Cast members, please let me know if you would like your photo/video to be removed and I will happily oblige!

Sadly did not get good quality photos tonight at the Twilight set, but it was an amazing experience. I got lucky and managed to get a great video which captures the feel of the scene, PLUS you can hear Kristen saying some of her lines! Thanks to cast and crew for being so cool!

Kristen Stewart as Bella on back of motorcycle

Amy and I unfortunately got down to the set super late tonight because I had to play my (first ever) ice hockey scrimmage! I was disastrous despite all my (not-frequent-enough) practicing, but let’s leave that for another time ;)

The set took place behind the theatre where they were filming yesterday on a long strip of road under the skytrain rails. They set up a “One-Eyed Pete” sign for the bar. Neat!

Set Layout

Because we got there so late, we missed all of Rob’s scenes. This is how his scenes were filmed, and how they are going to incorporate more of him into the movie than the book: In this scene in the movie, Bella leaves the theatre with Jessica (the first time she goes to the theatre, not the second time when she goes with Mike and Jacob)… and encounters a motorcycle gang. She decides to go on a joyride with one of the gang members to try to upset Edward into appearing in her head again. Only in this particular movie scene, they actually filmed Rob Pattinson standing right beside Kristen Stewart telling her not to go, with Kristen standing and talking to the gang member beside his bike. (I’m sure they’ll make him an apparition in post-production editing)

Kristen on a bike again with gang member

So that’s my best guess at the Bella motorcycle mystery based on what I saw on set. This scene is not like New Moon… in the book, her and Jessica see the gang members sitting in a pub through the window. There was never any motorcycle scenes. The ones ones in the book are with Taylor Lautner on dirtbikes and he wasn’t there. (He was filming the scenes where he jumped from Bella’s window at the Swan house set tonight) What do you think? Why is Kristen on a motorcycle when it’s not in the books?

So check out this video. SO COOL! I am so stoked to actually see this in person. I definitely CANNOT wait for the movie to come out. The motorcycle scene was shot 3 different ways: 1 with Kristen riding on the motorcycle with the gang member… shot from the front. One shot from the side, and one shot with the bike hooked up to a truck so that they could shoot close-up head-on shots. You can see this in the video.

Listen carefully — you can hear the director often yelling “ROLLING!”… “CUT”.. “3..2..1.. ACTION!” and the best part… near the end of the video clip, you can hear Kristen saying some of Bella’s lines… “Stop! STOP!” when the motorcycle gets going fast. Aaaaaaah! My guess is that they cut to the scene of Rob asking her to stop before she yells “Stop!” when they edit it all together.

And let me just say this — Kristen Stewart is one HECK of a cool chica. She did ALL her stunts tonight, at least the ones that I saw. Props for braving it out in the cold Vancouver night on a motorcycle all evening. Major Kudos, Kristen!

Here’s some more pics from the set…

Kristen walking with the guy on the motorcycle

Kristen walking with the gang member (not rolling)… Anyone recognize him? Or is he a stunt person as well as an actor?

Awesome camera rig

Seriously cool camera rig… wish I had that ;)


One of the motorcycles from the set! SO COOL!

Water truck spraying down area

Water truck spraying everything down to look wet…

Rob? Or Not Rob?

And hmmmmm… Rob? Or Not Rob? Your guess is as good as mine!


What a fun night! Hope you enjoyed the pics and the videos. Time to hit the sack for me, I’m exhausted. I may sleep for days ;) OK that’s not true, I’ll be up for the Canucks Round 2 Game 2 in less than 12 hours. :) GO CANUCKS GO!

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  1. alover Says:

    thank youuuu!!!
    love you blog.
    the vid was amazing
    have a great day n really thanx :)

  2. ecbcrc4ever Says:

    Thanks for the AWESOME video!!!! This is so exciting I can’t wait for this movie. All your pictures have been great and thanks for all the info!!!!


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  4. Brooke Says:

    Thank you Honey!
    You made are awesome!XP
    You made my day.OMG! I am totally dead XD
    Can’t wait for the movie. It’s gonna be amazing, and as seems exciting too.

  5. paula Says:

    Thanks for sharing – you got me even more excited for New Moon! :)

    BTW when you say “last night of on location filming”, do you mean that this is the last night that they will be filming outdoors in Vancouver and the rest will be on soundstages? I read somewhere that the indoor Volterra scenes will also be filmed in Vancouver – only the outdoor ones will be filmed in Italy. Is this what you heard as well?

