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Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

One of the things that comes with throwing a party is of course determining what your drink list will be, what will be provided, and what won’t be.

The rabbit hole goes quite deep when it comes to “premium liquors”… for example, there are some who consider Absolut to be good vodka, whereas others swear by Grey Goose, and it goes even deeper to $200, 500, $1000 vodkas etc. The same thing goes for whiskey, tequilas and so on…  But the real question is… is there any difference?


When it comes to vodka, there has actually been quite a hot debate for years on whether or not there is actually any taste difference between vodkas. Many groups such as ABC, NY Times etc have done tests where they’ve shown that people cannot differentiate between the different vodkas. However, there are an equal number of other tests, such as this one from Slate, that disagree and say there really is a difference.

What do you think? Is there a difference?

I haven’t tried too many vodkas, but I’d really like to try Chopin and Ciroc. My “go to” favourite is Grey Goose because (as far as my own taste perception goes), it seems to be smoother than others I have tried.

I think most people agree that when it comes to other liquors such as rum, whiskey, tequila, cognac, scotch etc… that there are both subtle and significant taste differences between brands.


Best Rum EVER! Zaya Gran Reserva

For rum, lately I’ve become quite partial to Zaya Gran Reserva (12 years aged). It’s so smooth and it’s got a really rich, dark taste. I’ve also heard good things about Angostura 1824 and Ron Zacapa rums. What’s your favourite rum?


Tray of Tequila

Yes, most people know tequila to be my drink of choice. I’m not sure why… it’s lively, flavourful and always dangerous. :)

In university, I started out drinking Jose Cuervo… that never let to a good experience in the end. However, in recent years I have fallen in love with fine tequilas. Although I do love Patron, I’ve also taken a liking to 1800 Reposado and Corralejo (and it’s stunning blue bottle). There are so many fantastic tequilas out there… I wish I had access to more!

Patron Tequila

What are your favourite tequilas?

Other Spirits

I have to admit that I’m not very well versed in other spirits such as whiskey, scotch, cognac, and gin to name a few…

So please help! What are some fine liquors that you like? Do you notice a huge difference?


Monday, October 26th, 2009

Yes, November is almost upon us… and already in many parts of the continent people are starting to snowboard (Darn you, Mammoth, darn you!).

For us here in Vancouver and BC, we are patiently waiting for the temperatures to drop and more snow to fall on the mountains. Realistically it is only weeks away, but it feels like forever.

Whistler Blackcomb has announced its opening day is November 26th this year. Cypress, Grouse, and Seymour have yet to report opening dates. Hemlock is reporting an opening date of December 10th, and over on Vancouver Island, Mount Washington is slated to open December 11th. Big White and Apex are saying December 5th, and Sun Peaks is early with an opening date of November 21st.

Ugh. So far away.

So in the meantime, why not fantasize about all the new gear coming out this year? It’s no secret that I’m a little biased towards Burton, so I’m going to kickoff my gear previews with them. This post will just be snowboards, I’ll be featuring other hardgoods and softgoods in a follow-up post. I’ve posted a selection of boards here, feel free to check our their full product lineup at

Note: All images credited to

2010 Burton Custom X

2010 Burton Custom X

Definitely one of the best boards that Burton has put out this year. Not only are the graphics absolutely GORGEOUS (the snowboarder/surfer in me loves the trees and ocean design), but the tech is darn good. It’s got the Channel, which most of the new Burton boards have this year… basically allows you to configure your bindings in any stance you can possibly think of. It’s a super light board and is generally a good board for any condition. Good in pow, the park, free riding and even groomers. So sexy.

2010 Burton Fish

2010 Burton Fish

Ah, the Fish. A board I have lusted after for a long time. Who doesn’t dream of adding the Fish to their quiver and having a true powder board? For those of you just getting into snowboarding, you probably don’t need a Fish just yet. But for those of you who skip work on powder days, spend all day hiking for the good stuff… this is the board for you. Light, tapered with a swallow tail, and the addition of an S-Rocker really makes this board float in the powder. It’s also super fast and even has a surfboard-style rail. It’s pretty much like surfing on the snow.

