but Amy hadn’t seen Rob yet and it was Friday night after all… so we decided to stick it out.

Tim Horton's Saves the Day

We made quite a few Tim Horton’s runs that night for hot tea. We were cold, really cold. I wasn’t planning on camping out like that so I was freezing as I wasn’t really dressed appropriately (my hockey jersey and a mini skirt and leggings).

But we did it. We froze our asses off until 6 AM in the morning and wow, were we ever rewarded!

Mysterious Approaching Car

The teenage girls took off, and we were the final four. We were just about to give up hope when some headlights blinded us and a white SUV pulled up… but instead of screeching off like normal… they SLOWED DOWN!

They slow down!

We saw Peter roll down his window…

And believe it or not… Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Kristen Stewart (Bella), and Nikki Reed (Rosalie) in full hair and make up got out of the van! Peter said, “We just have to get out and give you girls hugs for waiting all this time!” Hugs all around. Kristen asked Amy how long we’d been there, and Amy said “10 minutes” at first and then eventually told her the truth. Nikki was just beaming… she looked great and her new wig looked amazing.

We were super excited to see they were in full hair and makeup, all dressed up in the new costumes for the Birthday Party scene!

Carlisle Cullen Outfit (Peter Facinelli)

Peter looked absolutely stunning in person in his “vamp” look. Wow, he honestly looked a little supernatural in person. It looked like his outfit was a gray cashmere button up sweater, a gray and white striped scarf, over a white checked stiff dress shirt and an ice blue textured tie, with gray slacks. Very sleek!

Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed

Kristen and Nikki were covered up, but they both looked great. Kristen was wearing a bathrobe to keep warm over the birthday party dress which was cleverly covered! However… we have clues. It appears she is wearing a frothy light blue and turquoise striped cocktail dress. You can see in the top picture with her and Rob that the bottom of the dress is ruffled and layered. Looks very pretty from what we can see! Nikki has an amazing warm smile and she is so gracious. She beamed at us the entire time taking photos and waved when they left. We’re not sure about Rosalie’s outfit… any guesses?

New Moon Cast with our group!

I made sure to get Amy, Mandy and Mel in a photo with them.

New Moon Cast with our group!

Thanks for taking photos with us!

Soon another van pulled out and Jackson got out! He also wanted to thank us for hanging out for so long and he also gave Amy a big hug. Mandy let him know they were at the concert on Tuesday and Jackson seemed stoked about that and mentioned the other shows coming up.

Jasper Cullen Outfit (Jackson Rathbone)

Jackson Rathbone

It was so neat to see the cast members with their makeup and contacts, especially after seeing them at the concert/bar as “normal” people having fun.

Jackson Rathbone

It looks like “Jasper”‘s outfit for the scene will be a handsome dark blue button-up collared dress shirt, a bold square belt, dark blue jeans, and some really great black oxford shoes with a stacked heel, pointed toe, and matte leather. Nice! Jackson looked very sexy.

Jackson with the girls

Jackson with the girls

So of course we snapped a couple photos with Jackson!

And last, but not least…

Ashley and Rob Pattison approach

Rob Pattison’s car pulled up and stopped in front of us with Rob and Ashley Greene. You can see that “Edward”‘s outfit for the scene consists of a sharp black blazer, a charcoal ribbed heavy sweater, and tight gray jeans. Unfortunately we can’t see Ashley’s outfit. I’m guessing that jacket isn’t part of it?

Rob Pattison and Ashley Green in hair and makeup

They rolled down the window and Rob exclaimed in his accent, “You guys are crazy!.” The girls got pretty excited and snapped a couple rare pics. Rob and Ashley smiled at us and put up with our photos and said bye to us before leaving. Very cool of them to roll down the window and say hi! Amy mentioned how uncomfortable Rob is about photos, so that must have been tough for him to do but we really appreciated it! And they both looked gorgeous.

Rob Pattison and Ashley Green in hair and makeup

And that’s it! We were super stoked, very tired, and definitely impressed again by the graciousness of the cast and the opportunity just to see them. And those outfits look GOOD! I’m excited to see the scene in the movie.

And now, it is time for bed. It’s 9 AM and I need sleep. Goodnight ;)

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  1. Kimm Says:

    Glad your night went well and got a chance to see the actors after all that waiting around. But next time dress warmer :p

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    You guys are mad, that’s crazy! Must’ve been freezing out there all night, but what a fantastic payoff for you guys. Major kudos to the actors for being so personable in the end!

    And what a terrific hockey game last night! One of the best I’ve seen all year! Oh my god!

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    Awesome story!! That is some serious dedication. I live in Vancouver and I haven’t even taken the time to do this… so good on you! Kristen looks GORGEOUS. And I have to note that I like the changes in makeup/hair for Nikki and the new hair for Jackson. His last hair/wig for the first movie was awful. This one looks a lot more natural.

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    Wow. You guys are so lucky! You just made my day brighter by posting those pictures. They all look amazing!!! I cant wait for the movie to come out!

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    Thank you for sharing your wondeful pictures and for representing the rest of us fans =) I’m glad the actors get to see that a lot of us are huge determind fans, but we’re also respectful!! The cast looks beautiful!!! Thanks again for sharing this is definitely the highlight of my weekend hahahahahaha!!

