This is a new Eclipse set in Vancouver. So, here are your first look photos at this urban set! It’s definitely a city set… I’m thinking maybe a backstory… or possibly newborns.

So the ONE day I don’t bring my camera to work, I decide to check out an Eclipse set. I apologize in advance for the photos… they were taken with my Blackberry. I may go check out the set another day or a bit later… so stay tuned as I’ll have better photos. For those of you who follow my other Twilight blog posts, you know that normally my images are much higher quality. :)

Eclipse Urban New Set Photos

Here they are setting up what I believe to be a rain machine. Water will come through the tube and then is dispersed through hundreds of little holes along the beam. You can see that the buildings look old and historic, and set the scene nicely for an urban set.

Eclipse Urban New Set Photos

Here’s another shot. I believe filming will take place in the alleyway nearby. Lots of old props are being set up… very grunge, urban items like trash cans and garbage littering the  street. They were also seen painting graffiti and other enhancements to add to the set.

So that’s just a quick preview! Hopefully I have some better photos and a better set report soon. Enjoy! Please be respectful of the photos and of course the filming locations and the crew.

You can always follow me on Twitter for more updates, and I’ll let you know if I end up getting better photos.

What scene in Eclipse do you think this set is from?

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  1. annie Says:

    hey where did u find out where the set of eclipse r?

  2. Mandy Says:

    Awesome Pics as always, even on a cell phone :-)

  3. Tales From A Bar Stool Says:

    I’ve always wondered what’s inside that derelict building. Someone should really do something about it. It’s a gem of a location.

  4. maria Says:

    woooow that is coooool

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  6. Ciara Says:

    if the buildings are old fashioned, could it be for Rosalie’s backstory? (lol, i know nothing about builings from different time periods!)

  7. Robin Says:

    I Love your website you go togret places &Thnaks fr th upda on Twilight Pics… Have A Great Weekend


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    [...] VancityAllie nos enseña un nuevo set que aparecerá en Eclipse. Por lo que se ve, es un escenario de una ciudad, tal vez Seattle. [...]

  9. Jeni Says:

    I watched some of the filming last night – my friend lives adjacent to the where the set was. LOTS of rain and poor Xavier Samuels getting soaked! Probably has to do with Riley and when Victoria turns him in to a vampire. Was very cool yet loud – no sleep for us!

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  11. La Grenadine Says:

    Could it be the scene of Rosalie’s past ? Thanks for photos =)

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  15. Nikki Says:

    Wasn’t there a part where Alice has a vision about the newborns in seattle and then they realize they’re building an army and heading towards them?

  16. Jeni Says:

    Hi Allie…I posted videos from this shoot on youtube if you want to check them out! luv your blog! Cheers

    search jenijealousy or twilight saga: eclipse

  17. Angie Says:

    I think it is the end of jaspers flashback when he finds alice. May-be May-be not.

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    [...] to Vancity Allie here are some photos of a new set for Eclipse that can be seen being filmed around Vancouver. She [...]

  19. Rosie j Says:

    I am going to Vancouver to visit the twilight film locations, do you have a list of some of the locations?

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