  6. Kerry from Ireland Says:

    i LOVE ur stories!!! they are so cool!! thanks so much for them!! and u are SOOOO lucky!! i live in the middle of no where in Ireland where NOTHING happens!! i wish i lived in America!!! gurrr!!lol. what i think will happen is that when she sees Edward when she goes on the motorbike with that dude, this leads to her getting her own one…maybe thats how Jacob comes into it…i dunno its just a guess. and the picture in the car that you cant see the faces or some of their outlines, i think…no i know that its not Robert cuz the guys nose is too angled out from his face..lol. Rob has a more flatter nose..which i do love…im weird. and to try and stump that weirdness, ill explain..lol. well do you know the way people have a preferred feature on the opposite sex, well i love peoples noses and im actually very picky when it comes to them…lol….thats not making me sound any less weirder.lol. but anyways the person in the car has the kind of nose the Chris Weitz has, i dunno, but its definitely not Rob! again, thank u SO much for ur blogs!!they are so cool and amazingly informative, which i love!! thanks and good luck for the Canucks game:)xox

  7. Delaney Says:

    Thats amazing!
    When you say you were too late to see Rob, how late did you get there?

  8. Pambh Says:

    I really enjoy your reports on new moon filming just sad that i keep finding out about it a day late.
    Can you tell me if they will be doing anymore filming at that location?

  9. twiiwiii Says:

    it’s a good idea that way they explain why she takes those motocycles to jacob because the first time she heard his voice was on a motocycle it’s better than in the book when she takes them with no reason

  10. anne nompee Says:

    Not that am speculating but did you notice that Kristen’s/Bella’s Nike sneakers is the same as Rob’s?

  11. Kerry from Ireland Says:

    haha yea Anne nompee i did notice that but i didnt mention it! i wonder if they shopped together or something….lol. they are a nice pair of trainors tho!!lol

  12. Raj Says:

    Not a huge fan of Twilight…but it’s always good to see filming in Vancouver…some great pics!

  13. twilight luvr Says:

    I love the video! I love your blog. Look on it everyday! Thanks so much.

  14. Sia Says:

    I’m know what their trying to do but honestly the bike scene with Jacob was good enough. They couldn’t come up with something better ?
    I love the book and hope they stay close to it. Thanks for sharing love your blog.

  15. SiTA Says:

    I DON’T LIKE IT BUT THAT’S ME AND it will look cool and all but why add scenes and then leave out other things from the book ? I guess that’s movie business and people don’t lie THE BOOK WAS AWESOME I HATE IT HOW FANS ACT LIKE THE BOOK WASN’T GOOD AND EVERYTHING HERE IS BETTER. PLEASE THESE MOVIES WOULDN’T BE MADE AND YOU WOULDN’T BE HERE IF YOU DIDN’T LIKE THE BOOKS.

  16. agus!! Says:


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  18. Sandi Says:

    I can see why they changed it up a in the movie. For one, it’s more dramatic to actually see Bella do something risky rather than just almost walk up to the guys at the bar. Movies have to be more direct intention wise because you don’t get the writer telling you what Bella’s thinking. Also it sets it up nicely as to why Bella chose the dirt bikes as a way to hear Edward again (in the movie, see Edward again). That night out with Jessica in Port Angeles was the first time she encountered Edward’s presence.

  19. Kerry from Ireland Says:

    SiTA, people have their own preferences! and some may like it to be a bit different, even tho im not one of those people, cuz New Moon is actually my favourite book out of the whole series and also its my favourite book ive ever read, but if people think differently i respect that! personally i dont like the fact that theyre changing things in the film, but i can do nothing about it so i have to just look at the positive of that change!! thats why im not much of a complainer when it comes to these things because what difference will that make? i trust Chris Weitz to make the most of the material in the book, but some things have to be taken out and so the parts left in have to make sense without alot of detail going into it! like in the book we know why she goes and gets the bikes which was to be reckless, but in the movie they cant have her narrating and explaining everything!! so they have to give the people that havent read the books a reason for her to get the bikes in the first place and i think that this scene at the cinema will explain that!! i hope i explained that rite, cuz it was kinda hard to put my explanation into words lol.

