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Friday, October 30th, 2009

Okay, so it’s a little early… but for those of us working office day jobs, many workplaces are celebrating Halloween today… so, I dressed up today instead of tomorrow. I don’t have any particular Halloween plans this year. I think I’m going to enjoy taking a little break at home, as it’s been a mad rush the past few weeks. With starting the new job, apartment makeovers, party planning, and events with friends, my life has been crazy hectic.

A Pumpkin hiding out in the forest

Anyway, back to Halloween :)

New Years at Disneyland

This year at work I recycled an old costume and dressed up as Minnie Mouse. I don’t have a photo of me in costume today, but it looks kinda like this, except with bright red pumps. I know, lame right? I have to admit I was feeling a little uninspired. :(

Here are some of my costumes in previous years, which were a little more creative.

Cortana Halo Halloween Costume

My absolute favourite costume, Cortana from Halo. It’s a little nerdy, but it’s works well at a video game company :)

Fairy Halloween Costume

Some sort of fairy with wings. Okay, so maybe these aren’t creative at all. I believe this is now called the “duck face”.

Trevor Linden Halloween Costume

Trevor Linden! My all-time favourite Canucks and hockey player.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day today and of course, night out tomorrow for Halloween… hope you all stay safe and have a lot of fun! :)

Pumpkins along the road near Port Alberni


Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Well, I’m back from Apex Mountain and we all had a great time there snowboarding for New Years!

I can’t believe it is 2009 already. 2008 was a year full of ups and downs, surprises, excitement, and many happy moments.

In 2008 I…

New Years at Disneyland

Allie Scuba Diving at Catalina Island

… rang in the New Year’s at Disneyland, finishing up an amazing one-month-long surfing, snowboarding, and scuba diving road trip throughout the States to Portland, San Francisco, Tahoe, Death Valley, Mammoth Mountain, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Catalina Island, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Snowbird Mountain, Idaho, Mission Ridge Mountain, and Washington…

Booter at Big White

Company Ski Trip

… went snowboarding at Big White, Whistler, Cypress, Mt. Washington and Apex…

Piggyback from Degnan

… parted ways with the first video game company I worked for… and moved to a new, dynamic video game company…

Naked in the Waterfall all by ourselves

Surfing in Costa Rica

… took a three week trip to Costa Rica for some warm water surfing and travelling…

Tofino Boards

… went camping, partying, and surfing in Tofino dozens of times…

Halibut caught outside of Tofino

… caught some seriously large Halibut going deep ocean fishing…

Granville Island cherries

… enjoyed grocery shopping at Granville Island every week…

Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul

Stone inscriptions at Changgyeonggung

Plant in a Korean restaurant

… traveled to Korea for business…

Bamboo at Kamakura Temple

A busy street in Shibuya

… and Japan

Allie learning to skate

… started to learn to skate and play hockey…

Somewhat Accurate Photography Quiver

… sold my Nikon D80 and got my grubby little hands on a new camera set up with the Nikon D90…

Storyboarding the Snowboard Movie

… started working on an HD snowboarding movie project

Raising Trevor Linden's Number to the Rafters

… went to Trevor Linden’s retirement night

Me Hiking in the backcountry

… completed my AST-1 Avalanche Training course…

Backcountry at Apex

… went to Apex to finish 2008 and welcome 2009!

I couldn’t be happier with how this past year has gone. I feel like I’ve learned a lot, tried new activities, grown as a person, realized how wonderful my friends are, made some new friends, and saw lots of new places.

Plans for 2009:

  • Take more photographs of people, improving my fashion and portrait photography
  • Grab better, more steady footage for HD snowboarding movie project
  • Travel somewhere warm
  • Travel somewhere cold
  • Keep apartment clean and tidy
  • Cook even more
  • Do something active at least once a day
  • Not worry about what anyone thinks of me!
  • Finally finish Gears of War 2 because I’ve been a complete slacker

Thank you to my friends, family, loved ones, and coworkers who have filled the past year with so many laughs, hugs, discussions, activities, and happy moments! I hope you all have an amazing 2009.

Footprints in the sand

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