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    You are so lucky! i wish i could meet Jasper, i am a huge fan of him. But i do not like his hair! do by any chance know the hairdresser that did the hairdo. I wish i was there, something like tht could never happen to me because i live in New York. Go You, im happy for u!

  34. Samantha Says:

    LUCKY!! I live near Toronto, ON and contemplated coming out to B.C. to “twi-hunt”, but sadly….work stands in the way. ;) Thanks for posting the pics for us to see though!! They look amazing…better than Twilight, IMO anyways.

  35. Beth Says:

    You guys are so great for going through all that and putting the pictures up for us!!! How awesome that you met the cast! OMG!! And Rob!!! I am so jealous of you Canadians that you have them all there just roaming around your city. The make up and wardrobe looks so great. It is closer to how the book describes their look!
    Thanks again ladies!!! Keep up the good work! LOL.

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    This is going down the drain. Chris Weitz prepare to witness angry fan girls

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    omg thats so cool that you guys live close enough to visit and actually got to meet the cast and pictures!! Thats amazing, totally out of body experience!

  50. anen Says:

    They ruined Japer!!! He looks like Shirley Temple for Christ sakes they can’t be serious!!!!

  51. Chela85 Says:

    I for one think Jackson and Peter look great. Jackson’s ‘Twilight’ hair was a dirty blonde and kind of messy (not in a good way, sorry this sounds mean…nothing against Jackson just the hair keep that in mind lol) now it’s “tidy” you know and blonde and smooth (? kind of a weird word to describe it lol) and it matches Rosalie’s (Nikki’s) hair really well!!! Peter is the sweetest person!!! He’s one of the actors that gives back the most to the fans (He stayed at fort lewis for hours when he came to Washington!!!!! Sooooo nice) I think he looks awesome as well. Kristen and Nikki look beautiful as usual. I’d say everything is a definite upgrade. Chris is doing a phenomenal job with the project. @ Jessica: Awww, Jessica be nice please, I think lots of us are very grateful.<3

  52. Tara Says:

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    Well done guys. I’m glad you were rewarded for your passion!

    JUST ONE QUESTION PLEASE: Birthday party? Did you infer that from the outfits? what about the vote scene??? DO you guys are really sure that the scenes shot these days at the Cullen’s house were only about the birthday party? I wish they put the vote scene as well. What do you guys think?

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  59. Chela85 Says:

    I SWEAR I won’t post again after this (sorry I’ve keep commenting OTL) but here’s the old and new “Jasper” guys (I think they’re both pretty good, but I do like the new one =]):


  60. Alejandra Says:

    wow that`s awesome i cant wait 2 see the movie and well girls i have a question i dont speak english so thats probably the reason why i didnt understand,when they (the girls) saw the cast of New Moon they were leaving the set or arriving to it????? please answer my question thanks!!!!

  61. greeneyes Says:

    the make up needs to be heavy due to lighting issues etc…..I think they all look great. I think they all appreciate their fans- just because you don’t come out and hug them all..let’s get real. They worked all night long…..they are tired and personally (lets remember- soon they will be doing another long tiring publicity junket)- am amazed they acknowledged you gals at all. So Kuddos for hanging in there.

  62. Dreamchaser Says:

    Fatastic picture!!you were surprised to see
    Laurent?isn’t he in new moon? Thought that
    Is the book, where the wolves attack him?
    I think they will find a place for victoria, to keep
    Her remembered for those that only see the
    Movies, and not read the books. So when
    She comes back big and strong in movie 3,
    She will still be fresh!

  63. D. Fitzgerald Says:

    Each and every one is beautiful!! And I am not surprised that you had such gracious and sweet responses from the cast! I can only imagine how hard that career path must be at times. Thank you all for braving the cold and the late night to share these with us! You are gems! :) And who knew Jackson has such killer dimples? They should be illegal!! LOL We are so looking forward to New Moon! I agree-kudos!

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    Thanks for the photos, they are awesome! I’m super impressed with how down to earth the cast is. Good job!

  66. Alice Says:

    i think i might hate you. :) so lucky. i think its great that they are nice enough to do that. :P gotta say though i wouldnt be able to do that.


  67. 30yearoldtwilightfan Says:

    How sweet of them! Really they have no idea how much that means to treat fans like people and not act like there better than any of us.

    Thanks for the Pics! You girls Rock!

  68. Mariu Says:

    Like rob said: you guys are CRAZY, and god bless you for that xDDD they look amazing. Peter seems soo kind!!!! also nikki, they look like they really love to be with the fans, dont they? You couldnt see Kellan right =( anyways good for you girls!!!! you are all very lucky


  69. Valerie Says:

    wow! you girls are so lucky!!!
    thanks for sharing with us!

  70. riddleinside Says:

    Alejandra>>>>>>>>>>> picture number 3: Bella and Edward in the car was around midnight, they stopped working to go eat. All the other pictures when they met them and stuff, it was at 6 in the morning when the cast was leaving the set. They had been working all the night.

