Okay, so it’s a little early… but for those of us working office day jobs, many workplaces are celebrating Halloween today… so, I dressed up today instead of tomorrow. I don’t have any particular Halloween plans this year. I think I’m going to enjoy taking a little break at home, as it’s been a mad rush the past few weeks. With starting the new job, apartment makeovers, party planning, and events with friends, my life has been crazy hectic.

A Pumpkin hiding out in the forest

Anyway, back to Halloween :)

New Years at Disneyland

This year at work I recycled an old costume and dressed up as Minnie Mouse. I don’t have a photo of me in costume today, but it looks kinda like this, except with bright red pumps. I know, lame right? I have to admit I was feeling a little uninspired. :(

Here are some of my costumes in previous years, which were a little more creative.

Cortana Halo Halloween Costume

My absolute favourite costume, Cortana from Halo. It’s a little nerdy, but it’s works well at a video game company :)

Fairy Halloween Costume

Some sort of fairy with wings. Okay, so maybe these aren’t creative at all. I believe this is now called the “duck face”.

Trevor Linden Halloween Costume

Trevor Linden! My all-time favourite Canucks and hockey player.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day today and of course, night out tomorrow for Halloween… hope you all stay safe and have a lot of fun! :)

Pumpkins along the road near Port Alberni

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  1. Kimm Says:

    Happy Halloween to you to. Enjoy your day relaxing at home.

    I love those wings… I need to upgrade my wings for something like that… Hockey player in heels, interesting.

  2. GusF Says:

    Have a fantastic Halloween! Tonight we are going to see Evil Dead – The Musical and tomorrow we are going to see an even scarier person – Joan Rivers. Should be a fun filled weekend! Alas I haven’t gotten into the spirit of dressing up like you have, but I do like seeing people dress up.

  3. Vancity Allie Says:

    Oooh I really want to see that musical! Please let me know how it is :)

  4. Sean Says:

    Trevor Linden for the win! I think I’m going to follow you in taking in a relaxing night at home…

  5. Dzintra Says:

    Hi there…great costumes…we celebrated Halloween for the first time over here…Happy Halloween to you♥x

  6. The Anthology Says:

    The hockey player in heels? My favourite!

    Love how dressed-up you get! Happy Halloween!

    * Kelsey

  7. Tawcan Says:

    I was in Disneyland the day before Halloween, lots characters were dressed up. It was pretty sweet. Hope you had a good Halloween.

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