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Monday, March 15th, 2010

This past weekend was fantastic! I am finally starting to feel like myself again. We went snowboarding at Cypress, saw Alice in Wonderland, did a ton of house cleaning, and booked up all our Greenpoint campsites for the entire year early this morning at 7 AM for surfing in Tofino this summer. I think I pretty much kicked my cold too, FINALLY.

There is a TRUCKLOAD of powder right now at Cypress. Trees and powder all day baby!

Cypress was amazing. It was turn after turn in deep powder.

We're dumb. Went to Cyprerss even tho we're sick. P.S. Olympic bleachers HUGE! Yes yes yes yes yes yes Up to our necks in snow... Allan and J at the Olympic rings... Man, snowboarding kicks the flu right out of you! :D

It was a little foggy, so we rode trees all day. Felt so good to get back in the snow again.

Alice in Wonderland Dress/Costume

In other news, the costume design by Colleen Atwood in Alice and Wonderland is absolutely incredible.

Alice in Wonderland Dress/Costume

I quickly decided that I am going to be sewing a dress from the movie for Halloween this year. The question is… which one?

Alice in Wonderland Dress/Costume

The dresses are rich, lavish with tons of layering and detail. This “Alice Red Court” dress is stunning.

Alice in Wonderland Dress/Costume

Alice in Wonderland Dress/Costume Alice in Wonderland Dress/Costume

As much as I love the Red Court dress, I think the one I absolutely have to sew is either this “Blue Scrap” dress…

Alice in Wonderland Dress/Costume

… or this off the shoulder piece. I can’t decide! They are both beautiful. Can’t wait till they release proper stills for the movie.

Believe it or not, I’m actually no stranger to sewing my own dresses and clothes. It’s true, they aren’t to the level of Colleen Atwood’s designs, but they were still fun projects to work on and wear!

Layered Shirt & Bow Sewing Project Layered Shirt & Bow Sewing Project

I sewed this layered casual shirt and bow for a New Year’s house party one year.

Pink Silk Dress Sewing Project

Pink Silk Dress Sewing Project Pink Silk Dress Sewing Project

Here’s a silk draped dress that I made in 10th grade in high school.

Polka Dot Party Dress Sewing Project

Yes, there were some fashion faux-pas that I unfortunately made in university for formals. Haha. But hey, I still sewed it!

But probably the most challenging project I’ve ever done was my graduation dress for the end of high school. We had no money to buy a proper grad dress, so I scrimped and saved and put together the dress of my dreams!

Red Grad Dress Sewing Project Red Grad Dress Sewing Project

It took several months to sew all the tulle layers underneath the dress and drape all the satin.

Red Grad Dress Sewing Project

It turned out though! And it held together for the event as well, which I was crossing my fingers for.

Red Grad Dress Sewing Project

I still have it, and I am so glad that I did.

So, I’m really looking forward to getting back into sewing and putting together an “Alice” dress for Halloween… the only question is… which one? :)


Friday, October 30th, 2009

Okay, so it’s a little early… but for those of us working office day jobs, many workplaces are celebrating Halloween today… so, I dressed up today instead of tomorrow. I don’t have any particular Halloween plans this year. I think I’m going to enjoy taking a little break at home, as it’s been a mad rush the past few weeks. With starting the new job, apartment makeovers, party planning, and events with friends, my life has been crazy hectic.

A Pumpkin hiding out in the forest

Anyway, back to Halloween :)

New Years at Disneyland

This year at work I recycled an old costume and dressed up as Minnie Mouse. I don’t have a photo of me in costume today, but it looks kinda like this, except with bright red pumps. I know, lame right? I have to admit I was feeling a little uninspired. :(

Here are some of my costumes in previous years, which were a little more creative.

Cortana Halo Halloween Costume

My absolute favourite costume, Cortana from Halo. It’s a little nerdy, but it’s works well at a video game company :)

Fairy Halloween Costume

Some sort of fairy with wings. Okay, so maybe these aren’t creative at all. I believe this is now called the “duck face”.

Trevor Linden Halloween Costume

Trevor Linden! My all-time favourite Canucks and hockey player.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day today and of course, night out tomorrow for Halloween… hope you all stay safe and have a lot of fun! :)

Pumpkins along the road near Port Alberni

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