If any cast members would like their photos removed, I would be happy to do so. Thanks for letting us come out, watch the set, and take photos! We are very grateful.

Wow, what a night!

@amyburrows and I had a great night out at the new theatre set for Twilight’s New Moon in Vancouver. They are filming all the exterior shots at this theatre. Again, two scenes happen here… one where Bella and Jessica go to Port Angeles for a movie, and a second scene where Bella, Mike, and Jacob have that awkward movie date with that scary movie, “The Dead Come Back.”

The crew and security at the set tonight were great. They were very friendly, nice, and appropriately strict. Appreciate you folks doing a great job! Everyone was safe and had fun.

Theatre Exterior Set in Vancouver for New Moon

There were a number of sidewalk shots, but most of the scenes were shot under the theatre overhang. Cranes and rigs held large diffused light globes, and the sidewalks were lined with bright lights. Plus two spotlights at each end of the block. This was the closest many fans have ever gotten to a Twilight set. It was incredible.

New Moon Director Chris Weitz

This was my first sighting of Chris Weitz, so it was great to see the New Moon director in a fabulous white sweater with a really cool black red and white scarf and jeans.

Mike and Taylor

Mike Welch was looking dapper in a tan spring jacket and light blue button up shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. Perfect for a date night out with Bella.

Taylor Lautner as Jacob

Taylor Lautner was in full getup as Jacob, and he looked good. Black jacket, dark shirt, and blue jeans. Wig looked great tonight and Taylor looked more chiseled than ever.

Mike and Bella talking

Got to see some scenes where Kristen was talking to Mike. I think she looks especially cute in this photo.

Mike Welch looking dapper

Didn’t get to see too much of Mike, but he seemed very comfortable on set and had a good time with the rest of the cast.

Taylor Lautner Running

Got to see some pretty cool running scenes with Taylor Lautner. He looked very much in shape. Didn’t seem out of breath at all! (Great job Taylor’s dad and trainer :))

Taylor Lautner Running

I’m still trying to figure out which scene in the book this is from. I don’t seem to remember him sprinting anywhere in the book during the movie scene.

Taylor Lautner Running

His wig looked awesome :)

Taylor Lautner Running

So awesome. TEAM JACOB!

They wet the road so it looked like it rained

Eventually they brought a truck by to spray the sidewalks down with water to make it look like it had just rained. They also sprayed the cars. Security joked with us that if we got wet they weren’t liable. It was fun to watch them set this scene up.

Changing the letters on the Dead Come Back Marquee

They started removing some of the screens in front of the set. Very cool things: They changed the sign on the theatre to “The Dead Come Back” and added an original movie poster!

The Dead Come Back Poster!!!

I LOVE THIS MOVIE POSTER. I’m so glad they actually made a custom poster for the movie. How awesome would it be to get a print of one of these?

Movie Theatre exterior shots

They had a ton of lights set up. I’m really surprised at how much it lit up the set at night.

Kristen and Anna walking

Got to see Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick as Bella and Jessica.

Anna checks her script

Anna checks her script.

Kristen and Anna on set

They both looked beautiful. Kristen as “Bella” was wearing a dark coat, with a blue hoodie and a casual shirt underneath, with blue jeans and Nike sneakers. A likely Bella costume! Anna as “Jessica” was wearing a very cute houndstooth pattern brown jacket with pockets, with a pink, coral and white shirts underneath. I like the necklace they chose for her. Blue jeans as well.

Kristen and Anna talking

They seemed to get along really well on set. Both were laughing and talking almost the entire time they were shooting or relaxing on set.

Kristen and Anna laugh it up

Ladies looked lovely!

Kristen and Anna get their makeup done

Getting their make-up checked on. I liked the subtle makeup they’ve been using for these characters. Really suits them.

Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick on set

ROLLING! Actual on-set movie footage.


Fun night! Hope everyone enjoyed the photos. I’ll have some videos to put up soon too, but it’s time for bed. Hopefully I’ll have ‘em up on the weekend. Enjoyed meeting everyone tonight at the set! You’re all cool chicas… nice to meet the new folks as well as see the regulars.

Oh yeah, Team Jacob! :)

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    awesome! Maybe they’ve slightly tweaked it and Jacob’s running because he’s starting to change then and there or something? Like he starts trembing and freaks out? Just an idea :)

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    I’ll be up there.

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    I’m surprised they having came up to you and asked you to be the official behind the scenes photographer for them! You’re there more than they are! ;) My brother’s girlfriend is stalking them too, though I dont think she knows the locations like you do.

    I want to become paparazzi!

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    Tyler, you should! ;)

    Ellehcim17, that’s a pretty good guess… you’re probably right!

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    I agree with babypaige that Jacob was running for a bucket for Mike and don’t mind it’s different ’cause it’s more dramatic and that’s what films are about!

