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Thursday, August 6th, 2009

As promised, here are some of the Tofino pics I’ve been meaning to post from the last couple trips. Bear with me… there’s quite a few!

HD Video of Tofino is still on the way… I’ll probably have a chance to edit it this weekend. In the meantime, hope you like the photos! I’ve still got a few more somewhere that I’ll post soon.

The view from our campsite

The view from our campsite… the ocean, the trees, the sun! That’s why it’s my favourite spot to camp…

A fully stuffed car for car camping

Our car just full of camping stuff… skim boards, cooking gear, coolers, food etc… yep… gotta admit food takes up the most space. Luxury “car camping”, as Tawcan would call it ;)

Citronella candle at campsite

A citronella candle in our campsite… I love to scatter these everywhere around the site. They look beautiful when it is dark out. Plus… a mosquito perimeter… a bonus for those who dislike bugs as much as I do ;)

Making mojitos at the campsite

Making mojitos at the campsite…

Beer braised ribs over the campsite fire

Crista and Trev put together some yummy beer-braised ribs over the campfire…

Mango topped thai coconut halibut

Allan and I make up some mango-topped thai coconut Pacific halibut (caught in Tofino of course, by us)…

Tent City!

Tent City! And tarp city ;) I love how camping is the perfect excuse to wear all sorts of silly non-matched things. Who cares! You’re camping! :)

Ripples in the sand

I love the ripples in the sand.



Shelter Restaurant by the fire

One of my fave restaurants in Tofino… Shelter. We always ask for the best spot in the whole restaurant… the couches right by the wood-burning fire that they stoke all night. Perfect.

Shelter Yam Fries

Shelter’s yam fries (the best in my opinion), and some wings for appies.

Wildside Grill Fish & Chips

We also like to eat at the Wildside Grill for Fish & Chips, grab a lime and mint slushie from the taco cart in the back, and grab a coffee or tea from the Tofitian. The very same plaza also has Live to Surf, which we always check out to see what new surfboards they have in… and try to avoid the mass craziness of people renting 9 ft easy-rider foamie or plastic longboards! Aahhhh!

Long Beach

Long Beach, on a good day.

Ready to surf!

Ready to surf! Yay for Burton snowboarding socks to keep the feet warm just before hitting the cold water.

Allan riding the line

Allan riding down the line… wheee… small summer waves.

Small little waves! Me surfing

Me riding a tiny wave… I look pretty lame here. I wish I had good surfing photos of myself! Of course, when the waves are big and the surf is epic, there’s no one to take pictures of you ;)

Allan and I riding whitewash into the beach

Allan and I riding whitewash into the beach together, hurray! Haha.

Children's Toy Shovel in Sand

A children’s toy shovel left on Long Beach…

Golfing at the Long Beach Golf Course

Golfing at Long Beach Golf Course… 9 holes… lots of fun, with J, Trev, and Crista.

J riding the golf cart

J decides to ride on the front of the golf cart… :P

Me chipping a ball

Me chipping a ball…

Allan flying our trainer kite

Allan flying the trainer kite… blue, blue sky.

Me flying the trainer kite

Me flying the trainer kite. Once upon a time we thought we were going to get into kite surfing, but then we realized how expensive the gear was, and that we wouldn’t have enough time to do kite surfing along with all the other sports we love. So it kind of fell by the wayside. Maybe one day we’ll get into it again… maybe kite snowboarding ;)

Allan and I smooching in the water

Smoooooch! Allan and I in the water…

So fun! More photos coming soon :)


Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Pretty sure that I surfed my face off this weekend!

It was good to get away from the hot, hot city… and escape to my favourite place in the whole world… Tofino. It was cool, damp, and absolutely fantastic. 4 days of camping, surfing, and friends.

I’ve managed to get some sweet HD video footage together, so I’m going to work on editing all of that this week… so I’ll save a big post for later, but here are a couple images from our weekend.

Long Beach, Tofino

It was foggy in the park pretty much the entire time we were there. Friday night Allan and I had a pretty epic 2.5 surf session till it was pitch black… smooth and glassy waves. Saturday was a 3-hour surf session with friends in the water… a bit foggy, small waves, but pretty clean. Sunday was another foggy session in the water but still good. And Monday afternoon before we left was a small session, not that great, a little blown out…

But does it matter? Nope! Because as long as I am surfing, I am a happy camper ;)

Tofino Harbour

We went crabbing in the Tofino Harbour… and feasted on crabs all night. Delicious! Sooo good. Dungeness and Red Rock.

Mmmm fresh caught Pacific crabs for dinner. Ohhh yeeaaaaaah!!!

We also cooked up lots of delicious meals over the grill, not mention that the campfire ban wasn’t in effect in Pacific Rim, so we enjoyed some huge fires to keep us warm at night.

Starfish at the Dock

Overall, a great weekend. More photos and videos coming soon! And yes, some surf videos ;) I know it’s been a little light around here lately…

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