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  23. Evie Says:

    Ow… GREAT pics and video, thank you so much for sharing with us! I’d love to be so close to the Twilight sets as you are =)

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  25. Katie Says:

    Not to be rude, but did Allie read New Moon? Her references to the book are inaccurate. It wasn’t the same ‘gang’ that almost attacked Bella in Port Angeles, and they weren’t inside the pub, they were standing outside of it. And Jacob/Taylor was never part of a dirt bike gang.

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  27. Katie Says:

    Thanks for the cool pics and video though

  28. dany Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa NO NON POSSONOOOOO !


  29. Miry Says:

    Katie..she was talking about the movie lol. Bella will be encountering the same gang that was in the first MOVIE.

    And when she mentioned Taylor Lautner and dirt bikes, I think she meant in the books Bella rode motorcycles/dirt bikes with Jacob..not gang members.

    She must have been tired or something lol.

  30. LaDonna Says:

    Thanks for the awesome update, Allie! I think you may be right on why they were shooting this. It would make sense as a precedent for why she takes the bikes to Jacob, if this is the first time she sees/hears Edward. I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that they are straying a bit from the book and am going to just appreciate for what it is.


  31. jenb Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! I love evrything you’ve given us diehard fans. I’m so jealous!

    I actually think I might like what they’re doing here, it sounds kind of cool & more exciting than Bella just slowly walking up & close to the “bad guys.” This makes me so curious and excited all at the same time.

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  34. Tiffany Says:

    that was really cool. i am excited to see what is in the movie that is not in the book. keep up gettin more info…

  35. cheri Says:

    i think it is cool but i hope they skick to the book. the sence does look good. They bater not go to far from the book.

  36. O mistério da Bella na moto! « Betting On Alice Says:

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  37. Alice Says:

    OME, your New Moon coverage is better than MTV, EW, and ET combined! Holy Crow! You’re awesome!

  38. Alice Says:

    OME, your New Moon coverage is better than MTV, EW, and ET combined! Holy Crow! You’re awesome!
    Oops, should have mentioned great post! Waiting for the next one!

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  40. pauline76 Says:

    Actually, it can’t be the same guys in New Moon because she first thinks that it’s them, but THEN it turns out she was wrong. So, it can’t be them…it wouldn’t make any sense for her to go ride on the bike of someone who tried to rape her!!!! lol Thanks for the pics. It was awesome to see how it’s going on on set.

  41. D Porter Says:

    The gang member in the shot with kristen is Michael Adamthwaite local canadian actor.

  42. LUCERO Says:

    you can upload the video on Youtube, cuz’ here doesn’t work for me, for me it works REALLY SLOW!

    thank u!!

  43. Vancity Allie Says:

    Hi, no problem. I’ll upload to YouTube now. Thanks!

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  45. Vancity Allie Says:

    And yup, I’ve read and I LOVE the books… Miry got it spot on, thanks!

  46. LUCERO Says:

    OMG,You are SO Sweet ^^ i hope be like when i grow up,[ im 14 years old ] almost 15… :)!! im sooo yoUNG :D !!

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  50. Bridget Hassed.. Remember me Ill be famous ;] Says:

    Ahhhh you lucky girl!! Im sitting here in australia going ‘Damn I wish I was her’ great blog too :]


  51. Bridget Hassed.. Remember me Ill be famous ;] Says:

    Oh shizz sorry I thought that was an avatar >.<

  52. RAINY Says:

    luv the site. but, bella does ride motorcycles in the books. in new moon she tries to ride a motorcycle with jacob but it takes off and she flies into a wall, and she starts bleeding and jacob takes her to the hospital. and in eclipse she rides it even mooooore. ur soooo lucky i hope u see more. great job, ur a true twilighter.

  53. mica avila Says:


  54. android_429 Says:

    Hiya Allie, Thank you for your amazing coverage of NM. I lived in Vancouver for 8 yrs.(Kits), worked downtown, and your pictures and comments bring it all back. Miss it lots! Better get back to Coach’s Corner…Go Canucks! Congrats on your scrimmage. Looking forward to your next post.