  71. Patti Says:

    To the cool girls:

    That must have been so fun! It’s nice that the actors were gracious and welcoming. Thank you for the update and I’ll keep tuned for more.

  72. Dawn Says:

    This reminds me of my youth and all the unfortunate bands we “stalked” as well lol if I were in Vancouver at this moment Id still be doing the same thing, thank you so much for posting all the pics! Great to get a behind the scenes peek. CANT WAIT FOR NEW MOON!!!

  73. Rain Says:

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  77. kim Says:

    I’m soooo jealous but soooo happy for you, too! The cast is so awesome for stopping by to say hey to you guys. I know you guys were stoked to get pics with them. Thank you soooo much for posting…. it just makes me want to see New Moon all the more! Geez! November is TOO far off!

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    wow. its so cool u got to meet them all. and the cast was so nice to get out of the cars and take pics with u. i wish i could have been there. thanks for the all night camp out so we all get to c pics of Ashley, Rob, Kristen, Jackson, Nikki, and Peter.

  81. mary Says:

    omg!! that is so amazing! you guys are amazing for staying out there! i can not believe they came out and talked to you guys! the cast is so nice! ahhhh completely jealous of you guys!!

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    Thank you so much girls for those amazing photos, I am in Australia i do not have access to getting great photos. The actors are just beautiful, can’t wait for New Moon to open here in Australia!!!
    Please keep them coming….

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    i live in New Zealand and that sucks lol
    i wanna be at the set of New Moon!!!
    Luuucky as you guys!


  85. Cassie Says:

    oh,wow. that’s really cool. it was nice of them to stop and pose for some pics. they look g8!!!!

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    Thank you so very much for sharing this pics! Cured my need for a Rob/New Moon fix!

  87. carianne Says:

    Awesome! You guys are so lucky!!

    Regarding Edi Gathegi (Laurent) and Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria), Laurent in the book tries to kill bella, and I think Victoria tries to kill bella sometime in the book.

  88. K Says:

    Love this!!!! Thanks for putting this on your website. Where is the set anyway???? I think Nikki is probably wearing a light blue, dark blue, or black dress!! Did you get to see Elizabeth Reaser??? She probably looks AH-MAZING like everyone else!!!! Thanks again you are SOOOOOO lucky I’m jealous wish I could’ve seen them!!!
    thanks again for the pics,

  89. katie Says:

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  92. Sky Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story and photos. I don’t know how you guys find all these set locations. Your dedication paid off and it’s sweet to see that the cast acknowledged your presence and said hello. They didn’t have to do that. Is there any indication if any of the Cullen family members have any other scenes to film or are they done for Vancouver?

  93. Melissa Says:

    OMG!!!! I loved the pictures that was really really nice of them to take pictures with you-im jealouse!!! Your all soo lucky lol. My fave is the one of jackson I LOVE his hair its soooo hot lol. Thanks for posting all those pictures. Im really excited to see the movie my sister and I are already counting down the day till it comes out=]

  94. malu Says:

    Heyy thanks for share the pictures with all of us :)

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    You guys *ROCK*!! Not only did you get amazing photos but you
    braved the cold and wet. Many thanks!! I’m happy you guys had a good
    experience too..it would have royally sucked if you hadn’t had any “human”
    contact with our Cullen Family. :))) So happy for you guys!

  96. EmilyNJ Says:

    Great work…these are amazing photos and I am truly grateful that you took the time and energy to get them!!

  97. brittany Says:

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  99. Kristin Says:

    I must say that Jackson looked absolutely edible. That outfit was sexy. I do have to say that Carlisle’s face looks different from Twilight and Jasper’s hair is definitely different. He has half a shaved head now so that has to be a wig. But he is still delicious and I can not wait until the movie comes out. Edward is so PALE! I love it! Alice is beautiful as usual and I do have to agree that the wig looks great. Awesome pics and thanks for sharing.


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    i much prefer the old look :(

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  107. Vancity Allie Says:

    Personally I think the new wig looks great! Jackson looks SO much better than in the first movie! And trust me, they all look INCREDIBLE in person. The photos don’t nearly do them enough justice.

  108. lalalal Says:

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    tw_n1284293639_58824_1858 – copia.jpg

  109. carissa Says:

    soo cool that you guys got to see them! edi and rachelle are in new moon i thought edi was in the beginning before he died and i thought rachelle was kind of in the whole thing.

  110. Nancy O Says:

    Thank’s guys for hanging out so long. I like the pics and you deserve thenm for your work. I like most of the hair except Jackson’s and Peter’s.Peter’s makes his face look wider like he’s gaining weight. It also seems shorter.

  111. gari sue Says:

    Man you ladies are so lucky. You guys look like you had alot of fun and the cast seemed really nice. I loved the pictures yu took and thank you for sharing them with everyone

  112. Gabrielle Says:


    Thanks a lot for staying there so long, enough to get those pics and show them to us!!

