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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

We celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada this past weekend. I hope everyone had a good one!

My long weekend was filled with Canucks hockey, a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and time with the family, and of course… more furniture sanding, painting, and refinishing.

Henrik Sedin

Thanks to the awesome people at Canucks Hockey Blog (Hi JJ and Mozy!), Allan and I won tickets to the Canucks Open Practice this past Saturday. Now, tickets were free anyway, but they scored us awesome seats in Row 1 right beside the players’ bench!

Fans at the Open Practice Coach Alain Vigneault Why do BC Ferries need to advertise? We were lucky to get great seats! Row 1! Alex Burrows Captain Roberto Luongo

It was great to see all the fans come out to support the team… and also great to see all the families and kids there. It’s a great event that everyone can afford to go to, and the team put on an exciting performance.

Rick Rypien scores in the shootout!

The practice was filled with various drills and scrimmages, and lots of goofing around from the players. I especially enjoyed the showboating during the shootout at the end of the practice. We had an awesome time and it got us all pumped for the game on Sunday night (which the Canucks won in an awesome shootout of course… must have been all that shootout practice ;)… right?).

The rest of Saturday and Sunday was spent mostly hunting for furniture, and sanding and painting. It’s amazing how much time it takes. We’ve spent dozens of hours already on just our dressers.

Mmmm... best turkey ever...

I spent Sunday afternoon cooking in the kitchen with my mom… and I think we put together a pretty nice spread! My dad did the turkey, which is (in my opinion) the best… he makes an amazing overnight brine for the turkey with fresh herbs from the garden… and of course it is cooked all day in the oven until it is fall apart tender.

Thanksgiving dinner spread

We also had Kansas City ribs (no pre-made sauces, only fresh herbs and tomato sauce made from tomatoes from the garden, and oranges), avocado and beet salad, home made Ciabatta bread, roasted potatoes with carrots and blue potatoes from the garden, a vegetable tian with parmesan and bread crumbs, sparkling grape juice punch made from homegrown grapes, and some homemade chocolate crème brûlée from dessert.

Thanksgiving dinner spread Kansas City Ribs Beet and avocado salad Mixed roasted potatoes Allan and his huge plate of food Torching the chocolate creme brulees

Judging from the amount of food on Allan’s plate I think it turned out pretty good! :)

Painting furniture

Monday was spent hunting for furniture, and finally completing the last coats of lacquer finish on the dresser. Here’s a shot of our setup in my parent’s garage. I will have before and after photos for you when all the bedroom furniture is done. We still have the bed to do! :)

Although I try to remember what I am thankful for every day at some point during yoga or prayer, Thanksgiving is always a good time to formalize it. So, here is what I am thankful for…

- Allan… my wonderful partner who means everything to me in this world! Thank you for always making me laugh and that we never get bored of spending time with each other.
- My amazing parents and my little brother… my whole family who I’m so grateful to be so close to.
- Our beautiful city and province where we can do all the activities we love to do
- Friends, for always being there for me
- My job and my coworkers
- A healthy body and mind!

What are you thankful for? What did you do this past weekend?


Monday, September 28th, 2009

If you can’t buy it, make it!

We spent months looking for the exact furniture that we wanted, but nothing surfaced. Despite checking almost a hundred furniture stores in Vancouver (and calling others in nearby cities), we just couldn’t find a good match.

Okay, so we’re not *making* furniture, but we did find what we wanted in the style we were looking for… we’re just going to strip the furniture down and re-paint and re-finish it.

Thanks to Craigslist, we managed to pick up some very good quality furniture at bargain basement prices (we’re talking under $100 per piece). I love sticking to our budget!

Lingerie Chest (before sanding) Night tables (before sanding)

We managed to find a lingerie chest with the exact dimensions we were looking for. We also found two gorgeous night tables.

Old drawer handles

We went to Lee Valley hardware and picked up some gorgeous new matching handles for both the lingerie chest and the night tables. Pics coming soon (those are the old handles).

Sanding the drawers

This weekend we sanded down every imaginable side of the furniture (phew!) and primed it.

We sanded and primed the night table drawers... Doesn't look too bad so far! :)

The final look will be all antique white paint, and matching French handles. I’ll definitely post photos when finished! Next to find… a king bedframe, and the rest of the decor (lamps, curtains, etc).

How did you spend your weekend?

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