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Monday, May 25th, 2009

I know I don’t write a lot about my personal life, on my blog, as far as personal blogs go ;) But I thought I would deviate a bit from the norm to write about something close to my heart. And I know I don’t post many photos of myself, so excuse the narcissism but it’s necessary to talk about my time together with Allan.

Allan & Allie

Yesterday Allan and I celebrated our second year together. It seems like it has been a lot longer… I guess we’ve just done so much together in such a short period of time. He’s the centre of my universe and I can’t even begin to tell you how much he means to me, and how happy he makes me.

I never thought it was possible for two people to spend as much time together as we do. We’re together 24/7, much to the chagrin of our family and friends. The weird thing is, we just don’t get sick of each other. We drive to work in the morning together, and drive home together. And we miss each other all day until we see each other for the ride home. We surf, snowboard, play video games, and cook together. We have pretty much the same friends, and we get along well with both our families. We travel together, go skating together, do errands together… it’s a little overkill, I admit. But for some reason it just works.

He often complains I don’t write enough about him on my blog, so I hope this makes you happy, Allan ;)

We first met at work, believe it or not… yes, the office romance. We both worked at the same video game company and were good friends for about a year.

Allan & Allie

We first bonded over snow sports in Steamboat, Colorado when we flew there with a couple of work friends for a trip. Yes, believe it or not I was a skier. And I couldn’t help but follow his snowboard around on my skis.

Allan & Allie

We started getting to know each other better from numerous work parties, social circles, hockey games, and a number of activities.

Allan & Allie

It wasn’t long before we planned our first official trip together where we ended up becoming a couple… to La, Push Washington. (Yes, this was before the Twilight insanity) A surfing trip and a sightseeing trip…

Allan & Allie

We ended up staying at the Quilete Reservation, we surfed a couple times, went to the hot springs and Hurricane Ridge, and walked many forest trails.

Allan & Allie

Eventually it was full blown surfing trips that summer to Tofino with friends.

Allan & Allie

He taught me how to skimboard.

Allan & Allie

He showed off a little with his surfing skills while I was still learning ;)

Allan & Allie

He forced me to conquer my fear of heights and made me bungee jump…

Allan & Allie

He definitely had balls of steel…

Allan & Allie

… and helped me grow my own ;)

Allan & Allie

He knows so much about nature, camping, common sense… he found these carniverous plants for us in Tofino.

Allan & Allie

We went to Costa Rica together…

Allan & Allie

Got our PADI scuba diving licenses together (in Vancouver) and went scuba diving together in Costa Rica and Catalina Island…

Allan & Allie

We’ve had many, many beach walks…

Allan & Allie

And lots of snowboarding days!

Allan & Allie

And had the chance to party in Vegas.

Allan & Allie

We went on a month long road trip to Portland, San Francisco, Tahoe, Mammoth, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Disneyland, Catalina Island, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Snowbird in Salt Lake City, Boise Idaho, Wenatchee Washington… and we surfed and snowboarded through the USA.

Allan & Allie

We like finding secret camping spots…

Allan & Allie

And Allan definitely knows how to attract the ladies ;)

Allan & Allie

He’s also good at hacky sack…

Allan & Allie

He also happens to be one of the kindest people I know. Extremely smart, generous, and very very funny. He always finds a way to make me laugh. He knows me better than anyone else in the world world.

Allan & Allie

And, he has very very sharp teeth.

I love you, Allan! Happy Two Years!


Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

My life has been a whirlwind lately. So much to do and so little time. But it’s always like that, isn’t it?

A long weekend in Tofino was just what I needed. Fresh salty ocean air, surfing till my body hurts, sleeping in a tent close to the ground, nature walks, sleeping in, and cooking over the camp stove.

Long Beach

I haven’t been that relaxed in a long time. Probably not since the last time I was in Tofino ;)

We took the ferry early Saturday morning (don’t even get me started about the ferries) and set up our campsite in the afternoon.

We headed immediately to Long Beach for a perfect glassy sunset surf session. It was the best session of the weekend. Quiet, deserted… the only two people in the water. Pink sky, looooooooong long longboard rides on the waist-shoulder waves, and a family of 3 HUGE sea lions that came out to say hi. We rode waves for about 2 and a half hours until we couldn’t see anymore, and till we were frozen.

Our campsite setup isn’t the bare minimal that it could be, but it’s definitely not the big hullabaloo that I’ve seen is possible.

Our campsite (Greenpoint)

We’ve got a TARN 3 MEC tent, surfboards on the car, a camping stove, head lamps, a cooler, and lots of food. We sleep on foam mats and thin MEC mats with our sleeping bags. I actually like being close to the ground and being so flat. Feels great on the back. Our biggest luxury is definitely the heavy cast iron grill we put on the camp stove. Despite the weight, it’s totally worth bringing it… we wouldn’t be able to hike with it but I looooove cooking on it when we can bring the car!

Long grass

Grass along the path to Wickaninnish Beach.

We lay in the tent most of the day Sunday and listened to the rain, the wind, and the ocean for hours. So relaxing.

Our boards at Long Beach

At night we headed to Long Beach again for another sunset surf session. Not as glassy, and there were way more people in the water (maybe about 20?)… but it was still awesome. I caught my best wave of the weekend… a shoulder high steep wave that I rode left for ages… it just kept reforming. Loved it. We surfed again till we were freezing and it was dark…

Wetsuit booties

Despite our 5 mil suits, booties and gloves… the frigid waters of the Pacific always manage to wear us down at the end of a surf session. It’s not like Costa Rica where I could surf all day in the warm water. But Tofino and the Pacific will always have their charms…

Foliage around campsite

Green leaves

I love how green and alive everything seems to grow around Tofino…

Cooking preparations

We definitely like our cooking and camping. I love to use lots of garlic and shallots to keep the immune system going out in the cold… here we are prepping our breakfast.

A surfer's breakfast

A true breakfast for surfers! Lots of bacon and protein… tons of carbs with the crispy fried Yukon Gold potatoes… topped with garlic, shallots and peppers.

A Camper's Dinner

For dinner we had Wild Pacific Halibut (from last year’s fishing trip in Tofino), panko breaded and grilled over the cast iron, topped with peppers and bacon… with pesto pasta.

Yellow flowers by pine

Loved the water droplets on the pine surrounding these yellow flowers.

Surfers at Wick Beach

On the way out of Tofino we stopped by the Wick to see if anything was happening at that beach… didn’t look too bad for a low tide session, and there were about 20 people in the water. Wish we could have stayed and surfed but it was time to make it back to the ferries.

Rain down the window

Ah the end of a long weekend… always so sad. It was cold and rainy heading back. Whenever we come back from Tofino I wish that Tofino was home. I could see myself living there for the rest of my days.

Well, back to work.

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