A couple of hours in the office on Monday morning and then it was off to Montréal via Air Canada for a work conference.

Travelling for work has its pros and cons. On the upside, you get to travel on someone else’s dime, visit new places, learn a lot for your job, and make new business contacts. On the downside, you generally have to lug around heavy work laptops and other work-related items, rarely get sightseeing time, you don’t really get evenings off, and you end up working maybe twice as as long as you would in the office. There’s definitely a trade off there. Still, I think it’s always important to be grateful for any opportunities to travel for work, especially in this economy.

I arrived in Montréal at just before 10 pm EST which is 7 PM on the west coast. I rushed back to the hotel and tried to catch the end of the Canucks game. Fortunately, I got to see the entire third period. Unfortunately, well, we all know what happened last night.

The rooms at Hôtel Place D’Armes are beautiful. I didn’t get a chance to shoot the lobby last night but I will when I get a chance. The rooms are very spacious, modern, and well-lit.

Hotel Place D'Armes Hotel Room

Here are a couple nice touches about the room: beautiful brown faux-fur rug over the corner of the bed, padded leather headboard, large firm king-size bed, desk for working, and a fireplace!

Hotel Bathroom

The bathroom is also really cool. My favourite: a large stainless steel rainwater-style shower head, plus the standard extendable shower head. It really does feel like I’m showering under a waterfall. I like the one sheet of glass for the shower divider, and the square sink basin.


I like having a hallway in a room, because it makes it feel like less of a cave. Digging the large armoire and the full length mirror across from the paintings and suitcase stand.

Another bedroom angle

Here’s another view of the room.

Exposed Brick Wall

You may have already noticed the strips of exposed brick in the hallway, bathroom and the main room. I LOVE IT! Definitely adds character to the room and reminds me I’m in Vieux-Montréal (Old Montreal).

Canucks jersey hanging up

And so I hang up my jersey beside my suit in the armoire. I didn’t even really get a chance to parade it around on the East Coast. Alas, the Canucks lost last night and are out of the playoffs. I had a hard time sleeping last night. My heart was just broken. It really felt like it was the year. Not sure who to blame… Lou? The coach? The entire team?

All I know is that the other team had more heart and hunger. I hope the Canucks have gotten some good playoff experience on how to play a little tougher. I hope it shapes our choices for building the team next year… I’d like to see more grit and players who know how to play with hussle.

Till next year, Canucks fans. It’s going to be another long wait, but at least we had a good run. Right?!

In other news, I’ll back in Vancouver on Thursday. For Twilight fans, I’ll sadly be missing Rob’s birthday. :(

Well, I’m off to work here in Montréal! Have a good day everyone.

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14 Responses to “HÔTEL PLACE D’ARMES”

  1. Sean Says:

    The hotel looks wonderful, Allie. Magnificent find, you’re really fortunate for that opportunity.

    Hear you about the Nucks. I tossed and turned last night too, worst sleep in a long time. I hate it. Mood switched completely off after the game, and haven’t gotten it back since. Eurgh.

  2. vancityguy Says:

    Remember. Schwartz’s. 3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

    Don’t ask, just do. Only after going there can you really say you’ve had a real Montreal smoked meat sandwich, (and ask for medium cut, the lean is too dry).

    Have fun in Montreal.

  3. Mike Says:

    Wow, that’s a wicked-cool room! I really dig the black furniture & accents… The single-sheet of glass for the shower stall seems to be the thing for new hotels – my first hotel in England was the same setup (though not as big as yours!) – looks nicer and it’s likely much easier to clean than the older sliding doors.

    As for the Canucks, well asking for more “hunger” isn’t the key – the other guys are just as hungry to win; rather the Canucks need to stop counting on Luongo to save their butts – their weak offense is easily matched by a weak defense, so the pressure just ends up all on the defense. (I’d rather have a strong offense, because who cares if they score on your side, as long as you out-score them – as demonstrated last night.) :\

  4. Urban Dweller Says:

    :( Next year I guess.

  5. tal Says:

    Nice hotel…but i really hoped you’ll get some pictures of rob at his birthday :(

  6. Erin Says:

    Love the pictures, are you using a fish eye lens?!?!

  7. Chris Says:

    I’m loving the hotel room. The first time I was in Montreal I stayed in the Delta Montreal (nice, but had little character). I actually can’t remember the name of the hotel I stayed in the second time, although seeing as the Canucks paid for it (my buddy won a trip for two to watch them play the Habs) I was still in awe of that. =)

    I just wish I could say I’m in awe of their playoff performance this year too.

  8. hoon Says:

    dude. that’s PRIDE bringin the jersey with you on the business trip. montreal is such a beautiful city. glad you had fun on the EK

  9. vxla Says:

    Hey I stayed there in September of 2007. It’s a great hotel (altho the rooms were a bit small). The night club downstairs is fun too!

    Hope you have/had a good time; check out the island across the river and go to see the Olympic space ship that landed. years ago :-)

  10. Vancity Allie the blog of a Vancouver girl who lives and | fire pit Says:

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  11. ทำบุญวันเกิด Says:


  12. thaicarnews Says:

    Love the pictures, are you using a fish eye lens?!?!

  13. วังน้ำเขียว Says:

    oh godddd

  14. Tarsha Shadazz Says:

    I really enjoy what you write on here. We try and come back to your site every day so keep up the good writing!

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