2010 Burton Custom V-Rocker

2010 Custom V-Rocker

A little cheaper than the Custom-X, the Custom now comes in Regular and V-Rocker. The Added V-Rocker puts a centre rocker between the feet, which brings the tip and tail off the ground… so basically it’s better in pow and let’s you jib and ollie a little easier. This is a fun, fun board if you like to pop and hop around the mountain, either in pow or park. I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re JUST going on groomers though. I really like the design this year.

2010 Burton Supermodel

2010 Burton Supermodel

This year I think the real sleeper hit is the Supermodel. Not a lot of people talk about it (the Customs are super popular), but I personally think this is the perfect board for a BC boy. This board can be used on the whole mountain, and is light and fast and has the Channel as well. I REALLY love the design on it… the reds are so vibrant (and the blues on other sizes) and they’d look great in photos… a must if you’re into snow photography or video with your friends. :) It’s slightly tapered so it’ll work nice in pow, and it’s got great control for groomers. It’s got a mid-range price too.

2010 Burton Joystick

2010 Burton Joystick

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Burton Joystick this year for the park. It’s got a new Freestyle Scoop which makes it super easy to do tricks in the park, and also has a V-Rocker to put that rocker between your feet as well. It’s a pretty aggressive board for the park, but Burton says it is forgiving and fun as well. The reviews are coming in now, and it is looking like a really strong contender for a park board this year.

2010 Burton Malolo

2010 Burton Malolo

Ah the Malolo, my board of choice for this year. It’s technically a unisex board, as I have the smallest size at 149. It goes up to 166. I actually purchased my 2010 Malolo last year at an event, and I’ve been pretty much waiting all year to ride it. I’m so excited. It’s the perfect board for me… from the surf-inspired graphics to the name.. (Malolo means “flying fish” in Hawaiian). It’s got an S-Rocker for the snow, which helps with the speed and float of the board. I love the powder and the trees, so the Malolo is going to be a significant improvement here. I’ve tried it out on groomers and it’s actually pretty good. I think for real hard-pack ice days though, I’ll bring out my old Burton Feelgood (it’s 2 years old).

Burton Malolo Graphic 149cm

My NEW snowboard!

Speaking of girls… I also wanted to showcase a couple women’s boards out there for all my lady readers. :)

2010 Burton Women’s Supermodel

2010 Burton Women's Supermodel

An absolutely stunning board design for a girl’s board. I love it… it’s girly but also colourful and cool. This is a high performance girl’s board. Same as the men’s super model, it’s a tapered board that will ride well in powder. It’s extremely versatile… you can ride it anywhere on the mountain. It also has the Channel if you have EST bindings. No worries if you don’t, it’s got a conversion kit as well.

2010 Burton Women’s Feelgood ES

2010 Burton Women's Feelgood ES

The Feelgood ES (and the Feelgood) are top-of-the-line women’s boards. This board is SUPER light. It has the Carbon Vaporskin, as well as the Channel. If you’re looking for a fast, beginner to intermediate board (I learned on a Feelgood no problem), this board can SERIOUSLY hold an edge in the groomers. It’s not skittish at all. Note: If you’re wanting to eventually ride this in powder, you may want to get a couple extra inches on the board to hold some float… I found this board wasn’t great for deep powder.

2010 Burton Women’s Lipstick

2010 Burton Women's Lipstick

The perfect board for a girl in the park, the Lipstick is super poppy with a V-Rocker and Elliptical Kicks. It’s light and has super cute graphics… not to mention the Channel and Pressure Distribution Edges (helps you on groomers and also on landings). Unfortunately I’m not much of a park girl, because I would really love to ride this board.


And that’s it for now folks! What do you think of the boards that are out this year? Any particular favourites in the Burton lineup? Anything you’d like me to cover in future posts?


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