  113. Quintessence | Carlisle and Esme Cullen | CarlisleAndEsme.net Says:

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  114. Sara Says:

    OMG I’m sooo jealous, I’d have probably passed out being that close to Jackson and Peter, I nearly cried, that would have been so amazing I so wish I was in America.. :( Tough for us Aussies.. :(

  115. cullenblack Says:

    omg jasper lookd like a girl in one of the photos

  116. Twilight Mom Australia Says:

    I am soooo jealous of you guys to get so close to all the cast and to be able to get great photos and to be in some of the photo’s with them, that’s fantastic. Again soooo jealous!!
    Also the cast is so nice to always take time to stop when they can to meet ‘n’ greet all the fans and have their photo taken, it must after a while get to them a bit , but I have not heard one thing about any of the cast being rude to any fan.
    So they are all lovely which makes me look forward to New Moon
    so much… PS. I wish I was in Vancouver,too.

  117. 雞腿 Says:

    oh,I love Jackson.

    He is cute.

  118. ATwilightKiss Says:

    Ladies, you have my gratitude and slack jaw admiration for freezing it out and braving the cold. I don’t think I would have made it. Brava, ladies!!! *clap clap*

  119. Becca Says:

    Allie – Would you mind me posting these on my site http://bellaedward-cullen.com as well as archiving them in the gallery with full credit? Let me know if you have any issues and I’ll take them down!

  120. The Cullens Say Farewell to New Moon and Vancouver | A Twilight Kiss Says:

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  122. dana Says:

    i’m sooo jealous. :(

  123. Hayley Says:

    Holy crap, I am so freakin jealous! You ladies are amazing – Well done! Sigh, Vancouver is just about the best place to be right now, for all self-respecting twihards. Thanks a billion for the great photos!

  124. Kid Says:

    WOW! You guys are CRAZY but very LUCKY! At least your wait is worth it =D

  125. valencuullenn Says:

    omg!! es increible q alguien se pase una noche entera esperando a los actores!! (yo tambien lo aria, pero desgraciadamente estoi en españa)!!

    i loove twilight sagaa!!!!!

  126. pm Says:

    How sweet of the cast – time and time again they prove how classy they are by treating the fans so well. I am glad you guys had such a great experience. I’ll bet once that first van stopped you weren’t feeling the cold at all and your feet were not touching the ground.

  127. Millie Says:

    ohmygod, you guys are amazing.
    – well done!
    im so jealous
    Jackson looks HOT !
    ive read the whole twilight saga in the past two weeks and i cant wait for the movies :D


  128. Ally! Says:

    They are some of the best damn friendliest actors I have ever seen.

    Most of them would just run but that was awesome of them.
    They rule so much!!
    I LOVE EM!!!!!

  129. x~LadyCullen~x Says:

    OME!!! I feel so out of the loop, I usually have to wait AAGES for anything good!! This is just… WOW!! Well done for staying there, I probably would have given up long before!! xx

  130. Twi-tard Says:

    wow, thank you for the great pictures, after you waited so long, it is greatly appreciated.

  131. Twilighter. Says:

    =].. So happy you got those pictures…
    Love Twilight.
    They Seem Nice What You Wrote Bout Them Anyway.


  132. Kirsty Says:

    Wow go girls!!

    Bet that was worth the wait..Peter and Jackson look great normally but OMG in character.

    U lucky lucky things :D

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  134. Neera Says:

    Wooww u guyss are soo lucky – rob looks seriously hot lol =D
    thanks for the pictures
    they’re awesome =]
    and glad u got 2 see them after ALL the waiting and cold…


  135. >Malu Says:

    Okay you guy are absolutly amazing!!!!!!!These photos have made my week!!!
    Your dedication is, there is no word strong enough to explain it, stunning, inspiaring…
    Thank you so much
    I really appreciaite all the efforts you guys put into it!
    Could u tell me one thing:were is the Cullen’s house, more exactly I mean
    THANK U!!!!

  136. Jamie Says:

    NOW they look like Greek god and goddess statues. Creepy yet dazzling. HOW CAN VAMPIRES ALWAYS BE BOTH? lol
    I wanna go there badly. I mean right now.

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  139. Maria_Alex Says:

    Hey! =)
    My name’s Maria,I’m a new one here.
    Ehm,,,Do any one knows wher Robert come in Itali and in what town he will be?
    My messenger is fibi_the_best@hotmail.com or you can find me in facebook as Jaskina Marija Aleksandrovna.
    I will be very grateful.
    Bye =)


  140. fell in love with the lion Says:

    Hi!!!I am italian…so I can’t speak English very well….
    You know, they willarrive in Italy too in may….it’s great isn’t it?

    I hope to see them
    I love Alice and Ashley too of course
    But only one of the italians fans will visit new moon set….so you are very lucky!!!
    bye bye

  141. twilighter_greece Says:

    i’d like to say 3 things:

    -SOOOO JEALOUS of you guys!!!
    -Wish i were there with you!!!
    -you were so lucky!!!

  142. fell in love with the lion Says:

    We don’t know when thei?ll arrive here, in Italy, maybe the last week of may, they’ll probably stay in Montepulciano…and not in Volterra…..

