Hey Twilight fans… I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. This is actually the first set I’ve visited on Eclipse so far… even though it’s been filming for a couple weeks. I’ve been SO busy with work and personal stuff that I haven’t had a chance yet to visit all the sets… so, perhaps this is the beginning of the end for me? ;) Ahhh, that’s how it always is with Twilight sets… down the rabbit hole.

I got the chance to visit the set of the Graduation Scene in Eclipse today after work. I heard that Rob, Kristen, Ashley, Jackson, Peter and others were on set today filming the scene. Sadly I only got there for the tail end of it, so here are some of the photos I captured.

Eclipse Graduation Extras in Caps and Gowns

Here’s your first look at the cap and gowns they are using for the graduation scene! Very cool. Should make for some colourful scenes on film… very excited to see. They had dozens of extras on sets today… maybe around 50 people? Old people, young people, and tons of young actors dressed up as other graduating Forks High School kids. Here’s a look at what they are wearing. Very yellow! Must have been a lot of work for the costume designers.

Billy Burke in costume as Charlie Swan

And of course, sexy sexy Billy Burke all dressed up in costume as Charlie Swan. Here’s your first look at Billy! We haven’t set him yet on set so it’s pretty excited to see him all dressed up. Digging the blazer and the shoes… very Charlie Swan.

Billy Burke in costume as Charlie Swan

It’s no secret to my friends that I dig older men (Allan is quite a bit older than me)… and well, Billy Burke… yeah, he sure fits my taste in men :) Older, rugged, and sexy. Mmhmmm.

Mystery principal

Here’s a mystery actor. Only the main principals get the “umbrella treatment”. Your guess is as good as mine. Judging by the shoes and the jeans it looks like a man, but I don’t think it is Billy. Who do you think it is?

Taking down the graduation scene Taking down the graduation scene

The graduation scene was shot indoors in this school, filmed in the auditorium. After that, they moved to a park nearby where they proceed to shoot a different scene.

There are no vampires in this scene, only the Forks humans, Kristen, and Billy. Sadly no sightings of them for us. They had a number of extras on the field milling around, talking to each other… apparently they were congratulating each other after the ceremony.

Here’s where we enter the “bad reporting” zone, and I show you pictures of people who could be certain actors. Please note that I was only told who these people are, it’s quite hard to tell from the photos since they are blurry. Apologies, but hey, it’s better than nothing and I’m just getting back into Eclipse!

Anna Kendrick?

I am told this is Anna Kendrick (Jessica). This is not for certain.

Ashley Greene?

I am told this is Ashley Greene (Alice). This is not for certain.

Jackson Rathbone?

I am told this is Jackson Rathbone (Jasper). This is not for certain.

Hopefully I have better stuff soon. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out my other Twilight posts from New Moon filming, and follow me on Twitter.

Thanks for visiting :) You’ll see more soon.

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  1. Amy Burrows Says:

    Could be Rob’s legs?

  2. Amy Burrows Says:

    Oh and I agree, Billy Burke is hot! We need to meet him.

  3. Dana Says:

    If that is Jackson, they’d be going against the story line of Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper being older and having graduated the year before.

  4. ellen Says:

    I agree with Dana, that can’t be Jackson unless they’re changing the story…based on the boots, my first guess [of the mystery legs] was Jackson…but I don’t know.

  5. Mandy Says:

    Look at the ass – who has that sexy ass in jeans…. if we do a careful analysis of all the twi-men’s asses we will be able to asses who this is – - I am willing to committ the time… anyone with me ? ;)

  6. Amy Burrows Says:

    I think the guy in the jeans is the security guy holding the umbrella. It’s the black pants we need to study.

  7. Tales From A Bar Stool Says:

    I saw that Sheen guy… Michael? At the airport in May. We ate at Subway together at 11:30pm. I think we were the only two people around. I didn’t know he was in New Moon… I recognized him from his stint on The Queen. He was decked out in this fabulous 70′s style 3-piece suit and a hat. Anyway, I’ve got to admit, I’m not really caught up in the Twilight craze so I don’t really know what’s going on. But I do try to keep on top of Lainey Gossip and the photos she had up of one of the actors arriving at the airport the other day… hello! He was all Johnny Depp circa 21 Jump Street. That’s hot.

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  11. summer Says:

    Thanks you so much for these useful pictures , allie. I guess the man with ” umbrella treatment ” is ROBERT PATTINSON,
    ha ha . May be, summit wants to hide him from paps . At Remember me set , he was hide with an umbrella , too.

    I see your website everyday and it’s really interesting . You’re such a good photographer . Keep updating pictures from Eclipse set ! Well done !

  12. Eclipse Filming: Graduation Day | Cullen Boys Anonymous Says:

    [...] Read her full report & see all of her pictures HERE. [...]

  13. steph Says:

    it cant be Jackson… Jasper is “older” than Edward and Alice. the two of them are the only Cullens that graduate with Bella.

  14. FIRST LOOK: ‘Eclipse’ Graduation Scene Says:

    [...] out the rest HERE Posted in Eclipse Movie, Filming: On [...]