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  50. TuesdayMac Says:

    I think you did a terrific job with the pictures and the captions below them. I really like how you are respectful of the actors wishes (telling them if they want the pictures removed to simply let you know) and I like the reminder to people to be respectful of the photos. It’s great how you gave those of us far away from Vancouver a look into the excitement of being able to be on set and I think the You represented the true fans best with your respect for the actors bringing something that we love to life.

    Thank you,


  51. Kristina Says:

    Maybe Jacob was running to go get the car since Mike was sick. Also, from the book Jessica did not go to the movie, she bailed, remember?

  52. joyti Says:

    the scene with jessica is from when they first go to the movies and bella starts to hear edward… they have to have that in the movie! its a pretty important scene! cant wait for the movie!!!! sooo excited looking at these pic! thanks!!

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    Thank you for posting these pictures! They are beyond awesome.
    My friends and I are trying to get up there this summer to see if we can catch them filming Eclipse. If any of you have any advice of how to get the scoop on filming locations, we would appreciate it. XOXOXO from SoCal!

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    Awesome pics, Vancityallie! Man, I wished I lived in Vancouver. I’d definitely be one of the “regulars”, lol.

    As far as the pics of Taylor/Jacob running, I agree with a previous post that he’s probably running to get the car, since it looks like he’s running out of the theater. And in regards to the “Jessica” issue, I pretty sure they were killing two birds with one stone by filming the separated sections in the book on the same night (when Bella and Jessica go to the zombie movie, then when Bella goes on the “awkward date” with Mike and Jacob). They probably did this because it would be too hard and too expensive to do the scenes on different nights. And I think they did the interior movie theater scenes at Ridge theater, right?


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    i live down the street from here. do you think they’re going to be here again tonight ?

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    se supone qe
    jesica no va
    al cine con ellos
    pero bno el cine
    cambia los libros..

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    Hahahha ya qiero ver la peli , geniales las fotos :)

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    How comes? Im a spanish fan, but that doesnt mean I cat understand English. Can somebody tell me, because I am confused: Bella went with Jessica one day and with Mike and Jacob another day, and they are filming everything in the real life in the same moment?

    Bella pinting.jpg

  76. silvanita1997_b y e Says:

    Good photos!!!

    I love you.jpg

  77. Laura Says:

    Your photos are fantastic – thanks for giving us a peek into the behind the scenes action! I’m impressed at the results you were able to get from your camera. I have a D90 myself and am just getting acquainted with all it can do. Great job!

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    yuar phothos of the new moon are fantastic !!

    ahora en castellano !!

    me parecen que las fotos de el rodaje de new mooon son verdaderamente fantasticas al igual que los protagonistas y todo el set !!

    besoso!! chau!!

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    them while their rolling. Was there alot of security
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  87. sheila Says:

    looking for film locations and times for may 2? Thank you

  88. Sliva Says:

    Hey Allie! You’re just awesome, you got so much going on, working and then heading off to sets at nights providing us with these awesome pics, i admire you :)… i wonder, are you like a humongous fan like myself? haha, cause if i’d be within ten miles of Rpattz, or Kellan even Ashley greene, i would go mad and hyperventilate :D

  89. Sliva Says:

    And do you go into twilight fan chats or anything? hope you do, it would be awesome to talk about you’re experiences at sets and what you do for a living (:


    [...] Vancity Allie and her friend had a great night out at the new theatre set for Twilight’s New Moon in Vancouver! She has got some great photos on her blog so go and check them all out! [...]

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    thank you for sharing these!!
    I love them.now,I so excited about the movie!
    thank you. =)

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    I really enjoyed your video, and I’ll tell everyone to check out your site because it’s a really great site.

    I’ll have you credited for everything.

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  111. Alicia Says:

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    Weird coincidence…

  112. Alicia Says:

    p.s Does anyone know when they plan on finishing filming New Moon in Vancouver? aliciawilkins@hotmail.com TELL ME~!

  113. Sue Says:

    These are some awesome pictures of the set! Thanks for keeping us Twilighters up to date on the happenings! From the looks of it…its going to be a fantastice movie!! GO TEAM EDWARD

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    hey allie,
    i was just wondering if you knew how tall kristen was. i know you’ve seen her in person many times and i thought you had her height on here before, but if you could reply, i’d be so happy! i know you’re busy, but thank you for the help!
    gabrielle (thats_hot101@yahoo.com)

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    My pc is moderately pass‚ and I possess been told that having anti spyware installed on it drive relaxed it down nearby at least 25%. I am conclusion what is the lesser of two evils! No anti spyware or onslaught through spyware! As I am absolutely new to computers I am at the stage being objectively prudent about downloading things. Communication much appreciated. I am on XP proffesional.

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