  143. Tal Says:

    wow!!!this is awesome…you are so lucky girls..i wish i was with you..it must be amazing to take a photo with them..and you met them all!!!
    i’m glad you had fun..=]

  144. Cooni :) Says:

    hiii! well I’m from ARGENTINA! the other side of the world! :P jajaja well I don’t speak very well but I’m here to tell you That you are sooooooo luckyyy! look you have the oportunity of be there, and me, well i live here :(
    I hope one of the movies will film here at the argentinian woods! it would be best! well only I have to say is that I want you to add me at msn pleaseeeeeee! is conii_92@hotmail.com or cooni.rb@gmail.com
    thanks! :D


  145. Cooni :) Says:

    I forget it like you see I’m a team taylor!!!! jajaja kisses!

  146. Jennifer Says:

    I love Twilight! I can’t wait until New Moon come’s out!!! :)

  147. Blythe Says:

    WOW!!! You girls are sooooooooo lucky (and dedicated). I’m glad some good came out of the all-nighter. I wish I had some crazy friends down here in Australia that would fly over with me to stake-out the Twilight sets. But, it’s a long way to go and we probably wouldn’t be able to find them anyway, plus I’ve left it a bit late now as the’ve just about finished filming. Do you think they’ll be coming back?…Boo, hoo….we’re so far away, but I love reading your bloggs and seeing the amazing pics you seem to get. It’s the next best thing to being there. Perhaps you should be going into journalism, you’re kinda good at this! Cheers!!!

  148. Shany_Black and Ila_Cullen Says:

    You are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XDXDXD….Taylor and Robert you’re the most beautiful boys on the world!!!!!!KISSES!
    bye Shany_Black and Ila_Cullen

  149. Bella Says:


  150. Missy Says:

    I liked Jasper the way he was. They all looked just right in
    Twilight. Rob and Ashley looked to tan, Rose’s hair looked strange I guess because they changed the part. I can tell you what is wrong with Peter, his face is not as skinny as it was in Twilight.
    I just really hate how they have changed Jasper, he was actually my favorite Cullen man because with is hair back the way it was you could see the conflict is his face. But after, re-reading New Noon, Jasper is not really in it that much.

  151. belladonna101 Says:

    I wish I was there with you guys. I live in TN and am a Twilight geek if you have ever seen one. I saw the pictures and blog when you guys went to the 100 monkeys concert.I am so jealous because I am a huge Jackson Rathbone fan. People ooh! and ahh! over Rob all the time, and that’s okay, but I have a thing for a guy with long dark hair and is unique looking. I wish I was a the concert with you guy’s; it looked like so much fun. And I love reading about the birthday scene and seeing the pictures. Next time, follow the boy scout motto: ALWAYS BE PREPARED. Thank you so much for putting these pictures up and talking about your experience. Those of us who live on the other side of the continent really appreciate it.

  152. Ashley Says:

    Ashley is beautiful!!!! I love Alice!

    alice baseball.jpgAshley-Jackson.jpg

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  156. Kelsey Says:

    That is amazing! im in australia,but i would have loved to see all that. you girls are amazingly crazy for waiting in that weather!! but i bet it was all well worth it! well done!

  157. vale Says:

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so lucky… i wish i joined you!!! i’m from italy, and i’m looking forward to rob and kristen coming here!!!!!
    oh! you’re so lucky!!!!
    jackson looked so gorgeous!!!! and rob too!!!!

  158. laurra.a Says:

    thanks so much for this – i live in england so i cant see filming except the pics & vids u americans put on :) im upset bcuz i realy wanna b lyk u nd get to meet them but thanks 4 putting thses on so i can share the experience – TANKS SOO MUCH LU 4 EVA laura xxxx


  159. crimsoncharmedcheeks Says:

    I am so very jealous!!! I want to live in Canada!!:L:(:L

    I suppose it was AWESOME to see these pictures of them… they actually look like angels!!
    It must have been soooo worth the wait in the cold night to meet them and get these pictures!!!


  160. crimsoncharmedcheeks Says:

    P.S. I love Jackson’s new ‘Jasper’ look…. tis breathtaking…. and Peter does not look real… he looks like a Greek God statue (the way they should look :D)!!

  161. Jewel Says:

    Never do that again.

  162. Megan Says:

    OME !!!! Jacksons hair will be diffrent in new moon!!
    Robs face!!!! i LOVE him !!!!! will he marry me sexy mon!!


    p.s Im from United Kingdom!!! im not amarican wich makes it better coz robs from London! wow i really am in love and obsessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  163. Lindsey Says:

    jackson is sooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!
    love the pics!!!

  164. Lyn Says:

    You are all amazing for your dedication. Thank you so much for sharing your fun experiences. Please keep up the good work!
    The Twilight fans really appreciate you. Loved all the photos and it is nice to see that the actors are really nice people who appreciated your efforts as well.

  165. Rachel Says:

    Hey we are up in Vancouver right now…..anyone know where the location of the Cullen house is? AND/OR Bella’s house? Thanks!

  166. Cat Says:

    I’m so jealous! Thanks for sharing!

