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Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

I couldn’t ask for a better way to wrap up my first weekend at home since being away.

I got to go to the gym, I went to Allan and the Puck Nuts’ hockey game at 8 Rinks, I had a sour apple martini, I got to give away some of the gifts I bought from my trip, and had an amazing breakfast and then a winter sports movie.

Eggs Benny @ Tom and Trev's

I haven’t had a chance to go to a “Dinner Club” meal yet, but this time around Bonnie and co. organized Dinner Club to be a Breakfast Club at Tom and Trev’s this morning. We did eggs benedict. It was delicious! There was a whack load of back bacon, bacon, potatoes, tons of toppings, English muffins, homemade Hollandaise sauce (good job Trev!), and Allan and I made strawberry and banana smoothies with vanilla ice cream. Mmmm!

Strawberry and Banana Smoothie

It was definitely filling. And the fire was going with snowboarding flicks on the TV. Couldn’t ask for a better way to start the day!

The Group @ Tom and Trev's

Then it was off to the new Warren Miller movie, “Children of Winter” over at Queen Elizabeth theatre. We entered all the draws, got our precious Whistler 2-for-1 tickets, and even got some free gear (a Mexican beer polo and LL Cool J’s new CD, lol).

New Warren Miller Movie

I did get to meet Derek Foose! He’s one of the skiers in the movie and seems like a nice guy (and cute!). His home mountain is Whistler, even though he’s from Alberta. They did a great segment on him on how he went to Iceland on a boat and sailed around and skied some gnarly mountains. It was a great segment and I’m sure it was a grueling but exciting trip.

I met Derek Foose!

The movie itself was better than last year, and I was stoked to see Gerry Lopez in it! Gerry is a famous surfer and it was freaking awesome to see him shredding on a snowboard in the film. Good for Gerry!

Children of Winter, New Warren Miller Movie

Be sure to check out the new Warren Miller if you get a chance. Today I couldn’t help but get stoked about the boarding season all over again. There was much talk of snowboarding trips (I think there are 9 trips planned already!) and countless days to be had. Argh, when is it going to SNOW?!!? Now… just to get my hands on the new snowboarding flick That’s It, That’s All……..

The only thing that possibly could have made my night better is if the Canucks had won their games against the Wings tonight, but hey, at least they came out hard for the third period. And Wellwood… man, that kid!


Thursday, October 30th, 2008

I’m finally back in Vancouver and am trying to get over the jet lag and get back into the swing of things. More photos and stories from the trip still incoming.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

It’s that time again folks. I’m really excited about this year’s snowboard season.  It’s almost the beginning of November, the snow is starting to fall on the mountains, several mountains are about a month from Opening Day, and Warren Miller Entertainment rolls into town for their annual film tour.

Warren Miller films, in my opinion, can’t really compete with the high budget Burton, Standard, Billabong, Red Bull etc action sports movies that are rolling out these days. Warren Miller films were traditionally ski movies, and as someone who has skied longer than I have snowboarded… I can relate. The films do include a lot more snowboarding in the current and latest iterations, but they are still more family-oriented films. Yet, every year, going to the Warren Miller movie, getting the 2-1 for, checking out the booths and tradeshows, and cheering with other fans excited about winter is still one of my favourite events before the season starts. It’s a great way to get stoked. I’m definitely going to try and be at Whistler and Baker for their opening days. CAN’T. WAIT!

So pick up your tickets if you can — it’s showing at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre this Saturday (7:30 pm) and Sunday (4:00 PM). See you there!

Now, back to the Japan stories.

A few days ago, I finally made it to the Tokyo Burton store like I’ve been hoping to visit ever since I found out about my business trip out to Asia. I was excited to check out the Japan-only/Japan-exclusive Burton gear for the 08/09 season.

Tokyo, Japan Burton Store

The store is located in downtown Tokyo, in the Harajuku area, in the back alleys by a bunch of funky other shops.

Lounge at the Tokyo Burton Store

It’s really cool inside. I particularly liked the lounge, complete with foosball table (FOOSBALL! CHRISTINE!), Burton pillows, antlers, and cool couches.

Boots at the Tokyo Burton Store

So. Much. Gear. I think they have a better selection than even the Los Angeles Burton store. Sadly, they are also twice as expensive.

Cool Burton Pillow!

Awesome Burton logo pillow!

Bindings at the Tokyo Burton Store

Tons of bindings.

Burton Serow Boots at the Tokyo Store

Burton Serow boots, 2008-2009 model. The Serow boot was designed for Japanese powder surfers. They are wider than Burton’s boots. I believe that these colours are only sold in Japan. I’m sure you could find them in some online shops, or smaller shops, but this is the first time I’ve seen them in person.

Burton Custom Japan Flex Boards

The Burton Custom ICS Japan is pretty much the same as the North American versions, except the flex is a bit softer.

Burton Aura Japan-only board (front)

Burton Aura Japan-only board (back)

The Burton Aura 2008-2009 (front and back shown here in the middle) is also a Japan exclusive board. It’s a men’s board, designed for powder. It’s basically like the North American Burton Supermodel. It is tapered with soft flex, and has been made to float on powder. Wood core, Vaporskin, and comes in the 156 and 162 cm size. It’s also got The Channel mounting system and is rated a Feel of 2 (Burton rating).

Burton Avenue Japan-only board (front)

Burton Avenue Japan-only board (back)

The Burton Avenue 2008-2009 is similar to the Burton Lux, and comes in the 143 and 147 cm size and is also Japan only. It’s a women’s board, but I think it looks pretty cool. I love the design on it… why don’t they sell this in North America? If only I could get a Malolo or a Fish with that design… :) Unfortunately it doesn’t have The Channel, and it’s got a Feel rating of 1. It was designed for Japanese female riders, with soft flex and for free-riding and park.

Burton Serow Boots, purchased!

Sooo.. uhh.. I purchased the Brown/Red Burton Serow boots for Allan, just because those are his riding colours, and I couldn’t resist getting him something Japan exclusive. They’re really nice, and have got a whole whack of features like the speed zone lacing, Aegis anti-microbial fungus/odor/sweat control, and an exterior shell build for powder and hiking. They’ve also got the independent sections (top and foot sections) for increased flexibility.

Sole of Burton Serow Boots

The sole is a Vibram sole, that was designed exclusively for Burton. For better grip, control, and of course if you ever need to hike it, it’s got what you need.

Burton Serow Logo

The Burton Serow logo is REALLY neat! It’s of a Japanese serow which is basically kind of like a goat-antelope. They put this logo on some of their Japanese only softgoods and boots. I haven’t seen it on any boards yet though.

Burton Loot/Tokyo stuff

I did end up buying a bunch of other loot there too, other than the boots. I picked up a bunch of gifts for friends, including a Burton Tokyo hoodie, Burton Tokyo t-shirt, Burton Rubix Cube (AWESOME!), candies, and kleenex. I can’t wait to give these out!

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