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  57. Pauline Says:

    omggg yerr so lukyy,
    but the gang people die in the first book, if you read what is online of midnight sun it will show you so it can’t b the same people, unless they changed it in the movie…

  58. Kelly Says:

    I thought the Twilight gang was not the same ones as in New Moon because in Midnight Sun, Edward and Carlisle kidnapped one of them and he ended up being like a serial rapist.They end up calling like 911 or the FBI. And in the New Moon book Bella realizes that it isnt the same guy that tried to attack her in the alley in Port Angeles.

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  60. FreakinCrazy Says:

    I think that Bell maybe starts seeing Edward when she sees the gang members then she takes it one step further then in the book and jumps on 1 of their bikes… I think the hallucinations probably got stronger… so she just had to go look for a bike of her own… she finds 2 wrecked ones and thinks, “Hey! Jacob builds cars right? He can fix these and I’ll give him 1 of them as payment!”

    Just my theory, because the way it is in the books, she just finds 2 bikes at a random house she stopped at… that wouldn’t be very cool in a movie :P

  61. Elyse Says:

    The biker guy in these photos and video is probably stuntdouble/actor “Hugo Steele” as on the full cast list on IMDB they have a “Hugo Steele” creditied as “Biker”.. just a thought I could be wrong

  62. amber Says:

    k so , so awsome that u got this footage but i am really up set about this seen i love the books and i just dont know why they think they need to put things in that dont belong they r going to ruin the whole movie by changing it i hope they come to there scences and decide to do it like the book because really the books are so good and i can barley even whatch twilight because they changed so much i hate that there doing it all wrong its not fair for the real true die hard fans of the books like my self !!!!!!

  63. Catherine Says:

    Thank you so much, once again Allie! The video was awesome. I think the hair’s a bit too fuzzy to be Rob in that photo

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  68. Julia Says:

    I really appreciate your getting these pictures, but for the sake of the movie I hope your theory about the plot is wrong. The gangsters in Twilight were serial rapists and murderers (evidence: the book AND Midnight Sun). Were Bella to go back to the same guys, she would most likely not make it out alive.

    So unless Chris Weitz didn’t do his homework about the plot to make sure nothing contradicts with Twilight…. Hopefully it’s either a new gang of guys, OR maybe Kristen just did a stunt in prep for her biking scenes w/ Jacob.

  69. Chloe Says:

    In midnight sun, carlisle took care of the serial rapists and they got put in prison – i think, so if these were the same guys it really wouldnt make sense.

    However in the film it doesn’t tell you that they are rapists or anything, so maybe its just ignoring the book, i dont know.

    Btw, you are really lucky to get all these pictures and meet the cast :)

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  71. aLiCe CuLlEn;D Says:

    i can’t wait for the film! it will be great!!


  72. TwiMom1 Says:

    Seriously? I get so tired of them turning all the scenes upside down and inside out…again! First, the author of this piece got it wrong in the first place with the book scene – she and Jessica do NOT see them in/from a window in the book…Bella sees a group of guys (who are NOT the same ones from the first book)down the street from where they are standing as they leave the theater and she walks towards them with Edward talking/yelling to her in her mind, much to Jessica’s constant urging to do otherwise.

    I hate that they have now made this an interactive scene with a guy from the group for the movie…why can’t they at least stick to the book for the most part…

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  74. Lara Says:

    omg i am the biggest fan ever of twilight it annoys all my friends and teachers when i quote the movie or book! i love these sneak peaks and i will be there on the midnight release at thertes to see this New moon!! im so exited!!

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  76. DanaC. Says:

    I like the additions of this scene. If you think about it, there is really not much in New Moon except for Edward leaving, Bella fixing bikes with Jacob, Bella moping, and then Going to Italy. They’ve got to add SOME scenes in it to make a movie. I think New Moon is going to be the hardest book to adapt just because it doesn’t seem to be an easy book to make a movie too. It’s very dark and depressing, we see the worst of people in this book.

  77. ziva Says:

    in the new moon book,bella thought at the first sight the group of young men was the same which tried to assault her (in twilight),but she realized she was wrong.
    but if in the future movie,they are the same and if she goes into a ride with one of them,it will be a little weird and incoherent,cuz they are really dangerous,especially for her;and even if she’s a mess because of the break up with edward,she doesn’t want to die or to get into real big troubles,at least to preserve and please charlie and renée.that’s my point of view.I might be wrong.
    maybe the film makers can bring a different and logical perspective;and we also don’t know for sure the official explanation of the scene.
    what do you think?