    Picture 1.jpg1_Picture 1.jpg

  167. Laura Says:

    Thats really wow!
    I would actually have died had I been there haha!
    Haha i like how you think Rob’s accent is sexy lol
    I like it too but i guess i’m more used to that kind of accent seeing as i’m form England haha!
    I love all these pictures and all the actors/actresses look great :)

  168. Pattinson Anonymous » Blog Archive » Has Production on New Moon Been Halted? Says:

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  169. Sarah Says:

    WOW! i would like to have been there! thats really cool! :)

    p.s. the pic is of me and my friend! :) ik its random…dont even…idk…i have no clue why it put it. lol


  170. Thayne Says:

    what a amazingg picturees…Omg…i live in Venezuela…and well…we don’t have the oporttunity to be there…Lcuky girls!!…:D
    peter look different that the first movie, i mean, his hair is completely different!!!!!, like jasper…


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  173. Loui Says:

    Thanks so much for your dedication. It made my day.

  174. KC Says:

    You guys are crazy – sounds exciting and all but it’s a little sketchy how it almost seems like stalking? Doesn’t it? I can’t believe how much attention people give to the details of prodding into others lives. I mean I guess somebody has to do it – so hat’s off to you all but I don’t think I could do it – rock on guys!

  175. Juh Says:

    Ah, that’s so nice! I’m envy!! XDD (I’m from Brazil, I can’t go to the set T_T)

    It’s just me or Peter is strange in this photos? X_x

  176. Techness Web Design Says:

    Allie, you guys are hilarious and serious twilight troopers. Marla is really hooked as well. You guys should join forces on your next stalklight

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  178. Ale Says:

    Thanks for the update!!!! Great blog. Awesome pics!!!!!


  179. britt Says:

    your wrong, laurent has a scene when hes about to drink bellas blood and then the wolves come and save the day. victoria might have been there because bella sees her hair in the water when she jumps off the cliff.

  180. Isabel Says:

    Oh wow, you girls are hardcore fans! I will just live vicariously through you gals! I have no patience to wait for hours for them. They all looked great! Kristen looks beautiful and yet so simple. Robert looks gorgeous! All of them looked great and stopping by to take pictures with you all was the least they can do to make your trip and waiting worth while!

  181. Ramina Says:

    WOW! Magnificent photos!It was pleasant very much to me!

  182. Fanpire Says:

    OMG!u r sooooooo lucky.i liked jaspers old wig i mean in one photo u can totally tell that his new one is a wig

  183. twilight lover Says:



    YOU MET THEM?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they all look really good
    i love rose and jasper’s wigs.

    nikki always seems like such a cute cheery person :)
    i am soo jealous guys xD

  184. jessmeok Says:

    Thank You for doing this
    the waiting probably was irritating
    but I have to complain about Jackson’s look
    he doesn’t look like Jasper did in the first movie!
    I loved Jasper in the first movie
    this… I’m not happy, I’m very upset

  185. Tawcan Says:

    I guess I never got into this whole hype. :p

  186. allhailthesporks Says:

    lol. Rob: “YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY!!!” FGs: *squeeeee* lol.

  187. Christie Says:

    The pictures are great. I love the fact the actors took their time to say Hi, I’m pretty sure they were tired too. Kudos, for you all. I’m not sure if I could do what you do. I’m very thankful you did it, so I could have a look see at New moon!Good Work! :)


  188. Riz Says:

    You are the most polite and nice and sweet fans I’ve ever seen in my life. Good for you!d^^b

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  190. Krissy Says:

    i am spreading the word about you guys i posted this in a thread on a site for all the fans of twilight to see so just to let you know YOU CHICKIES ARE LUCKY!!!! i would die to get that chance!

  191. kelly Says:

    wow! kristen is so pretty..and rob!he’s so cool..and nikki reed is such a cheery person..and ashley, she’s cute..oh and jasper, he’s cool..and peter really looks like a vampire! i love the pics. thanks guys..

  192. Samia Says:

    Hi allie , my name is samia and I’m writing from a brazilian site , that we made for brazilians twilight fans , and I loooved your post!
    I put some of your pictures at my website , but I made a lovely post about your effort of spending all night long just to have a little piece of them, and put credits with a link of your blog , to who wants to read it all.
    I think it’s really awesome the opportunity that you had , and I hope you have enjoied for us all that can’t be there doing the same.

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  194. Angelica Cullen Says:


  195. Angelica Cullen Says:

    KIrsten is adorable ^^


  196. Andrea Says:

    As always these actors are so elegant, and the Robert always charming, always present in our lives will be remembered forever, stay with my heart ciude him because he is yours!

    Andrea a.jpg

  197. Andrea Says:

    As always these actors are so elegant, and the Robert always charming, always present in our lives will be remembered forever, stay with my heart ciude him because he is yours!

    Andrea foto orkut.jpgAndrea fff.jpg

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  199. UnintendedChoice Says:

    SO great girls!! you got some awesome pictures!

