It’s the new sets for Eclipse that I find truly exciting! Being a fan of the books and the movies, it’s always interesting to see how the scenes change from the books… as well as see what each Director’s style is from one movie of the Twilight Saga to another.

I had a chance to see a new set being filmed for Eclipse… the scene where the newborns arrive in Forks. It’s a picturesque scene, with mountains and water framing the background of the shot, and a sparse unoccupied beach for the newborns to arrive on… then they disappear into the forest. The vampire newborns looked absolutely chilling, and their rugged military-like outfits along with steely, determined glares just added to the mood. Filmed early in the morning, this scene was designed to look as if it had been shot at night, possibly just after dusk or just before dawn.

Vampire Newborns emerge from the water

Riley (Xavier Samuel) and Bree (Jodelle Ferland) were on set as well as a number of newborn vampires we have NEVER seen before.

Huge production setup for a scene in Eclipse

I’m always amazed at what a huge production it is to film just a few seconds for these movies. Second Unit Director EJ Foerster was on set, calm but directive… doing dozens of different takes for only a couple scenes. An amazing number of people involved plus tons of equipment and hours of filming from so many different angles just to get a 5 second shot… wow. Check out all the equipment on the shore, including the scuba diving gear and the dinghys. You can also see some of the shorter fake trees they used in the foreground on the beach.

Male and female newborn vampires

There are two distinct scenes… scenes where the female newborn is talking to a male newborn, and the main scene (which they spent most of the time shooting) where there are three newborns including Riley coming out of the water onto the shore. They don’t come out of the water in the books, but I think it is a nice dramatic addition.

Scuba divers and production crew in the scene

The water here was quite cool in temperature, so I’m not surprised at all to see the actors with thin wetsuits on under their costumes. They were also given small weights under their clothing to help keep them weighed down under the water before the “take”. I have my PADI scuba diving license so I was really curious about how they were using the divers for the filming. The scuba divers served two purposes: One, to give their extra regulator to the actors so they could breathe underwater when necessary… and two, to help give the actors cues and guide them to certain checkpoints when necessary.

HD video coming soon (tomorrow night… sorry guys, I got really sick tonight).

Some closer shots of the newborns

In this scene in the video (coming soon), you’ll see the Director ask them to go underwater (“Under water!), then he counts as they are rolling with the movie cameras “OK, Riley”… then the first actor emerges (my guess is they were using “Riley” as the code word, since the first actor that emerges is NOT Riley). Then the Director calls them out “2…. and 3″… and the other actor and then Riley emerges from the water. The vampires moved slowly, slinking through the water but very clearly with purpose.

Vampires and Riley emerging

You can see from the camera that it is going to be a very tight shot with how close some of the production members are standing in the water.

Scuba divers and production crew in the scene

Several iterations of this shot continued, with different combinations of the newborn vampires in the water. They also tried different lighting setups, either with a white sheet to bounce water off in the water, or with a large spotlight shining through a diffuser straight at the actors. The camera rig was very flexible, above to move up down and really get around the actors in any angle necessary for the shot. The actors had very pale makeup on.

Riley and Production Member

I also had my suspicions confirmed by one of the PAs that the entire scene was being shot with no sound. Music and effects were to be added later in post-production. Good thing — because an entire squad of geese started squawking their hearts out during the middle of several scenes. It was hilarious.

Scuba diver and dinghy

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see Jodelle film any of her scenes (that’s not her in the water), but you can see her here grabbing some food. Her makeup was already done though, as you can see how pale she looks.

Jodelle Ferland on a break

I absolutely loved visiting this set. It was one of the coolest I have seen in a while, at least since New Moon ;)

Hope you enjoyed the photos and the video! You can always follow me on Twitter for more updates, or check here to see my other blog posts with Twilight cast members and live set filming.

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    I should tag along and practice my paparazzi shots!

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  11. Urban Dweller Says:

    Get well soon Allie :) Also do you happen to know where they’ll be shooting the A-Team? Or how I could find out?

  12. ILUVROB Says:

    WOW Love the pic’s thanks so much

    I love Eclipse, I am soooo excited,squee…

    Looking forward to the next lot of pic’s.

    Please include some of Edward if you can. *wink*

  13. Debbie Says:

    Hi there,
    Does anyone know if Andrew Stehlin (http://www.imdb.com/media/rm369661952/nm1828518) is playing a Newborn?

    He played Arvin in David Slade’s ’30 Days of Night’ and it REALLY looks like him in the 3rd photo.

    Debs :-)

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    why are they in water?