  78. Chloe Says:

    She knows they’re dangerous so i don’t see why she would jump on a bike with one of them, knowing full well that he could just ride off with her to anywhere he wanted, like kidnapping her or something.

  79. VancityAllie Says:

    Hey guys, just to clarify… it’s not the same gang members as from the first movie. Sorry about that!

  80. evelyn Says:

    y love this movie , y can´t not wait.

    november 20 i´m waitting

    twilight cast.jpg

  81. Chloe Says:

    Do you think New Moon will be good, i thought twilight wasn’t very good, and i’ve been reading it up online and apparently new moon is going to be amazing ??? :)

  82. daniela Says:

    Hello I am charmed with me twilight this one very father hope that new moon is a lot of(many) mas father that twilight, and that goes out the ecena that kisses robert pattinson juju well since I do not still have mas that decearles a lot of(many) luck in new moon and in that it(he,she) comes as eclipse and dawn they take care of good-bye


  83. nad Says:

    I am gona b in Vancouver next weekend..i need to know hot spots to see robert..and the rest of the new moon cast..what blogs do i check for possible sightings or sites that cud leme know abt places.??

  84. As7586 Says:

    Go Hawks!!!

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  86. karla Says:

    oh my god! xDD
    the film are very funny =)



  87. Kristin Says:

    I just want to say that you are crazy cool to be going out to sets just so we can all get these little sneak peeks into the set. I personally love it. Also… that last picture where someone is sitting in the car. I think it looks like Taylor’s hair. Just an opinion though.

  88. crazy4more Says:

    Thank you for the updates. I love your blog, very respectful to the cast members yet satisfy our cravings.

    First, don’t think it was shadow of Rob, wrong nose.
    Second, it’s definitely not ‘Bella like’ to be this reckless (riding w/gang???). With that said, I don’t mind such additional scenes IF it portraits the pains and aches longing for Edward. But w/NM..the book, it’s about Bella Jacob relationship, even though I love Edward, I hope the trianble doesn’t get loss in translation.
    Lastly, like everyone, I can’t wait for NM, just wished Rob change his mind about the music aspect, PLEASE?. “Let Me Sign” was more than perfect in Twilight. Rob’s voice is intoxicating, I can’t get over. With his love for music, he knows what it will take to pull the ‘breakup scene’ ‘Bella drowning scene’!

  89. crazy4more Says:

    One more thing regarding the Nike shoes for Bella and Edward. Just noticed the kissing scene in Twilight, they had the same color t-shirt too, deep blue. This is just to confirm Edward loves matching cloth w/Bella by sneaking into her bedroom. I’m sure you remember how he matched their outfit for the meadow…the book, but he looked better, according to Bella. Later.

  90. Carolyn Says:

    Awesome – this will change it up for the movie – I like anything they do to put this where it should be and yet stays with the spirit of the story – more adult level – I think the books are miscategorized, not a teen – and Rob & Kristen (and I am sure Taylor) are doing their level best to ramp it up in the adult genre – there will always be kids too young to see it – they’ll see it eventually. Their adult base is growing exponentially – the movie got more people to read the books and vice versa. So, love the images, love the updates…. can’t wait!

  91. rebroz Says:

    You rock chick!

  92. AmericanFanpire929 Says:

    Seriously, this is just amazing!!! It means so much to see the book come to life. This is some impressive journalism :) Thanks for standing in the cold so I can get my Rob fix!!!!

  93. Chloe Says:

    Does anyone know if breaking dawn is set to become a movie yet?

  94. Jessica Says:

    The Hair=Spunk. Just saying. :)

  95. Bella Manbeck Says:

    This is awsome. I can’t wait seriously. And the gang in the book were leaning against the wall of a pub, they weren’t inside lol.

  96. Sarah Says:

    According to the script:

    Bella looks at him with determination — then climbs on to *the back of the bike –
    BELLA:I can break promises, too.
    GUY #2:(confused)*… Okay.*
    The bike LURCHES forward, going way too fast. As the wind *blasts her hair back, she realizes this might have been a *mistake –
    BELLA:… Wait
    *Guy #2 doesn’t hear her, guns the engine, going faster –*
    Edward stands in road, directly in their path, more present, more clear than ever. The bike’s headlight illuminates him, racing toward him –
    BELLA:Stop – stop! – STOP!
    The bike abruptly pulls up short.
    GUY #2: Hey, I didn’t force nothing on you.
    *Bella scrambles off, stumbling in the process*
    Edward is gone.
    The four Guys then REV their bikes and PEEL out

  97. Kerry from Ireland Says:

    OMG!!!! how do you know that?? you ouldnt possibly know the script!!! and if it is the script its good i think!! it would be funny also with her saying I can break the rules too and then the guy saying O….kay…. lol. i cannot wait to see how this will come to be!! seriously im so excited!! again, how do you know that sarah????