  200. Nicole Kipp Says:


  201. Aishah Says:

    You guys are AWESOME for waiting all of those hours!
    I’m glad that your patience have been paid off. :D
    The cast are always fantastic and I’m glad that by reading your post they are always gracious to their fans and some may seem, but they’re really caring too! :D

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  203. Lene Maria S. Steffensen Says:

    Twilight fans I just want to let you all know about this project where Twilight fans can get involved and help the band “Secrets in stereo” create a song for New Moon. Search YouTube for SECRETS IN STEREO WRITES A SONG FOR NEW MOON (TWILIGHT SAGA) – EPISODE 1 and see how …:)
    http://www.secretsinstereo.com/blog/?p=214#comment-702 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8zi43msWAg&feature=related
    PLZ Spread the word to as many Twilight fans as possible :)

    Nice PIC – lucky you :)

  204. Brandie Says:

    My friend just sent me a link to your blog, and I’m completely jealous. This is so amazing!! Love the pictures and can’t wait for the movie to come out! Watched Twilight twice this weekend because I can’t get enough.

  205. Mrs. Edward Cullen Says:

    I was totally rethinking my trip to LA and was going to fly to Vancouver until I heard that most of them were wrapping up already. You guys stuck it out and we all were rewarded for it. I think I can say we are endebted to you!! Great sacrafice for great pics!!!

  206. Jackson Rathbone Online // Jackson-Rathbone.Com » Blog Archive » New Moon Photos + Neptoon Show Says:

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  207. MakalaJade Says:

    Thank you soo much for these pics. Theyre awesome and im very sorry that you had to freeze to get them.

  208. Rachel Says:

    Am i the ONLY one worried about Alice’s hair. It looks like it is flat and not like the spikey haired pixie we all know and love. Other than that, I love it!

  209. Tyneka Says:

    Wow! You are lucky to get those photos. Its probably cuz you guys were cool about it, and not screaming like crazy maniacs, so they didnt mind giving you a few photos. ;-) Im glad to hear good reports on their end as well, since I hear so much negative stuff about celebs being mean to people. Awesome pics! I cant wait for them to come to my side of the continent :D. LOL…though that probably wont be until around the time the movie opens…


  210. LaLa Says:

    Thanks guys for staying up so late to get those great shots and sharing them with us! The cast was gracious and I’m sure the smaller group made you all more approachable! Looking forward to New Moon for sure! :)


  211. Jasmine Says:

    roslie’s (Nikki) dress is a longish black dress with thin straps

  212. jane-yasmin-lili Says:

    OMG you are soo luckey that you live near their i wish i could do that but i dont think theyll come to england unfortanully and my dad wont really let me fly on my own gutted. but im happy you got the pics i bet you were so exicted!! amazing story to go with it you must have been tired and yor are crazy for the whole camping out thing and waiting for that long but it must have been sooo cool to talk with the main cast members WOW. their hair and make up looks better but to be fair twilight was a low buget movie but because it soo big new moon will be a bit bigger budget so they must have more money to spend on that stuff but it does look amazing. thank you soo much for sharing the pics!! your are luckey that you got to see robbert pattison OMG i love him soooo much im soo jelouse of you
    ps sorry for the spelling!

  213. Claire Says:

    How awesome would that have been??!
    So cant wait to see New Moon!
    Who doesnt love The Twilight Saga?!

    Thanks so much for sharing the pics with everyone

  214. priscilla Says:

    rosealie seems to be wearing a black dress just like the picture i posted im not promissing anything but if you look closely you can tell.


  215. priscilla Says:

    as for alice [ashely] it seems she might just wear jeans [navy blue] im not sure but look at her knee its by edward’s [rob.] hand right side :) any comments please dont hesitate to email me at paml91@yahoo.com

  216. shades Says:

    They all look soooooooooooooooooobeautiful!

  217. Maddy Says:

    AWSOME!! thanks for the pics!! I wish i could meet them..that would be Awsome! Jackson looked Hot! and the contacts looked more topaz this time…in twilight they werent that good.XD cant wait till new moon!!

  218. Tiffany Says:

    Is it possible that the reason Kristen has a robe on is because they are filming the “voting” scene at the end of the book? When she wakes up after Italy? The video that Summit released for Italian fans looks like it was the birthday scene and everyone is wearing different clothes in that video, plus the roses and candles all over the Cullen house in that video leads me to believe that they werent shooting a different scene the night you saw them… or maybe they shot both what do you guys think?…It will be interesting to see the final product…

  219. Sarah Ward Says:

    Impressive! I’m a native of Vancouver living in Utah, where there is a huge Twilight following… like the rest of the world, I suppose. Great reporting!

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  221. Becky Says:

    This was so awesome of you to share your wonderful event with us! :O) I wonder where “Emmett” and “Esme were?

  222. karlita lautner Says:

    the new look..(jasper) i`m die!!

    i love you taylor


  223. .oOo.Debby.oOo. Says:

    OMG you’re so lucky!!!
    I think I’ll do the same crazy thing you did when the cast will come here in ITALY in may to film!!!

  224. twilightmomlg Says:

    I love your patience and dedication. What a HUGE payoff. Great work!!!!!!