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    Hey Allie
    I love reading your blog. Your writing is so descriptive yet eloquent. You make the distance between New Zealand and Vancouver almost non existent. Thanks for a real experience.

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you! The pictures are amazing!!!

  20. Chris Says:

    Thanks Allie,

    So sorry to hear you’re sick. I hope you feel better soon.

  21. thewordtwilight Says:

    OMG, amei o/

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    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing with everyone!

    I cannot remember they came from under water..
    All of these to only a short shot. It’s incredible the world of cinema. It will be cool see the movie.

    Hope you’ll get better soon! Take care, Allie!


  27. Simona Says:

    Bellissime. Ma come sono bianchi , madonna!
    Bacioniiii <3 <3

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    Thanks for sharing all the pictures and stuff about the filming. They are amazing!
    I think the other movies will be even more great than Twilight..

    Take care!!

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    yea, please someone answer this: why ARE they in water……………………………………………………

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    they look pretty good but they really are pale which is awesome i guess right i know its going to be an awesome movie can’t wait!!


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    I’m in vancouver right now… does anyone know where the set locations are…..

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    thanks for providing us the latest info. these new born vamps really looks creepy…

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    I agree that eclipse was darker in that there is a major fight, but it’s still a major LOVE story and I hope David doesn’t forget that!!! Yes, the newborns are supposed to be bloodthristy and crazed, but beautiful too.

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    Very beautiful photos !!
    How lucky you are to live here, haha.

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    they are so pale and the comming outta the water affect?…..kinda seems like a land of the dead scene more then the one painted in the book i mean i understand that movies differ from the book but isnt it suppose to be bella whom is scared more for her family then the creatures….?

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    I think this part may be when they are going for the battle *vamp vs werewolves and veg.vamps* , maybe for dramatic effect they added the water entrance, but for me I think this is that part because their in the woods at the time of the battle

  58. Foxx Talltrees Says:

    Beauty is relative. Everyone’s perception of beauty is different. Remember, Victoria was randomly killing people for her army. I don’t think she was just looking for pretty people & they are newly dead and hungry I think the vamps look great and I can’t wait for these movies to be released.

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  60. Jewels Says:

    Hey, are you a Jodelle fan? or just a Twilight fan? Either way, you should grab a ticket to see a series of short films at the Vancouver International Film Festival, Jodelle is starring in “Everything’s Coming Up Rosie” playing at the Pacific Cinematique on Wed. Oct. 14th and Th. Oct 15th. I might be plugging it also because my main squeeze directed it. :) I’ll be there too! :)

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  63. Victoria Bennett Beyer Says:

    Great post! This is the sort of behind-the-scenes stuff I crave. I love getting a sneak peek at the new films. Thank you!

  64. twilighttine Says:

    ciaooooooooo a tutti…siamo 2 twilighttine…vi volevamo dire ke…edward è nostrooooooooooooooooooooo…XD

  65. Ravynwolfe Says:

    Hey..great stuff. I read that they are doing some filming just south of Nanaimo on the Island. I live in Victoria..just south of that area so am wondering if this is true. We’ve had good weather lately..great leaf colours etc. I feel for the BC. film industry and really hope they clinch the last movie. Ravynwolfe


  66. Twilight Says:

    Thanks a lot for the real experience …very exciting…

  67. Eclipse Movie Update Says:

    they look scary enough to spice up the movie. amazing shot..

  68. Daily Hot News Says:

    Greats Images, i like the picture, especially eclipse that amazing.

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  70. xxxx Says:

    Thats not Jodelle in the pictures, thats just another newborn vamp. Trust me, I worked on the show, and we were on 2nd unit, which is the stunt unit, meaning no sound the whole time, except 1 day at camp howdy when the training scene was being done. Jackson had 1 short line.
    Hope you all enjoy New Moon! and more fun when Eclipse comes out! lots of good Riley/Victoria stuff ;)

  71. OCDreY Says:

    Indeed Thats not Jodelle in the pictures!

  72. unnamed Says:

    so what about Cullens and the others?

  73. victoria_super fika!!!! Says:

    I love Ecliopse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ma i neonati fanno un po skifo…..dovrebbero essere + giovani!!!!!!!


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  75. Mark Norella Says:

    Hi Ms. Vancity

    I am mark, from Philippines.
    I am a researcher of a show in Phil.
    And I am featuring right now Mr. Brett Chan, a Fil-Canadian in EClipse.

    Can I ask permission to use your photos of EClipse during the shoot?
    This would be a great help.

    Thanks a lot

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