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Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

New York Trip Part 2/4

Time to put up another post of photos recapping our amazing trip to NYC!

New York Trip Part 2/4

It’s amazing how much our activities in New York revolved around eating! After going to Kleinfeld’s for wedding dress shopping (see previous post), we then headed over to Chef Bobby Flay’s MESA Grill on 5th Avenue for dinner.

New York Trip Part 2/4

To be completely frank, it did not meet my expectations at all. Allan and I ate at MESA Grill in Vegas, and it was far superior. I felt in general that it was very noisy in the room, crowded, and service wasn’t particularly quick.

New York Trip Part 2/4

The big saving grace for this restaurant is definitely the drinks. The pomegranate margarita was really delicious, and so were the other drinks that Allan, Kim and Greg had as well.

New York Trip Part 2/4 New York Trip Part 2/4

The food was pretty underwhelming for the price. It was quite expensive (~$50 per person and up), and basically what you got was a HUGE piece of meat and fish, and then you had to pick your own sides for an additional cost. I didn’t feel that this format allowed the chef to shine with pairings/combinations/flavour profiles, and it felt kinda like going to The Keg, but a lot more expensive. I had the sea bass with plums, Allan had the NY strip, Kim had a tamale and Greg had the pork medallions. I think I was probably the most disappointed of the group, but I didn’t think anyone was really raving about it either.

New York Trip Part 2/4

We did like our appetizer which was a blue corn pancake with barbecued duck (DELICIOUS!) and the corn breads/rosemary bread starters were also very yummy.

New York Trip Part 2/4

So we split up from Kim and Greg, and Allan and I went on a romantic date to Serendipity 3.

New York Trip Part 2/4

It was VERY cool. Super eclectic inside and very busy! We waited about 40 minutes to get a table for two.

New York Trip Part 2/4

We also spotted Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen from the show Gossip Girl), which was cool… since it’s such a quintessential NY show and place! It’s funny, Allan actually spotted her first! She looked pretty much exactly the same as she does on the show. She walked through covering her face trying to avoid anyone noticing her.

New York Trip Part 2/4

We finally were seated and I was surprised by how big the menu was. It was HUGE. We were there for the famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, but they served about 30 different desserts, plus lunch/dinner items and drinks.

New York Trip Part 2/4

We of course ended up sharing a Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. My expectations were low going in, as I had heard mixed reviews about the desserts. However… I can honestly say it was one of the BEST desserts I have EVER had. Soooo delicious. It really does taste exactly like frozen hot chocolate. It’s huge though, so make sure you share with someone.

New York Trip Part 2/4

It’s important to drink it through the straw and not use the supplied spoons. That way it does taste like frozen hot chocolate. It’s creamy, smooth but with little flakes of dark chocolate. It’s bubbly, light and airy… and totally exceeded my expectations.

New York Trip Part 2/4

It was a really sweet date for us to go on, and if we had stayed in NYC longer, I definitely would have gone back for seconds.

New York Trip Part 2/4

The next day we all headed out on the subway again to explore a different area of town.

New York Trip Part 2/4

We headed over to Chelsea and enjoyed walking around the area, checking out architecture and enjoying the amazing weather we had.

New York Trip Part 2/4 New York Trip Part 2/4

Allan really wanted to check out the High Line which is a city project mile-and-a-half-long elevated park, running through the Meatpacking District, Chelsea and Clinton. There was a great view from up there! We didn’t get a chance to walk the whole thing, but it was still need to check out.

New York Trip Part 2/4 New York Trip Part 2/4

We made it over to the Chelsea Market, which was SUPER cool. For you Vancouverites, imagine a posh upscale Granville Island Market! They had all sorts of amazing restaurants, foodie shops, chocolate shops, clothing stores, and more. It was also cool to see the linen store where I ordered sheets for our bed about a year ago. My primary purpose for going there was to check out Jacques Torres’ chocolate shop. For those of you who remember my chocolate chip cookie recipe, it is based on Mr. Torres’ recipe… so that’s why I had to sample some of his amazing chocolates!

New York Trip Part 2/4

The cookies were very good, but since they weren’t fresh it was kind of hard to judge.

New York Trip Part 2/4

I bought a box of chocolates to bring back to my mom, and I finally got to have a bite of them last week when I gave them to her, and they were HEAVENLY.

New York Trip Part 2/4

Yep, we ended up eating a lot. More New York stories and photos to come :)


Monday, December 14th, 2009

Christmas Ornaments

It sure is starting to look like Christmas here in Vancouver with a beautiful dusting of snow on the ground already. Like many of you, Christmas is my favourite holiday and it’s no secret that I love winter (although Fall is still my favourite season).

I’m so incredibly backed up on blog posts that I thought I’d give you a little mini preview of what is coming down the pipes on my blog this holiday season, complete with some seasonal photos! :)

Christmas Sweets


Christmas apron

Many cooking and baking related blog posts (Christmas cookies hello!), especially as we get closer and closer to Christmas… including *gasp* a fateful attempt at making homemade croissants…

Frozen Waterfall

Winter wonderland photos of Vancouver and around our beautiful province…

Walking with my snowboard

A gear and gift guide for snowboarding just in time for last minute Christmas shopping… plus lots of snowboarding posts including our upcoming Sun Peaks and Mount Washington trips.

Christmas Table Settings

Family, friends, parties for Christmas and New Year’s related posts…


How Allan and I attempted making a 5-course fine dining meal for both our sets of parents when they met for the very first time…

Berries on Tree

And of course, our last blog post to highlight our time in Kicking Horse and Golden… plus the HD video of the trip!

Hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for Christmas and the holiday season! I know I am! :)

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