  15. twi fanatic Says:

    My guess is that it’s Rob? I’m probably wrong but it can’t be Emmett or Jasper. Soo..maybe it’s Carlisle? IDK. But now I’m dying to know who it is!

  16. kath Says:

    the mistery actor might be robert since billy had jeans.
    I dont think that’s ashley greene tbh
    And jasper is not having his graduation that day.

  17. Emma Says:

    i think i might be emmett (kellan) under that umbrella….hmmmm (drools) hottie :D

  18. Brianna Says:

    i agree: i think the jeans are the security guards and the black pants are Rob’s

  19. Sylvia Says:

    About the last image… just thinking that although in the books Jasper is supposed to be older and doesn’t graduate with them, they may not be following that in the movies. In the first Twilight movie, it seemed like Jasper was in the same grade as Alice and Edward, judging by the fact that they all went on that field trip together (and without Emm and Rose) *shrugs* just a thought.

  20. The Anthology Says:

    Nerds unite! I loved your geektastic post, by the way.

    And I also love your Twilight fascination. How excited are you for New Moon to come out? We saw Ashley Greene in Yaletown, though we had absolutely no clue who she was. A lot of paparazzi and a little online sleuthing solved the mystery.

    * Kelsey

  21. Brooke Says:

    To everyone you thinks the is not Jackson because “Jasper graduates and that would be going against the story”… you obviously didn’t pay much attention during the filming of New Moon. They have in fact changed the story so that Jasper is still in high school with Edward and Alice.

  22. Mar' Says:

    I also don’t think it’s Jackson, because of all the reasons that were said here. And to Brooke, we don’t know if Jasper is in the same grade as Alice and Edward in New Moon, we’ve only seen a photo of him with Alice but it could be in another place than high school. We just have to wait until we see the movie.
    And I don’t think that it was Ashley, it doesn’t look like her at all.
    By the way, Billy is really a good-looking man ^^.
    Can’t wait for others pics !!

  23. Vancity Allie: It’s Graduation Day! Says:

    [...] Vancity Allie, a local blogger about all things Vancouver, was there to capture a few photos and give her write up. See Allie’s story and more photos here. [...]

  24. Dana Says:

    Brooke, what shows that Jasper’s character was changed to be Alice and Edward’s age?

  25. Kristina Says:

    Jasper was changed to be Edward and Bella’s age in the New Moon script – something which they obviously went through with if he’s graduating here. And since we saw that still of Alice is from school – the still of her wearing the same clothes in the same background with Jasper on one of the calendars seems to fit with the Jasper is at school with Alice, Edward and Bella theme.

    From what I read of the script the purpose of this was to FINALLY be able to reveal his gift. (He kind of makes Bella complacent when Alice “suggests” a birthday party)

  26. angi Says:

    son cuchi


  27. twi fanatic Says:

    LOL Mandy I’m with you on the analysis. I’m willing to dedicate hours upon hours in looking at twi asses to determine who the man behind the umbrella is. We need to line up all the twi men in a line so we can do a side by side comparison.

  28. Jennifer Says:

    A million dollars it’s Kellan. The legs look muscular that’s why i think its him.

  29. TW Says:

    It still could be Jasper, nd not go against the storyline. If his brother nd sister are graduating surely he would be there to see them.

  30. Shayna Says:

    I’m thinking the actor hiding behind the black umbrella is Taylor. It looks like its him and if they are going according to the book then Jacob and Billy are in the audience for the graduation.

  31. Someone Says:

    Hey, is Taylor Lautner in Vancouver now? Because it could be him under the umbrella. Wasn’t he at the graduation in the book?

  32. Twilight Expression Says:

    hey, I’m part od the TWILIGHT EXPRESSION BLOG staff!
    we like so much your blog!
    I hope we can take some new about eclipse from here!
    u r a very good reporter & photographer!

    see u!



  33. Alexia Says:

    In Twilight the movie, Jasper went to the greenhouse with ALice and Edward, when Bella says that Edward regrets saving her life. So it is highly likely that that is Jackson, because they already switched it so he was in the same grade as Alice in Twilight. The only reason I think that is because Rose and Emmett didn’t go the greenhouse. In the movies, Jasper is in the same grade as Bella and Edward and Alice.

  34. LIZ THOMAS Says:


  35. Catherine Says:

    In my opinon the “mystery actor” shot is of Rob Pattinson.

    I think the guy in jeans and runners is a teamster – not an actor – the actor is wearing the black shoes and pants (the same black shoes and pants that Rob as Edward was snapped in yesterday exiting his trailer).

    So I think it’s Rob. Those look like his legs too.

  36. Um Says:

    Um, Jasper going on that trip doesn’t prove he’s in the same grade. You don’t always have to be in the same grade to be in the same science class. At my high school, freshman AND sophomores took biology, sophomores AND juniors took chemistry, etc. Edward and Bella were both juniors, but she was in trig and he was in Calculus…there are different levels.

  37. Carolina Says:

    It’s Jackson! Look at ifelthope.net! Maybe Jasper go to see Alice’s graduation!!!

