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Monday, February 14th, 2011

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by… it’s hard to believe it is only 6 months or so until our wedding! Although we have booked most of the big parts (venue, photographer, DJ, dress etc), there’s still a million little things we need to get done!

I thought it would be neat to show off the little save-the-date cards we sent out just last week to all our guests. It’s part D-I-Y and part bought, but we really loved how they turned out!

Save the Date Wedding Cards

I purchased a calligraphy pen to do dip pen calligraphy. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be… and very messy! We also only bought the exact number of envelopes needed (not a good idea!) so there was no room for error with the handwritten addresses.

Save the Date Wedding Cards

I am actually really happy with how the calligraphy went. Although it wasn’t traditional formal calligraphy, I got the hang of dipping the pen in the ink, holding the pen properly, and learning how to regulate ink flow. In hindsight, it would have been easier to use a normal calligraphy pen, but I do like the effect the dip pen has.

Save the Date Wedding Cards

I love LOVE LOVE the save-the-date cards we ordered from Night Owl Paper Goods. These beautiful wooden invitations are very “west coast”, but still elegant enough for a wedding. We designed the artwork, layout, and text ourself using Adobe Illustrator, and then had Night Owl print them on their high-quality very thin birch cards. Each one is unique with the wood grain and they are very sturdy while still being light. They also came with envelopes and are very good value. We LOVED them! You can see both their custom wooden wedding invitations and their ready-to-go wooden wedding suites here. Highly recommended!

Save the Date Wedding Cards

I also did all the embossing and envelope decoration myself. Do-it-yourself embossing is time consuming but the final result is really cool! We cut a custom tree stamp into the correct size and shape.

Save the Date Wedding Cards Save the Date Wedding Cards

Then you sprinkle embossing powder onto the clear stamped area, and then gently shake it off so that only the shape you want remains.

Save the Date Wedding Cards

You then use a special heating tool to melt the powders which then gives a raised metallic sheen. Pretty!

Save the Date Wedding Cards

On the back of the cards, we used a gorgeous custom made return address stamp that we purchased from Etsy from Paperfinger. Bryn creates your return address stamp using hand-drawn calligraphy. Each letter and stamp is unique (it’s not a font!)! We really loved it!

Save the Date Wedding Cards

Last but not least, we attached a gold sticker seal to the back of each envelope and categorized them by country to get ready for mailing!

Save the Date Wedding Cards

Wohooo! One hundred custom Save-the-Dates done! And it only took 20 straight hours of work :)

What do you think?


Monday, September 28th, 2009

If you can’t buy it, make it!

We spent months looking for the exact furniture that we wanted, but nothing surfaced. Despite checking almost a hundred furniture stores in Vancouver (and calling others in nearby cities), we just couldn’t find a good match.

Okay, so we’re not *making* furniture, but we did find what we wanted in the style we were looking for… we’re just going to strip the furniture down and re-paint and re-finish it.

Thanks to Craigslist, we managed to pick up some very good quality furniture at bargain basement prices (we’re talking under $100 per piece). I love sticking to our budget!

Lingerie Chest (before sanding) Night tables (before sanding)

We managed to find a lingerie chest with the exact dimensions we were looking for. We also found two gorgeous night tables.

Old drawer handles

We went to Lee Valley hardware and picked up some gorgeous new matching handles for both the lingerie chest and the night tables. Pics coming soon (those are the old handles).

Sanding the drawers

This weekend we sanded down every imaginable side of the furniture (phew!) and primed it.

We sanded and primed the night table drawers... Doesn't look too bad so far! :)

The final look will be all antique white paint, and matching French handles. I’ll definitely post photos when finished! Next to find… a king bedframe, and the rest of the decor (lamps, curtains, etc).

How did you spend your weekend?

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