  98. Georgiie Says:

    Omg youu are soo Lucky! Thank Youu Thank Youu thank youu for getting pictures of tthe set :) I cannot wait for New Moon to come out because the book was AMAZING. But i’m starting to not like Edward now i’ve read some of the books :( I love this Website btw
    Byye Byye Lya – Georgiiee x =P

  99. rptzz Says:

    i like twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and i doesn t like jacobbbbbbbbbb


  100. Filming a New Moon Scene : Twilight BLOGS Says:

    [...] out so we can finally see it can end the agony, at least until Eclipse. Here is a video posted by Vancity Aliie that is scene currently being filmed for New Moon. Now this scene is a little different than in the [...]

  101. Sarah Says:

    Kerry from Ireland : The script got leaked online yesterday.

  102. Kerry from Ireland Says:

    awww NO WAY!!!! can u just look it up on google or something!!!!!! OMG!!! is what u said Sarah all that there is or is there more?? i HAVE to see this!!! im afraid of spoiling it for me tho!!! how did u know that it was leaked??i hate the way im last to know about these things!!! like Midnight Sun was leaked for AGES before i knew!!….well i didnt hear of Twilight until it was out in cinema!!but still!lol. i actually read Midnight Sun before i read Twilight!! cuz after i saw the movie i wanted more so i went onto Stephenies website and found it there!!! so i was as frustrated as Edward when he wanted to know exactly what Bella was thinking at certain points in the book!!! im glad that i read it first though cuz i felt this similarity with Edward that many others havent cuz they knew what Bella was thinking!!!!!
    rite i HAVE to go check the internet for that script!! but ill feel guitly after it!!!lol. but ill deal with that later!!lol

  103. Vancity Allie Says:

    I don’t think it’s the real script.. there’s no theatre scene with Mike and Jacob which we clearly saw filmed.

  104. kelly Says:

    i think that defo rob in that car you can see the edward quiff as i like to call it omg cnt wait 4 new moon gonna be awsome!!!! only like 199 dayz now!

  105. Kerry from Ireland Says:

    OMG it is NOT Robert!!!!! his nose says it all!!!!! its too much at an angle from his forehead!!! Robs is more flat than that!!!! lol. im sorry but im an expert when it comes to peoples noses!!especially noses that i like!! ie i love Roberts nose and this is DEFINITELY not it!!!lol. im weird i no!!! lol. but as soon as i saw the pic, i knew it wasnt Robert!!! just trust me on this one!!!lol

  106. -decoder-katz Says:

    yeah ILY all the photos and the vid. I actually did put it on my site.well it’s kinda new and it’s not that successful yet but i hope u can join in…^^ really love this blog. I hope you can give me some new updates on ur blog to put on mine..


  107. BELLASDIARY.COM-Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Edward And Bella, Robert Pattinson, Kristin Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Twilight Fansite Says:

    [...] a pic of Bella on the bike too: Click Here to read and see more from VanCity [...]

  108. noémie Says:

    i love this video !!!!


  109. gaby Says:


  110. Lee-am Says:

    Hey Allie
    If you want i can explain the bella riding on the back of the motorcycle (inside info)

    just mail me if you’d like to know

    x Nik

  111. hotel en italie Says:

    Un blog bien sympa. Merci.

  112. Twilight Says:

    Haii ♥
    Die Bilder sind cool!


  113. Cena da motocicleta? Says:

    [...] teve a oportunidade de filmar – sim! filmar!! – uma cena que estará em Lua Nova e deu algumas explicações sobre o [...]

  114. Twilight World » Archives du Blog » Le tournage en images Says:

    [...] s’ils le gardent ou ce que ça donnera… En attendant, il faut se contenter des photos (cliquer ici (il y a même une vidéo !) et ici ou encore ici pour voir toutes les photos) [...]

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