  38. Josephine Says:

    The actor behind the umbrella is Jackson, because Jasper always seems to have on cowboy boots. Check the shoes, I think they’re boots…

  39. Katie Says:

    In the picture of “Ashley Greene” has anyone noticed the girl behind her on the left looks alot like Elizabeth Reaser!? The carmel hair color and her legs. lol hahah. Thats kinda creepy I know that but then Nicki Reed right behind her in Hair and Makeup. Idk I could be wrong.

  40. rpblc30 Says:

    dang! it must be rob…the shoes n black pants..who else..

  41. Ellen Says:

    That can’t be Jackson he’d ne wearing his blonde wig… right??? But I thought only Alice and Edward graduated……

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  43. La Grenadine Says:

    Wow ! Such a chance to live there. ^^
    Nice photos ! Thanks a lot for sharing with us. =)

  44. Claire Fisher Says:

    Umbrella guy is Jackson Rathbone. He was there for that scene.

  45. Twilighter #1 Says:

    I think its michael welch who plays mike under the umbrella.
    It can’t be Jackson because only edward and alice graduate then.

  46. missy Says:

    That is Jackson. On http://www.lionandlamblove.org/ there are good pictures of him.

  47. Molly Says:

    Jasper is supposed to be a year older though….well maybe they changed it.

  48. gabriella Says:

    i think thats rod hidden behind the umbrella.
    Im sooooo excited to see new moon!:]:]<3<3


  49. Aleksandra Says:

    Where to go shooting?Sorry if you do not write correctly, I’m Russian!

  50. PRIMER VISTAZO A LAS ESCENAS DE LA GRADUACION DE ECLIPSE, Y BILLY BURKE! | Open Society Book Club Discussions and Reviews Says:

    [...] Lee el completo blog aquí. [...]

  51. BlogTrot Says:

    Kinda creepy kinda nerdy..but still diggin it!

  52. HeartJacob Says:

    How did you get those photos!!!!!! I was there as well, but in the parking lot, all I saw were tinted SUV’s all day. You Rock, thanks for posting the pics.

  53. EDWARD CULLEN SOURCE • be dazzled » News from Eclipse set Says:

    [...] from filming of her other latest movie, The Runaways.) Vancity Allie also managed to capture some distant snapshots from the graduation shoot, as did Twilight Gossip – including a few snapshots of Pattinson, [...]

  54. Lily Says:

    Hi..I have the same question? I want to go to the set to take pictures….it is in WestMinster???? Or where????

  55. Lily Says:

    I know those are Rob’s legs who else would they protect like that ,I love that they have started filming Eclipse and all but if they film all the book adaptations now some of us our lives will end without Edward in our lives ,will they film more to continue or breaking dawn will be the end I will not be able to bear it P.S I Love You Rob

  56. Taylor Lautner Network » Eclipse Director David Slade Posts Taylor Lautner Set Pics Says:

    [...] gets a cap and gown,” he wrote, hinting about a scene he’d be shooting. (Sure enough, photos of a graduation ceremony shoot popped up over the [...]

  57. helen Says:

    I agree its the guy in the dark trousers that being shielded by a production assistant (who is in the jeans). I think its Rob in the dark trousers.

  58. emily Says:

    i think it is them espically Jasper and i did not know Billy smokes they mid=ght as well as name the movie smoking people that is what everybody is doing except for the wolf pac but i dont know i have not seen any pics except fof Taylor a.k.a Jacob and the Ashley a.k.s Alice and JACKSON A.K.A Jasper but i dont think he smokes cause he did a comercail for why smmok twith the y symbo so i dont thin he smokes but i want to ask the cast if i had a chance to ask them why they did smoke and tell them it takes 11 minutes off there life so evry pack the smoke is probaly like 2 hours so most likely they are going 2 die at like 50 or 55 but thats it they should at least live till they are 70 if no disese they have and cancer or breathing problems do not count they did that to them selves so it is there fault and i kinda loose respect for them when they do smoke so i kinda hate the movie moreand them more so it sucks for them

  59. Jen Says:

    The person behind the umbrella has to be Edward…See the pic I posted, its from the same scene…And hes wearing black pants and black shoes :)


  60. Jen Says:

    well, that didnt work haha…heres a link to full article the slideshow…


  61. kpaige4 Says:

    The first person isn’t Anna, it’s Bella’s stand in.

  62. Dawn Says:

    I didn’t read all the comments, so I don’t know if someone else managed to catch this little bit of information. I looked at some other site’s pics of graduation and Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) is wearing jeans and boots, no cap and gown, and is NOT covered by an umbrella. I saw pictures of Mike, Angela, Jessica, Eric all going in and out of that entrance. I can think of only one person who needs the “umbrella treatment” lol Can we say Rob Pattinson???

  63. Mel Says:

    I think this ist Rob´s sexy ass behind the umbrella….

  64. Aj Says:

    It cant be jasper in that cap and gown cause if you read & watch both new moon , they say hes graduated already


  65. #1 Twilight Fan Says:

    That 1 pic can’t be jasper………..he is older in the story and graduates previously. Your tellings are false!

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