  225. LaLa Says:

    As a singer I can’t believe I missed the photos of Sage, along with Nikki and Taylor. Makes me wanna go hear the Dills. Looks like everyone was rockin out and enjoying the music… thanks for catching this on film yet again…


  226. Elinor Says:

    Hi! Im a 19 year old from Gothenburg Sweden. I’ve read you blog for a couple of weeks now and I especially love the photos and updates from the New Moon sets. I just want to say that you are doing a great job and that Im a little bit (ok not so little) jelous of you for meeting the cast from the movie. Looking forward too see more photos and stuff soon! =)

    jag 004.jpg

  227. naomi Says:

    well I do not care how much they are actors, although I have to haceptar that there is a big difference between movies and real life, but still remain very cute … everyone

  228. kesh Says:

    um hi everyone

    in the blog thing ddnt one of them say that she was in a miniskirt and leggings and ddint hav any proper clothing for the cold? well all these people look pretty well dressed for the cold and none of them are wearing either miniskirts or tights!

  229. Linda Wolf Says:

    I had such a good time reading your blog! And I love the pictures! Would it be okay if I linked this to my web site on the Forum pages? Thank you…….Linda

    Twilight Cruise Logo.bmp

  230. Anna Says:

    omg i love all of them…..

    oh btw twilight people should come to australia…. more importantly perth coz we need something to make this hole interesting!!!!!1
    no joke

    i love twilight saga


  231. janna Says:

    wow… You are soo lucky! I wish I lived in Vancouver too! But unfortunately I live in Finland.. I hope someday I’ll live in North America =D And see Rob.. haha, I have my dreams. Cool pics by the way! Looks like New Moon’s going to be great!

    Kopio Janna 013.jpg

  232. Haayleey (: Says:

    OMC im SOOO jealous of you! These pictures are so amazin i like love you xD
    Ur soo lucky they let you take pics nd everything just proves all actors arent all stuck up & all (:
    This had made my week and its only started (its monday)
    x x x

  233. lucia Says:

    but, where’re the photos of the birthday??

  234. karen Says:

    pues ami me parecio que alice no se ve muy bien en cambio a jasper le favorecio el cambio

  235. Gail Says:

    I have been their where you ladies have been. And thank you so much for sharing the photos. You know when you have waited their so long for something you never know the outcome. Four was your blessed number. Thank once again for sharing. NOW I am waiting for my blessing to share with you or should I say everyone. The “Twilight Sage” actors or the BEST!!! They know it is the FANS that make it happens!!! Peace and blessing.

  236. Cynthia Says:

    I admire you for sticking it out and providing all of us twilight fans with some pictures. If my health would permit me I would be right there with you. I had read the series way before the movie came out, and OMG, was it awesome. I admire the actors for doing such an amazing job with becoming the characters in the book. I pray that I am still living when Eclipse comes out, and it would be a miracle from above if I alive to see Breaking Dawn. Thank You again.


  237. Rahnesme Says:

    OMG you girls are so crazy!!!! but i must thank use at the same time for the shots and the article I wish I lived in vancouver or near there I cant wait for the movie im so anxious that I have reread and reread the books and now I have made notes on my computer I have done a slide show just to kill the next 185 days to go well besides work off course . Thankyou to the 3 of use for sticking it out . I hope see more of this website

  238. Rahnesme Says:

    Oh yeah I think twilight cast members should come and visit us in the sunny QLD state specifically Brisbane in Australia its nice sunny in christmas its cold as well in winter but really i just wanna meet them lol a girl can dream…

  239. jade Says:

    i love jackson rathbone aka jasper! he looks like he will look
    cuter in new moon!thanks for sharing the shots!

  240. Norlyn (Outfit Contests) Says:

    nice pics, “jasper” looking sharp as always.
    thanks for posting

  241. Twilight Saga » Blog Archive » News: Taylor si allena e i Cullen si vestono a festa! Says:

    [...] Guardate…. la fonte è sempre Vancity Allie [...]

  242. Crystal Says:

    I wish they had a pic of Kellan Lutz. I love him LoL

    Emmett Cullen (25).jpg

  243. daniii Says:

    hola!! me encanta crepusculo…

    muy lindas las fotos..

    sigan asi!

    ABIGAIL, mi viiiidaaaaa.jpg

  244. daniii Says:

    hola!! me encanta crepusculo…

    muy lindas las fotos..

    sigan asi!

    ABIGAIL, mi viiiidaaaaa.jpg1_ABIGAIL, mi viiiidaaaaa.jpg

  245. Charleen Says:

    I was so envious of you!!! you have seen all this Twilightstrars LIVE!!! I live in Germany and have no chance to see them all:-(

  246. Abdifatah Osman Says:

    Hey you guys patience was rewarded good for you


  247. ashu Says:

    wow nice share mate!
    love this site..i cannot believe this.
    check out this one :http://www.twilightnewmoon.info

  248. RapPatz Says:

    UMMM! I want to know if the pics of me can be taken down like Amy said I don’t really like photos of me and that one was horrible my hair looked horrible.

  249. MAK Says:

    Wow! great share buddy. Keep it coming

  250. VANCITY ALLIE: ‘NEW MOON’ CAST SIGHTING- BIRTHDAY PARTY OUTFITS REVEALED | Twilighters Anonymous Blog & Breaking News Says:

    [...] To read the entire story and see all the photographs, click here. [...]

  251. yao Says:

    they are so handsome and beautiful
    i love them so much

  252. Alics Says:


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